Ways to Include Easter in Your Homeschool

March 19, 2019

Stacey Jones

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As Christians the foundation of our faith is based on Jesus’ resurrection and as homeschooling moms we are given the gift of extra time with our children. How can we use that time wisely to imprint important truths on our children’s hearts during the Easter season? There are many ways to include Easter in your homeschool.

Ways to Include Easter in Your Homeschool


Ways to Include Easter in Your Homeschool

We can start by using the extra time homeschooling blesses us with to teach our children the significance of Easter. Studying the resurrection and the events that led up to it doesn’t have to be limited to one subject.


Plant a resurrection garden. You can read about the resurrection together while you’re making it. Your children will be excited to watch the grass grow more each day and look forward to Easter morning when the stone is rolled away.

Study earthquakes. Earthquakes are mentioned multiple times in the Easter story. Spend some time studying earthquakes to give your child a better visual of the events that surrounded Christ’s death and resurrection. We have some instant downloads of free resources for studying earthquakes that include earthquake research journals, earthquake copywork, and other earthquake printables.

Read Aloud

Use your read aloud time to focus on Easter. Here are a few favorites:

  • The Three Trees is a beautiful picture book, but even older children will appreciate the story.
  • Amon’s Adventure has daily chapters and devotionals to read aloud in the month leading up to Easter. It’s an exciting story that reflects on why we celebrate Easter. If your family has read Jotham’s Journey you’ll enjoy this story about Jotham’s son, Amon.
  • The Bronze Bow is set during lifetime of Jesus. Although the book’s plot isn’t centered on Jesus, the main character’s heart is changed because of him.


Learn about Passover. To help your children better understand the week leading up to Christ’s death study the history of Passover. Learning About Biblical Feasts is a wonderful resource for studying how each feast points to Jesus.

Make a timeline. Chart the events of Holy Week on a timeline or make a timeline of Jesus’ life.

Study the ancient Roman government. Older students can study how the Roman government worked and the Roman officials mentioned in the Easter story.


Write a poem. Have each of your children write a poem about what Easter means to them.

Use writing prompts. Encourage your children to look at the Easter story like they never have before with writing prompts. Here are some ideas:

  • If I were Peter I would have …
  • If I had been in the garden with Jesus when he was arrested I would have …
  • If I was one of the first to see the empty tomb I would have …

Write a paper. If you had an older child study the Roman government, have them write a paper sharing what they learned.

I hope you’ve been inspired to include the study of Easter in your homeschool this year. Be sure to get the FREE Easter Scavenger Hunt Printable while you’re there. It’s one of our favorite traditions.


This Easter Story printable pack is aimed at young children and includes many fun math and literacy activities for them.

Easter is a wonderful time of the year to get together with your family and celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus. It is a great time to teach your children the true meaning of Easter with this Jesus is Alive! Easter Printable Pack.

Preschoolers and toddlers will love these Easter Counting Cards! This hands-on activity is fun and can be used multiple times.

To get into the spirit of Easter, I have created this fun Easter Colour By Code pages. They are an engaging way to practice number and colour recognition while working on fine motor skills.

Children will enjoy practicing their fine motor skills and scissor safety with these fun Easter Tracing and Cutting Strips

In the Kitchen

Kids will love making these easy, no-cook Easter Rocky Road, or maybe these no-bake Easter Birds Nest Treats.

This Dyeing Easter eggs Sequencing Printable Pack is a great way to teach children how to dye eggs before attempting to make your own colourful egg creations.

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