12 Hands-On Christmas Crafts for Kids

December 9, 2021

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If you’re looking for some great Christmas crafts for kids this season, then you’ll love this round-up of twelve unique ideas. It’s time to keep the kids busy while you wind down the homeschool year before the holidays. Not only are these Christmas crafts a lot of fun to make, but they can even double as holiday décor or as handmade gifts for family and friends.

Decorative Christmas ornaments with text 12 Hands-On Christmas Crafts for Kids

Christmas Tree Crafts

The most obvious idea for Christmas craft themes is to use Christmas trees! If you’re running out of creative ideas, check out these fun variations.

Your youngest kids will love creating this Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree. This is a fun way to use up all those sparkly sequins in your craft stash. Plus, your littles will have a great time making a unique design all while using their fine motor skills.

popsicle stick Christmas tree

Your preschoolers will love making foam Christmas trees. It couldn’t be simpler. Just trace a cone template onto foam, and once it’s cut out and assembled, your littlest ones can decorate until their hearts content with fun foam stickers. 

foam Christmas trees

Making a Yarn Christmas Tree will be a bit messy, but if you can handle yarn and glue, you’ll be fine! Your kids will probably love getting their hands dirty with this fun Christmas craft. And you might even be surprised at how beautiful the final product looks.

yarn christmas tree

Put your recycled egg cartons to good use with this fun Egg Carton Christmas Tree! In fact, nearly everything you need to make this kids Christmas craft is recycled or probably in your craft stash already. After you assemble the tree from cardboard and egg cartons, your kids will have a blast decorating it with sequins, ribbon, pipe cleaners, and pom poms.

egg carton christmas tree

Finally, if your kids really want to make a Christmas tree craft, then show them this idea for Mod-Podge Magazine Christmas Trees. You just need foam cones as the base, then your kids can use recycled magazine pages or scrapbook paper, along with buttons and pins to decorate their trees.

magazine Christmas tree

More Kids Christmas Crafts Ideas

Speaking of buttons, grab your stash and a few other inexpensive items and your kids can make some cute Holiday Button Art. All you really need to create this fun project is a picture frame, scrapbook paper, glue, and buttons.

Button art on picture frames with a brick background

Or, while the button jar is still handy, create a star template out of cardboard and let your preschoolers decorate it with buttons. If you attach a magnet to the back, you can enjoy this Button Mosaic Magnet all season long on the fridge.

button magnet craft

Your kids can learn how to sew while they make a Holiday Stocking. Just grab some felt, embroidery floss, and a needle. You could small versions as gift card holders for the holiday. Or make a bunch and hang them together for a unique garland.

For the easiest Christmas craft ever, your kids can make a Paper Plate Angel. Or, if your older kids are looking for a more elaborate paper craft, show them this tutorial for making 8-Pointed Stars. They really look festive!

Hanging pointed stars

Check out this super cute Cotton Snowman Christmas craft. If you cut out the snowman parts ahead of time, even your toddlers can make one of these.

Child holding a paper snowman craft

And finally, this last kids Christmas craft idea will take a bit more patience, but learning how to make pom poms is a fun skill. You can even grab some cheap yarn at the thrift store if you don’t have any in your stash. Once your kids learn the technique for making pom poms, you can expand this craft to make a full sized wreath!

pom pom wreath

Hope you’ve gained some inspiration to pull out the glue and the craft stash and let your kids have some hands-on fun with Christmas crafts.


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