Free Christmas Carols Printables & Activities

December 22, 2020

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Christmas Carols are a great way to get into the spirit of Christmas. Singing can bring so much joy to people, especially during such a tough year. I sure am going to miss Christmas caroling this year. There are many children’s Christmas carol song sheets to help your family and friends spread joy.

Free Christmas Carols Printables

Christmas Caroling

My girls love to sing, and one tradition of ours was to have them make cards to hand out to the nursing home. Even if we didn’t have any songs or a program planned out, the residents always asked them to sing. It brought so much cheer and joy, the gift of song.

Thankfully, our church is still meeting. We will be having a Christmas caroling service to attend, where we can sing carols together.

Our homeschool group used to get together and wear fun, festive hats and sweaters. We would make hot chocolate and bring bags of candy canes as we went caroling around to different neighborhoods to spread Christmas cheer.

Many people will not be going door to door this year to sing. It would be nice to get in a big outdoor space with a group, and bring Christmas cheer to a neighborhood or something at least.

Children’s Christmas Carol Song Sheets

Even if you are unable to go out Christmas caroling, or won’t have carolers come to your home, you can still sing carols at home with your family.

There are so many different Christmas carols to learn about. Maybe you can have some fun trying out some new ones that we can use next year?

Caroling Printables

This list of printable carols with lyrics can be printed out and put inside some cute caroling folders or mini books.

Christ Centered Christmas Carols – Free 8 page printable book of carols that focus on the birth of Christ.

Traditional Christmas Carol Printable Music – These are traditional Christmas carols with sheet music that would be great to have on hand for a caroling night.

Printable Christmas Carols and Songs – There are six printable Christmas Songs and Carols with a pretty background on each sheet.

Christmas Carol Song Sheets

Christmas Carol Lyrics and Song Sheets – If you have kids going caroling with you they will enjoy these sheets that also double as a coloring page.

Printable Christmas Carol Lyric Sheets – This is a nice handout that includes many popular carols with lyrics all on one convenient sheet.

Recommended: Open & Go Christmas Unit Studies

Preparing Your Heart for Christmas is a short 10-day Advent devotional and is suitable for children in grades K-4. Younger children will enjoy the daily devotions and discussion questions, Advent Coloring Pages, and Advent Scene Builder.

If you have an older child – no worries! Christmas Around The World Unit Study is great for grades 4 & up. Even young children will enjoy the interesting stories of cultures and traditions from around the world!

Christmas devotional

Christmas Carol Unit Studies

Make Christmas caroling educational by turning it into a hymn and music study. These unit studies about famous Christmas hymns and carols would make a great holiday study.

Joy to the World Hymn Study – Links to different resources for a hymn study on this classic song.

O Come All Ye Faithful Hymn Study – This includes links to the music, the history as well as a notebooking page.

The Little Drummer Boy Christmas Carol Study – I love this unit study about the Little Drummer boy. There are videos with different renditions of the song as well as lyrics to print out. 

Christmas Carols and Hymns Unit Study – Free study of 15 Christmas carols and hymns that you could work on during the whole month of December.

The Story Behind Silent Night – This is such an interesting article that explains the history behind the song.

Christmas Carol Histories: The Story Behind the Little Drummer Boy – Another history unit study of where the song came from and how it came to be.

The Boar’s Head Carol Lesson and Music – Learn about the peculiar tradition of this carol in Britain and watch videos of it being performed.

Christmas Carol Activities

How to Use Christmas Carols for Family Devotions – Find out how to turn Christ centered carols into family devotion time.

Away in a Manger Copywork – These cute themed printable pages will have your children practice reading and writing out this famous carol.

Christmas Carols Cursive Copywork – Help your kids memorize 6 favorite songs with these copywork sheets.

Free Christmas Carols Activity Pack – This activity pack includes one or two pages of sheet music for seven famous Christmas carols. After each line are activities to help your child identify the music notes, rests, sharps and more. Includes an answer key. 

Free Christmas Carols Sheet Music Activities

Online Christmas Carol Resources

These online resources are great to access hymns immediately all located in one convenient location.

Ambleside Online has an Online Holiday Carol Book  with 40 Christmas Carols. You can read the lyrics and also click over to hear the song on You Tube.

Hymns and Carols of Christmas is a database with a treasury full of Christmas Hymns and Christmas Carols. You can click through all of them, and learn the history.

Song and Praise has a large index of Christmas Hymns and Carols with lyrics.

Christmas Carol Games

Here are some fun printable games about Christmas carols. These would be great to use for a Christmas Carol family fun night.

This printable Christmas Carols Opposite Game is perfect to read out loud for a gift exchange. 

This Christmas Carol Memory Game will test your Christmas carol knowledge and would be fun for a party.

Christmas Carol Guessing Game  – This game is fun for all ages and includes printables and everything you need to play. 

How Well Do You Know Your Christmas Carols Printable Game – Trivia lovers will enjoy this fun printable game to test their Christmas carol knowledge.

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