Fun Christmas Word Searches for All Ages (Easy-Hard)

December 2, 2021

Sara Dennis

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Are you looking for a free Christmas word search? Then you need to check out these festive Christmas word search puzzles that will get your family into the holiday spirit. 

free Christmas word search puzzles

Christmas Word Searches

You can give your kids a word search printable on Christmas Eve or pull one up on your mobile phone. The puzzles will challenge your kids and are great for building vocabulary skills

Easy Word Search Puzzles

These easy Christmas word search puzzles are the perfect difficulty for younger children. You’ll find a wonderful variety of printable puzzles for kids to give to your children during the holiday season.

Santa Claus Word Search Puzzle

Search for Christmas words with this easy Santa word search puzzle. It’s a fun way to help your children review new and old spelling words and will help you with building spelling skills.

Print off these fun word searches and keep your kids busy for hours. These printable pages include pictures of all the words, which is super helpful for kids who are just starting to read.

Christmas Gift Easy Word Search Puzzle

Your kids will adore this Christmas gift easy word search puzzle. Kids will have five words to find and a picture of a present to color. If you’d like a new puzzle, all you need to do is hit the refresh button below the page for a new one.

Christmas Word Puzzle

Keep your kids busy over Christmas break with a fun word puzzle activity. An easy word search for them to complete. It’s a great activity for those cold winter days when no one wants to be outside for hours.

Stocking Word Search Puzzle

If you’re looking for a word search freebie, you can’t go wrong with this stocking word search. It’s easy enough for young kindergarteners to solve.

Reindeer Christmas Word Search

Have your children look for reindeer related words such as Rudoph, Blixen, and Comet with a fun reindeer Christmas word search. Even older kids will enjoy looking for the reindeer names at this time of year.

Easy Christmas Tree Word Search Puzzle

Young children will adore solving this super easy Christmas tree free word search puzzle. It includes only a few hidden words and a picture to color.

Kindergarten Christmas Wordsearch

A fun Christmas activity is to give your young children a free kindergarten word search. Your kids will enjoy searching for words such as Santa, elf, and tree while they improve their reading skills.

Christmas Word Search

This super simple puzzle includes only five words for children to find. This word search is a fun way to introduce your youngest children to word puzzles.

Give your kids a free word search they’ll love over the winter break. It includes fabulous words such as candy, star, and merry!

6 Fun Christmas Word Searches

You’ll find a delightful selection of word searches at various difficulty levels. The free Christmas activities include a word search in the shape of a tree, a simple word search for young children, and a word search that requires you to unscramble the letters first.

Nativity Christmas Search

This religious Nativity word search is a great Christmas activity on Christmas day. Your children will look for words relating to the Nativity.

Holiday Word Searches

This free collection of holiday word searches includes holiday puzzles for seven different holidays, including Christmas! Print off the free printables you need now, and know that you’ll have new puzzles available when Valentine’s Day rolls around.

Nutcracker Word Search

Wish your kids a Merry Christmas with a free printable Christmas word search focused on The Nutcracker Ballet. You can hand the puzzle to your kids before or after going to see the ballet as a family.

Easy Christmas Word Search

Keep your kids busy while you whip up Christmas dinner with a fun printable pdf. This puzzle includes words that are a little more challenging such as Christmas, presents, and candles.

The Nutcracker Ballet Word Search

This is another fabulous Nutcracker Ballet word search. These Nutcracker printables includes a different set of hidden words than the previous Nutcracker word search.

Word Search PDF

If your kids are super excited on Christmas Eve, help settle them down with this marvelous fun printable. It’s a fun way to use up their nervous energy.

With only nine words, this word search is perfect for young elementary kids who are only just starting to read. They’ll be able to confidently solve the puzzle while waiting for Santa to arrive.

Easy Christmas Word Search

This easy Christmas word search includes the pictures next to the words in the word box. This will help your beginning readers learn how to read the words as they find them.

This is another fun Christmas activity for personal use. The freebie Christmas word search includes pictures of the Christmas words as well as the words themselves. Your young elementary kids will love looking at the pictures as they solve the puzzle.

Medium Level Printable Christmas Word Search Puzzles

These word finds feature puzzles that are a bit more difficult than the easy Christmas word searches. They include more words and are designed for kids in late elementary school to early middle school.

Stocking Word Search Puzzle

This medium level stocking word search includes eight words and makes a fun Christmas activity for your kids to complete over the holiday break.

This Christmas word puzzle includes a PDF format you can download and print. Your kids will adore solving the fun puzzle as they wait to start opening presents.

Medium Christmas Tree Word Puzzle

If you have squirrelly kids bouncing off the walls as they wait to begin the festivities, hand them a Christmas tree word search. It will keep them occupied for a few minutes as you finish preparing for the big event.

Santa Claus Puzzle

Everyone loves Santa, so hand your kids a Santa Claus puzzle on Christmas Eve. They’ll enjoy solving the puzzle while giving you a few minutes of peace.

Don’t forget to print this fabulous Christmas gift word search that even includes a picture for your kids to color. They’ll stay quiet as they look for the hidden words within the puzzle.

Medium Christmas Word Search

This cute word search includes a colorful picture of holly next to the word box. It’s the perfect way to wish your kids Happy Holidays as they enjoy solving a Christmas puzzle.

Christmas Word Search Activity

Have your older children try their hand at a more advanced Christmas word activity designed for kids between the 3rd and 6th grades. It’s a fun way to help your kids learn to read and spell Christmas words.

Nativity Christmas Word Search

Your kids will remember the reason for the season when they solve this Nativity Christmas puzzle. They’ll need to find 15 Nativity related words in the free printable. You might also enjoy this Advent devotional. 

Printable Christmas Word Search

Challenge your kids with a printable Christmas word search. They’ll have a great time as they search for the nineteen words hidden on the page.

Holiday Word Search With Answer Key

This delightful holiday word search includes an answer key. It’s a challenging puzzle for 2nd – 5th graders that will give you time to get Christmas dinner on the table.

Free Word Search for Christmastime

With ten words for your kids to find, you’ll be able to enjoy a cup of coffee in peace and quiet as they solve this free Christmas word search. All you need to do is download and print the worksheet for your children.

Santa’s Humongous Word Search

Hand your children Santa’s humongous word search on Christmas Eve and see how long it takes them to find all the hidden words. It’s a fun worksheet you’ll enjoy handing to your kids each year.

Christmas Word Search

This word search is designed for a wide age range, kids from the 2nd to the 12th grade making it the perfect word search for a large family. Everyone will love completing this fun Christmas activity over the winter break. Click here to download it today.

Nightmare Before Christmas Word Search

Can your kids find the twelve hidden words in the Nightmare Before Christmas word search? Download this free printable and find out!

Christmas Eve Word Search

This is the perfect Christmas printable to give your kids on Christmas Eve when they’re waiting for Santa Claus. They’ll spend a happy evening completing the Christmas Eve word search before heading off to bed.

Difficult Christmas Word Search Puzzles

While easy and medium word search puzzles are perfect for younger kids, your teenagers will probably want something more challenging. Here’s a delightful collection of free printables to give teens during this wonderful time of the year.

Christmas Gift Hard Word Search Puzzle

The words in this Christmas gift puzzle can be found forward, up, down, diagonally, or even backward. Your kids will be kept on their toes as they solve the puzzle.

Difficult Christmas Tree Word Search 

Give older kids a challenge and hand them this Christmas Tree word search. They’ll need to look in every direction in order to find all of the hidden words.

Stocking Word Search Puzzle

Don’t forget to print off the answer sheet when you give your kids this Christmas themed stocking word search. Your kids may just need the solution!

Hard Santa Claus Word Search

This Santa Claus themed word search will give you a few hours of peace when you hand the puzzle to your kids. You’ll actually have a chance to finish wrapping all the presents before the festivities begin.

4 Fun Printable Christmas Word Searches

This collection of 4 fun printable Christmas word searches includes one easy puzzle and three more difficult puzzles for teens and adults. Kids of all ages will enjoy having a puzzle to solve on Christmas Day.

Free Word Search for Christmas

This freebie word search was created for kids between the 6th grade and the 12th grade. You’ll be able to solve to problem of bored teenagers by handing them a fun puzzle.

Difficult Christmas Word Search

Challenge your kids with a difficult Christmas word search. It’s a puzzle with a lot of letters and only a few Christmas words to find.

Super Hard Christmas Gift Word Search

This super hard Christmas gift word search will challenge your teenagers over the Christmas break. Be sure to print off the answer sheet as you may need it.

Christmas Word Search Puzzle Book for Teens and Adults

Are you looking for free printables for older teens? Then you’ll want to check out this Christmas word search puzzle book for teens and adults. You’ll find a fun selection of new puzzles for your family to solve.

Christmas Themed Geometry Vocabulary Word Search

Give high school students this unique Christmas themed geometry vocabulary word search. It will review geometry vocabulary words while getting your kids into the holiday spirit.

Harder Winter Fun Word Search

Print off this winter fun word search made for kids between 8th and 10th grades. You’ll enjoy hours of peace as your teens stay busy looking for hidden words.

Christmas Symbols Word Puzzle

Teach your kids about the various Christmas symbols with a Christmas symbols word search. It will keep them happily occupied during the winter break.

Advanced Christmas Word Search With a Secret Message

This advanced Christmas word search includes a secret message. Your kids will need to solve to puzzle in order to read the message hidden among the words.

Super Hard Christmas Tree Word Search

Make sure your kids are looking for words spelled backward when they attempt to solve this super hard Christmas tree word search. They’ll need a bit of free time in order to find all the hidden words.

A Christmas Carol Word Search (Charles Dickens)

Watch A Christmas Carol with your kids, and then hand them Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol word search to complete. It’s a great free printable to work on during the holiday break.

Create Your Own Christmas Word Search Puzzles

If you’re not finding the perfectword search puzzle for Christmas, be sure to check out these sites where you can create one yourself. Not all of them will include Christmas images on the printable page, but you can always hand your children some Christmas stickers to decorate the page themselves.

This Christmas word puzzle allows you to customize the worksheet before you print it up if you register for their site. You’ll be able to add, edit, and delete clues.

Word Search Maker

Make your own Christmas worksheet using the Word Search Maker. You’ll add a title, description, and words. Then you’ll end up with a Christmas word search you can play online or print.

Word Search Generator

The Word Search Generator will allow you to customize the words you use as well as the grid shape and word placement. You’ll be able to print off a fun Christmas activity to give to your kids over the holiday season.

Free Word Search Generator

Use the free Word Search Generator to make a word search at the right difficulty for your children. You’ll be able to adjust the grid size to meet your needs as well.

Word Search Puzzle Generator 

Use the Word Search Puzzle Generator to create Christmas puzzles designed to stump your children. It will help you create a puzzle with different difficulty levels, from basic to advanced.

Online Word Search Puzzles

Have you ever wanted to hand your children a Christmas word search puzzle on your mobile phone? Now you can! These online Christmas puzzles don’t require you to print out a pdf or pull out pencils. Instead, your kids can play the game on a phone or computer.

Complete a fun word search game online. You can choose between a small or a big puzzle for your kids to solve. Your kids can race to see how quickly they can solve the game.

This intermediate online word search includes words going backward as well as forwards. It’s the perfect word search to keep older children occupied while you’re running errands or wrapping presents.

Christmas Word Puzzles

This online word search gives you three choices of difficulty before you begin playing. Be careful, as the game is designed to stump you!

Kids of all ages will love playing this festive word search. Even your teens will be challenged as there may not be many words, but the grid is large!

This jolly word search not only includes four difficulty levels but can also choose a difficulty level at random. The puzzle is a great way to increase your children’s vocabulary.

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