How to Celebrate a Christ-Centered Easter as a Family

March 22, 2019

Carrie Fernandez


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This world is so dry when it comes to celebrating Easter.

It becomes an occasion where there’s so much hype around the celebration of a bunny and treats that once the day has passed, we can feel lack-lustre and empty.

We have such a gift as parents.

To think that we have the honor and privilege to pass onto our children God’s redemptive plan to save us from our sin, restoring our ability to have a personal and intimate relationship with Him is truly humbling.

Below are some great ways on how to celebrate a Christ-Centered Easter as a family.

How To Celebrate a Christ Centered Easter text with image of a family together


Gently start off your mornings with a Bible reading as your devotional. Truly scripture is THE most impactful way to learn about Easter.

  • Bible for younger kids. Read aloud to your children while having them look at pictures to help them begin their journey of understanding Easter.
  • Bible for older kids. Have a read aloud time as a family where everyone reads a portion of scripture.
  • 30-Day Scripture Challenge. Meditate on a scripture a day. You could also include this as part of your daily scripture writing or memorization.

Easter Studies

A more in-depth study of Easter can help you and your children dig deeper into the events that led up to the trial, the crucifixion, burial and resurrection of Jesus.

  • Easter Bible Study for Kids. Included are two Bible studies that feature Bible readings, discussion questions, life application prompts, scripture writing, scripture memory and activities.
  • Easter Promise Unit Study. Included are 5 quests that begin with Palm Sunday and continue on through Ascension Day.
  • Learning About Biblical Feasts. In the Old Testament, the feasts were a significant time for God’s people. Take in the history of the Passover feast that led up to Jesus’ death.


Change up your morning or afternoon basket time with some Christ-Centered Easter books.


Music is a powerful tool. Not only are you worshiping the King through music, but there is often memory work taking place as words are more easily remembered through song and rhythm.

Activities and Crafts

Illustrations using activities and crafts are a great way to discover and dig deeper into the meaning of Easter and understand its significance.

Home Decor

Change up your home decor and create a beautiful reminder that Easter is about Christ.

How are you planning and celebrating a Christ-Centered Easter as a family?

Anchored in Christ,

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