Printable Crossword Puzzles for All Ages

January 2, 2022

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Crossword puzzles are in almost every newspaper. Many folks do them on Sundays as a way to pass time. They can also be used for so much more. So, grab these printable crossword puzzles for all ages to enjoy for leisure and for learning.

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Printable Crossword Puzzles

So, you are looking for a crossword puzzle you can print from home? Great! We’ve got a large list of printable crossword puzzles for all ages below, so be sure to scroll down.

What are the benefits of doing crosswords?

A crossword puzzle only requires your thinking caps (figuratively) and a writing utensil. That’s it. Crosswords are complete brain challenges to bring with you anywhere and any time.

However, passing the time isn’t the best thing that crosswords have to offer your family, YOU included. Crossword puzzles can be great brain teasers!

Why are crosswords good for kids?

  • Completing a crossword puzzle builds confidence.
  • Crossword puzzles help develop problem-solving skills
  • Vocabulary improves with each word learned.
  • Crosswords teach persistence.
  • They also help to improve your child’s spelling.
  • A child’s working memory is also strengthened.
  • Crossword puzzles can easily be taken anywhere for kids to do.

Crosswords are good for adults too- YOU!

Working through crossword puzzles provides the same benefits to you that they do for kids. They improve spelling, vocabulary, and so much more.

Crosswords challenge the mind. I just purchased a brain improvement app. I feel as though my brain isn’t what it used to be. So I could use some help and see if it actually helps.

In researching crosswords, I have learned that they help your mind stay active. I need that and I could use it to improve my IQ. Crosswords do both, keep your mind active, and improve IQ.

Studies show that brain exercises like crosswords delay memory loss, Dementia, and  Alzheimer’s Disease (WebMD).

That is exciting! Some people even say children should do bits of a crossword at least once a day. I agree. Here are some free crosswords that kids of all ages can do – and a couple for you as well.

Printable Crossword Puzzles for All Ages

Check out this great list of printable crossword puzzles, starting with crosswords for younger students.

Early Learning Crossword Puzzles

Seasons and Weather Crossword Puzzles – Your young learners can use the clues in the crossword to fill words across and down in the puzzle. If you are teaching your little ones about the weather this crossword is a great way to review.

Simple Crossword Page for Young Kids – If you want to introduce brain exercises to your kids, this easy crossword puzzle can help. The crossword has only 4 images, then a mystery word to find once the crossword is complete.

Sea Animals Crossword Puzzle for Kids – This crossword is full of adorable sea creatures your kids will love. If you are completing an ocean unit this year, this crossword will go great alongside your lessons.

Elementary Age Crossword Puzzles

Free Time Activities Crossword – This is a great activity for quiet time or road trips. There is a number next to each free time activity and kids write the vocabulary word in the crossword provided. This freebie also includes an answer key.

Printable Musical Instruments Crossword – Are your homeschoolers learning about instruments this year? This musical instruments crossword is a perfect addition to your lesson plans. It has 12 vocabulary words including trumpet, violin, xylophone, maracas, and more.

5th Grade Crossword Puzzles – This resource is geared towards 5th graders to come up with individual words and phrases. There are several crosswords to choose from like Earth Day theme, Christmas theme, World Cup, and more.

Note: Also find word search puzzles here and many of the other links in this post.

Crossword Puzzles for Teens

NFL Teams Crossword Puzzles – Your football lover at home will enjoy completing this NFL teams crossword. The clue is the location of the 32 National Football League teams and your teen comes up with the team name.

States and Capitals Crossword Puzzles – Help your studies review or learn their states and capital cities of the United States with this crossword puzzle. Set a time limit and see how many your teen can get or have them time themselves.

Teenager Crossword Puzzles – These crossword puzzles were made with your teenagers in mind. There are subjects like music, books, botany, movies, and more. I would just have a quick glance over them as they have subjects that you may not deem appropriate for your teen.

Crossword Puzzled for Adults (or Advanced Teens)

Seven Continents Crosswords for Adults – Many of us know about the seven continents. However, there are details we can remember that these crosswords can help you with.

80’s Movies Crossword Puzzles – Want a trip down memory lane? Check out these free printable crossword puzzles with an 80’s movie theme to reminisce about the oldies but goodies. Older adults may enjoy this one as well.

Crossword Puzzles for Adults (and Teens) – Exercise your brain with these adult crossword puzzles with general vocabulary items. These specific crosswords have various themes like an around the world theme, DC and Marvel, 20 elements facts, and more.

Bible Themed Crossword Puzzles

Bible Crossword Worksheets – Check out this list of 5 -15 minutes worksheets to help build your student’s Christian faith. From general Bible facts and trivia to specific holidays like Christmas or harvest time, these printable crossword resources are a hit.

The Beauty of God’s Creation Crosswords – This Beauty of God’s Creation crossword puzzle bundle can be used for teens or adults. With 3 blank puzzles, 3 puzzle keys, and 1 puzzle theme outline, you will reinforce a focus on God’s grand creation and design.

Bible Crossword for Older Kids – Your middle school or high school student will enjoy completing this widescreen interactive or the printable PDF format. This is a great brain exercise to complete online or on print with no time limit for learning God’s Word.

Math Crossword Puzzles

Multiplication Crossword Puzzles – Help your students practice multi-digit multiplication with this math crossword puzzle. This freebie holds 3 multiplication crossword puzzles with answer keys.

Math Crossword Puzzles – Crossword puzzles aren’t just for fun, they are complete learning tools as well. This math-themed crossword puzzle includes math topics like addition, subtraction, number patterns, measurement, and more.

Printable Math Crossword Puzzles – Each printable math crossword puzzle has two pages. The first page holds the actual math crossword worksheet for addition and subtraction, and the second page holds the answer key. Your students can also play these free online crossword puzzles on their computers or smart devices.

History Crossword Puzzles

Black History Crossword Puzzle – This black history crossword puzzle free printable is for kids and teens. This crossword comes with or without a word bank and is the perfect activity to review Black history lessons in your homeschool.

Pioneer Life Crossword Printables – Pioneer life was difficult for families and was a lot of work. This crossword is a fun way to review and study pioneer life related words to go with your lessons.

George Washington Crossword Printable – Review facts about George Washington with this crossword puzzle printable with 2 different levels of difficulty. At the bottom of the page, you will find even more free crossword puzzles on Abraham Lincoln and U.S. President Facts.

More Games to Help Critical thinking Skills

Looking for Logic Puzzles? These printable logic puzzles for kids can be printed and used to help pass time or beef up skills.

If you’d like to grab more fun printable games, check out these Free Memory Matching Games, broken down by subject. You might also like our free Sudoku printablesprintable tangram puzzles, and free printable mazes for kids.

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In Conclusion

Now that I find myself forgetting things, I really enjoy doing crossword puzzles to build my brain back up. Why not?

I always tell my kids that aside from salvation, knowledge is something no one can take away from you. Exercises like crosswords which build vocabulary are the perfect way to gain that knowledge.

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