Printable Leaf Templates for Learning About Leaves

August 8, 2022

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Learning about leaves in your homeschool? A leaf template is a great tool to use to teach your kids to identify leaves. They are also great to use with art and craft projects. Print off these free leaf templates and make some fall decoration, study leaves, or just do some crafting.

Printable Leaf Templates for Learning About Leaves with leaf garland

Leaf Templates

A leaf stencil or fall leaf template with different leaf patterns are great to have when you are planning a themed unit or lesson on leaves. There are numerous ways that you can use leaf templates in crafts, projects and to work on leaf identification.

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Printable Leaf Templates

Printable leaf templates are a great way to teach your children about the different types of leaves. Having young children play with the different sizes and various shapes is a great way for them to start to recognize the different leaves by their shapes.

Leaf Templates PDF

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to download our free leaf template cut-outs. There’s even a tree trunk that you can use for some fall crafts.

leaf templates

Maple Leaf Templates

These printable maple leaf templates would be good to use for any fall activity. If you are learning about maple trees, they will help you identify what the leaf looks like.

Oak Leaf Templates

Oak trees are so beautiful. In the fall oak tree leaves fill our yard. If you are looking for printable templates of oaf leaves, check these out.

Apple Leaf Templates

Apple trees are so lovely with their bright and juicy fruits which are favorites of kids, adults and animals. Teach your kids to identify an apple tree by its leaves with these templates.

Hawthorn Leaf Templates

A hawthorn tree is a smaller tree that is fruit bearing with lots of thorns on its branches. Teach your kids to identify this tree by its leaves.

Aspen Leaf Templates

Aspen trees are beautiful and very tall trees that can grow up to 80 feet high. These trees are so beautiful because the smooth green leaves turn to bright yellow, orange and even red in the Fall.

Christmas Leaf Templates

When you think of Christmas leaves you may be thinking of Christmas trees, except pine trees don’t have leaves they have pine needles. Other Christmas leaves would come from holly or poinsettias.

Tropical Leaf Templates

Palm trees and tropical plants have beautiful, large lush leaves. These leaf templates will be a great addition to a jungle theme or when you are learning about tropical plants.

Leaf Outline Templates PDF

A free printable leaf outline download is all that you need for your leaf templates. You can print them out, trace them and cut them out. You can also print out the simple leaf shapes that your kids can use to decorate or color in for different projects.

leaf templates

Fall Leaf Templates

These fall leaf templates will be wonderful to use to make fall crafts and decorations with.

Simple Outlines of Leaves

These simple outlines are great for kids to trace and practice cutting out.

leaf template

Simple Leaf Templates

Simple leaves are leaves with basic shapes that are great for any craft that needs leaves of no particular kind.

Leaf Template Printables

Use a free printable leaf template to create your very own custom leaves. These can be used for school  and home arts and craft projects.

Leaf Template Cut Out

Leaf Template Printable

Various Cut Out Leaves

Leaf Shapes Templates

When you are teaching your kids about leaves you can also teach them about the many different shapes that leaves come in. Certain trees are best known by the shapes of their leaves.

Various Leaf Shapes

Leaf Templates – Maple, oak leaf and simple leaf templates to print and use however you would like.

Geometric Leaf Templates – These leaf printables have the maple, oak and simple leaf templates, but with a geometric pattern on the inside of each one.

Oval-Shaped Leaves

Wild Cherry Leaf Template – A leaf from a wild cherry tree has a beautiful oval shape that can be used in multiple crafts.

Birch Leaf Template – A birch leaf has a pretty oval shape that your kids can color and cut out.

oval leaf template

Heart-Shaped Leaves

Heart Shaped Leaf Template – These leaves have a cute heart shape to them and would be great to use with a heart shaped nature project.

Red Bud Leaf Template – The red bud leaf has a lovely heart shape to it, color the leaf and cut it out.

Star-Shaped Leaves

5 Pointed Leaf Stencil – This 5 pointed leaf resembles that of a star shape.

Sweet Gum Leaf Coloring Page – Cut and color this 5 pointed leaf that looks just like a star.

Ideas for Using Leaf Templates

There are so many crafts and creative projects that you can create using free leaf templates. You and your children will have a lot of fun with these projects and paper crafts.

Fall Leaf Wreath

Instead of real leaves you can use leaf templates to create your very own fall wreath. Print the templates out onto colored cardstock, or use them as stencils to trace the leaves out on scrapbook paper or construction paper.

You can use a wreath form from the dollar store and have your kids glue the leaves to them for an easy and inexpensive wreath.

Leaf Art

Create some water color leaf art. Paint the inside of the leaves with water colors to make each leaf unique. Use leaf templates to fill in a leaf with your own designs, stickers and decorations.

Thankful Tree

Draw or paint a large tree onto a piece of construction paper. Then print out some simple leaf template shapes for your kids to cut out on different colored paper. Glue the leaves onto the tree and use the blank leaves to write down what you are thankful for.

Fall Leaf Suncatchers

Use a large leaf template to cut out the shape of a leaf onto two pieces of contact paper. Lay one down sticky side up and have your children fill it up with fall leaves they have collected outside. Seal it with the second sheet of contact paper, trim and hang up.

3D Paper Tree

Use brown craft paper to form the shape of a tree, make sure to add a bottom of cardboard to it to make it stand up. You can then use your cut leaf templates to put leaves all over the tree.

Fall Garland

Print the leaves onto different fall colored cardstock paper. Punch a small hole at the top of each leaf and have your children string them onto twine or ribbon to hang up in your home.

Tissue Paper Stained Glass Leaf

Take a large leaf template and cut out the shape of the leaf that you want to use. Cut out the middle of the leaf so it is open. Lay it onto a piece of sticky contact paper.

Have your children cut out shapes from fall colored tissue paper and gently place them in the middle of the leaf. Seal the leaf with another sheet of contact paper, then trim and hang in a sunny window.

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Leaf Templates Downloadable PDF

These leaf templates are useful for all sorts of things. Print them as many times as you need to for easy Thanksgiving crafts, fall decorations, or to add to your nature notebook.

Leaf Templates Printable

Click the download link below to save this free file to your computer. 

leaf templates


In Conclusion

These leaf templates are a great way to help teach your children about the many different types of leaves and what they look like. You can even make some adorable crafts with them too.

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