35+ Easy Popsicle Sticks Ornaments Kids Can Make

December 1, 2021

Sara Dennis

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Try making popsicle stick ornaments if you’re looking for a wonderful craft project to complete with your kids this year. These crafts are super easy to make and they look amazing. With a little bit of effort, you and your kids can make some beautiful popsicle stick ornaments for your tree as well as some great presents to give to family and friends.

popsicle sticks ornaments

Popsicle Stick Ornaments

These popsicle stick Christmas crafts are a fun way to make gifts, Christmas decorations, and handmade ornaments with kids of all ages. All you need are some craft supplies such as small popsicle sticks, wooden craft sticks, or jumbo craft sticks and some glue. Consider using a hot glue gun, as it will do a great job gluing the sticks together.

You’ll be able to decorate your home for the holiday season while entertaining your little kids. Plus, you’ll end up with an easy craft that makes great gifts to give grandparents. You can make reindeer ornaments or a gingerbread man. 

These popsicle stick crafts also make fun gift toppers to put on all of your gifts. Whatever you end up making, you and your kids will have lots of fun. So start collecting ice cream sticks today!

Christmas Ornaments You Can Make With Popsicle Sticks

Making popsicle stick Christmas ornaments is a great way to spend a chilly afternoon. Kids will love a craft project of making a cute little baby Jesus to hang on the tree. 

Nativity Popsicle Stick Ornaments

One cute idea is to make a Nativity popsicle stick ornament to hang on your Christmas tree. It’s an easy Christmas craft that’s perfect for the holiday season.

Popsicle Stick Nativity Ornament Craft – Your children will adore the cute little baby Jesus that is the heart of this simple Nativity craft.

DIY Popsicle stick Nativity Craft – This simple DIY Nativity ornament is an easy craft to make. Even your toddlers will have fun gluing the ice cream sticks together.

Nativity Christmas printables

Baby Jesus Popsicle Stick Ornaments

Don’t forget to make some ornaments for your Christmas tree that will remind your children of the reason for the season. 

Baby Jesus in a Popsicle Stick Craft – Use popsicle sticks to create baby Jesus in a manger. It’s a simple craft that your kids will adore making.

Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus Craft – Make Joseph and Mary in addition to making baby Jesus. These are wonderful ornaments to hang on your Christmas tree.

Craft Stick Sled Ornaments

Be sure to make at least one DIY popsicle stick sled ornament to put on your Christmas tree. Kids will love decorating the sleds with tiny pinecones, green sprigs, and bells.

popsicle stick sled ornament

Popsicle Stick Sled Ornaments

DIY Popsicle Stick Sled Ornaments – This simple sled ornament is easy and beautiful to make. Encourage your kids to make several of them to give to friends and family as gifts.

Popsicle Stick Sled Ornament – Make an easy sled ornament that will look amazing hanging on your Christmas tree.

sled popsicle stick ornament

Popsicle Stick Sled Ornament

Jumbo Popsicle Stick Decorative Sled – Collect some jump craft sticks plus some decorative objects such as buttons, pinecones, or felt flowers. Everyone will adore this simple sled ornament.

Popsicle Stick Santa Ornaments

Who doesn’t love Santa Claus? So make some adorable popsicle stick Santa ornaments with your kids to hang on the Christmas tree. 

Santa Christmas Craft for Kids – This easy Santa craft uses popsicle sticks and a printable Santa background to create an adorable ornament your kids can hang on your tree.

Craft Stick Santa Ornament – You’ll only use one base stick to create a cute Santa ornament for your tree. Plus, you’ll need some red paint, pop pops, or cotton balls.

Giant Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Use popsicle sticks to make giant snowflake ornaments! These are the perfect craft to attach to gift tags and are lots of fun to make.

snowflake popsicle stick ornament

Easy Glitter Snowflake Ornament Crafts – Glue popsicle sticks together in a snowflake shape to create an adorable ornament. Add some glitter and it’s the perfect addition to a holiday tree.

Snowflake Ornaments – Decorate these snowflake ornaments to your heart’s content to create unique crafts to give to family and friends.

Popsicle Stick Toy Soldiers

Make an army of beautiful toy soldiers to hang on your Christmas tree. They’re easy popsicle stick crafts that will be lots of fun to create with your kids.

Toy Soldier Ornament  – This toy soldier ornament is one of the easiest ways to keep your kids entertained while creating a beautiful ornament for the tree. You’ll be able to make an entire army of soldiers!

Craft Stick Craft: Toy Soldier Ornament – You’ll need both jumbo craft sticks and mini craft sticks to create this amazing toy soldier DIY ornament with your children. 

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Popsicle Stick Nutcracker Ornament

If you have children who love the Nutcracker, then they’ll adore making these amazing DIY toy soldier ornaments. They’re a simple craft that should take you less than 30 minutes to make.

Nutcracker Craft with Popsicle Sticks – This craft has you making a giant nutcracker head from popsicle sticks. Don’t forget to attach a ribbon or string to hang the ornament on your tree!

Popsicle Stick Nutcracker Ornament – Pick up some red feathers to create this fun Nutcracker ornament. It’s lots of fun and your kids will adore hanging it on your Christmas tree.

Popsicle Stick Snowman Ornament

What is Christmas without a snowman ornament hanging from your tree? Pick up some craft sticks to create an adorable popsicle stick snowman ornament. Be sure to make an extra couple to give away to family and friends. 

Snowman Ornament Craft – This fun craft allows you to decorate your snowman in different ways. You’ll start with one stick and work from there. It’s the easiest way to create an amazing snowman for your tree.

Craft Stick Snowman Ornament – Pick up a red pom-pom or two and green pipe cleaners to create a cute snowman ornament with your kids.

Popsicle Stick Angel Ornaments

If you want a super cute DIY ornament to make and hang on your tree, check out these popsicle stick angels. They’re a super easy craft that will look incredible on your tree or as a gift topper for a friend.

DIY Popsicle Stick Angel Ornament – You will need three large craft sticks and two small ones to create this amazing angel ornament.

Easy Popsicle Stick Angel – This angel stick ornament uses a triangle as the base for the angel. It’s the perfect craft for the small children in your life.

Triangle Christmas Tree

Make a popsicle stick Christmas tree ornament. You can paint them different colors before hanging them on your Christmas tree.

craft stick Christmas tree ornament

Craft Stick Tree Ornaments

Craft Stick Christmas Ornaments: Tree – This ornament includes directions that have you paint the triangle green and add a couple of small pieces of a popsicle stick to create a tree trunk. 

Christmas Tree Triangle – Your kids will adore making this Christmas tree triangle that’s an easy Christmas decoration to make for your tree.

Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees

These craft stick ornaments are easy-peasy and fun to create with your kids. The best part is that you can use them to create photo ornaments to give to family and friends.

Christmas Tree Ornament – This Christmas tree ornament uses a photo in the center. The grandparents in your life will adore hanging this ornament on their tree for years to come!

Fun Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Ornament – Decorate this popsicle stick Christmas tree with small buttons, pine cones, or bells to create a unique keepsake your family will treasure.

Craft Stick Miniature Snow Skis

You have ample time to create these incredible miniature snow skis that look difficult but are actually simple to create. They’re a great gift to give to the people in your life.

DIY craft Stick Snow Ski Ornament – Your tree will look amazing with these small skis hanging from the branches. You can use different decorations to create unique skis for everyone in the family.

Miniature Snow Skis with Poles Ornament – Make these beautiful miniature snow skis that include small poles on the ornament. Everyone you give these ornaments to will treasure them for a lifetime.

Popsicle Stick Star Ornaments

Make colorful popsicle stick star ornaments for your Christmas tree. They are an easy craft that even small children can make. Plus, they’re fun to give to friends and family!

craft stick ornament star

Popsicle Stick Stars

Simple Popsicle Stick Craft Ornament for Kids – These are easy popsicle stick crafts for your children to make. Simply paint the ice cream sticks and then glue them together. It’s the perfect craft project for a cold winter afternoon.

How to Make Popsicle Stick Stars – Wish everyone a Merry Christmas as you give them one of these beautiful craft stick stars. They’ll look amazing on everyone’s Christmas tree.

Woven Star Snowflake Ornaments

Take your crafting up a notch and wrap or weave yarn around the stars or snowflakes you craft using ice cream sticks. The woven ornaments are an amazing DIY ornament to give to all the people in your life.

Yarn Wrapped Star Ornaments – These beautiful stars are wrapped in yarn to make a beautiful ornament for the top of your tree. You can use bright colors such as red and green or choose silver or gold. Either way, the ornaments will look amazing.

Woven Snowflake Ornaments – Use different textures of yarn, beads, and paint to create these amazing snowflake ornaments. 

Craft Stick Elf Ornaments

What could be better than making craft stick elf ornaments for your Christmas tree this year? You’ll be able to find all of the supplies you need at your local craft store.

elf popsicle stick ornament

Elf Popsicle Stick Craft

Elf Popsicle Stick Craft for Kids – Use popsicle sticks and a bunch of green string to make these adorable elf costume ornaments.

elf hat craft stick ornament

Elf Hat Craft Stick Ornament

Simple Elf Hat DIY Christmas Ornaments – Don’t stop with the elf outfits. Make some easy DIY elf hats to go along with the outfits. 

Reindeer Ornaments

If you’re making Christmas tree ornaments, you need to include a popsicle stick reindeer ornament as well. Your kids will adore hanging Rudolph and other reindeer on your tree this December.

reindeer ice cream stick craft

Rudolph Popsicle Stick Ornaments

Rudolph Craft with Popsicle Sticks for Kids – This adorable Rudolph craft starts with a simple triangle and some red pom-poms for Rudolph’s nose. It’s a super easy craft to make with all of your kids.

Popsicle Stick Reindeer Craft Ornament – This is an elegant and simply DIY ornament. It also starts with a simple triangle that you decorate until it looks like a reindeer. It’s a cute craft that all of your kids will adore.

Grinch Popsicle Stick Ornaments

Don’t be a Grinch this Christmas. Instead, create a Grinch to hang from your tree. You have the choice of two amazing projects to make with your kids and they’ll adore both of them!

Grinch popsicle stick craft

Easy Grinch Popsicle Stick Christmas Craft for Toddlers – This super easy Grinch is perfect for small children such as toddlers to make and hang on the Christmas tree.

Grinch Craft: Popsicle Stick – This Grinch is wearing a Santa hat. It’s an exciting craft stick Christmas tree ornament to make with your kids.

Popsicle Stick Gingerbread House

What is Christmas without a gingerbread house? Instead of struggling through trying to make the perfect gingerbread house with your kids, make a super easy popsicle stick gingerbread house ornament to decorate your tree.

gingerbread ornament from popsicle sticks

Popsicle Stick Gingerbread House Ornament – This gingerbread house ornament requires seven steps to make it. When you’ve finished, remember to glue a ribbon on the back so you can hang it on your Christmas tree.

DIY Popsicle Stick Gingerbread House Ornaments – These adorable gingerbread house ornaments include a portrait hiding behind the door. 

Penguin Craft Ornaments

Penguins are adorable, so make some of these penguin craft ornaments to decorate your house for Christmas. You’ll have lots of fun making them in your kids’ craft room.

penguin craft stick ornament

Penguin Popsicle Stick Craft for Kids – These amazing penguins are cute crafts to make with your kids when you want an easy and mess-free activity for a cold winter day.

Yarn Wrapped Popsicle Stick Penguin Ornament – Take some black yarn to wrap around popsicle sticks to create these adorable craft stick penguin ornaments.

Mini Pallet Sign Christmas Ornaments

Create your own mini pallet signs to hang on your Christmas tree using craft sticks. You can use mini sticks for tiny signs or jumbo popsicle sticks for large signs. Either way, you’ll end up with an amazing ornament for your tree.

Christmas Ornaments: Mini Pallet Sign – Make beautiful mini pallet signs that say, Joy, Noel, or Merry & Bright. They’re not only an inspirational ornament for your own tree, but they make a great present to give to friends and family.

Popsicle Stick Christmas Ornament: Mini Pallet Sign – These signs include painted letters on the small pallets that you make. They’re an easy project you can complete with your kids on a chilly afternoon.

More Christmas Crafts and Activities

In Conclusion

Craft stick ornaments are the perfect way to keep your children entertained on a chilly winter afternoon. The ornaments are easy to make, look terrific, and make wonderful presents for grandparents, teachers, and friends.

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