Grassland Animals Printables and Learning Resources

February 10, 2020

Sara Dennis

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Grasslands don’t receive enough rainfall to grow trees like a forest, but they receive more rain than a desert, so they grow grass. Consequently, grasslands are usually situated right in the middle of a forest biome and desert biome. If you are exploring biomes this year, then these animals of the grasslands printables will help liven up your lessons. Grasslands were our favorite biome to study.

Animals of the Grasslands Printables text image collage of animals over a green background


What do you think of when you think of grassland animals?

When we think of grasslands, we think of a lion sneakily creeping up on its prey. The grasslands look to provide cover so that the predator can catch its prey by surprise.

My kids and I yell at the screen, telling the gazelle or zebra to RUN before the lion pounces, hoping it gets away. Animal lifecycles and food chains are interesting to learn about, as it’s the natural order of things. Overall, the beauty and vastness of the grasslands are quite intriguing.

Twenty-five percent of the world is covered in grasslands. There are grasslands in every single continent on the Earth except Antarctica.

Types of Grasslands

There are two different types of grasslands, temperate and tropical. Both are pretty different.

However, both types feature open grasslands with rich soil. They are also home to many large and small animals.

Temperate grasslands        

The temperate grasslands are located in the northern hemisphere and usually are smaller than the tropical grasslands. The area has a dormant season and growing season. The lands are very fertile and are suitable for small animals like rabbits, snakes, and mice.

Tropical grasslands             

The tropical grasslands are located in the southern hemisphere and have both a rainy and dry season. These grasslands are way different from the temperate grasslands as they grow way higher in the tropical grasslands. The tropical grasslands can reach up to 7 feet tall! This climate makes it perfect for large animals to inhabit like lions and elephants. (These are the places where we are rooting for the gazelles and zebras to live.)

The grasslands are considered the absolute most useful habitat. Their ecosystem is the perfect place for luscious pastures and croplands. It is ideal for farming due to the fertility of the land.

Grasslands make a perfect biome for animals because humans rarely inhabit true grasslands. The grasslands climate makes it excellent grounds for animals to get everything they need to survive and thrive, including plenty of food to eat.

Grasslands Animals

To learn more, explore grassland animals, explore the printable resources below. These grassland animal printables can help you teach your children about grasslands and the animals that live there. You can use the notebooking pages to record the information you’ve learned about the diverse animals. They are not free, but you can find free printables below this section. 

The grassland animals 3-part cards and the vocabulary concept of the day cards are perfect for ensuring your kids have learned the necessary vocabulary.

Animals of the Temperate Grassland Montessori 3 Part Cards | These 3-part cards cover different animals of the temperate grasslands such as the American bison, prairie dogs, and coyotes.

North American Grassland Animals Notebooking Pages | This is a lovely set of notebooking pages that feature grassland animals of North America.

Grasslands Vocabulary Concept of the Day Cards | These vocabulary cards are a great way to slowly introduce grassland vocabulary and concepts to our kids by teaching one card each day.

Grasslands Habitat

You’ll find a wonderful selection of resources to learn about the natural grasslands in different places. You’ll cover the habitats, food webs, and plant life of the grassland environments.

Welcome to the Grasslands – Habitat Studies | This habitat study includes 25 pages of information about grasslands for you and your children to use. You can discuss the different names used to refer to grasslands, plant life, and more.

The Grassland Biome- Nature Curriculum in Cards | The Grassland Biome is a learning set that includes information on temperate and tropical grasslands. You’ll find 3-part cards, informational posters, research worksheets, and more.

The Grassland Biome Reading Passages (3 levels), Vocabulary & Comprehension | This study is designed for kids from the 3rd through the 6th grade. It comes in 3 different reading levels and includes follow-up activities for kids to complete after they’ve read the information.

Grassland Habitat Doodles digital clip art (BW and color PNG files) | You’ll find a wonderful set of clip art grassland plants and animals to use. The images include large mammals such as zebra, hyenas, kangaroos, and lions.

Grassland Ecosystem Diorama Project | Make a grassland diorama with your kids that features the grassland ecosystems. You’ll find all the images and worksheets you need to make this a fun and educational project.

Habitat Centers and Activities for the Grasslands | This is a great packet of information about grassland habitats around the world. You’ll find information on the African savannas and the American prairies. Plus, there’s information about the wide variety of animals living there.

Free Printables to Learn about the Grasslands

Did you know that there are grasslands on almost all the continents of the world? These free printables will help you teach your kids about the grassland, the seasonal droughts, and animal adaptations to the grasslands.

Habitat Series: Grassland Themed Printables, Freebies and Projects | This is a great group of resources to include in your study of this important ecosystem. You’ll find information about the types of grasslands, small animals like prairie dogs, and large animals such as African elephants.

Grasslands Worksheet – Free Science Kids Printable Hidden Words Game | You’ll find a free hidden word game to help your kids learn about the grasslands.

Grasslands Ecosystem– Free Worksheets | Aimed at middle school, this worksheet includes a word search and some information about grasslands.

Free Download Grasslands | This is a free grassland printable to download for your elementary kids. It includes some basic information at an easier reading level.

The Grassland Unit Study Resources Free Notebooking Pages| You’ll find a grassland unit study that includes a variety of resources for you to use as you learn. There’s even a free notebooking pack if you scroll down towards the bottom of the page.

Grasslands Biome Information and Facts | You can print this page that includes information on the grassland biomes.

Fun Facts About Natural Grasslands

You’ll find some fun information for your kids to use as they study grassland animals. Use these sites to help your kids fill out printables or notebooking pages about the different animal species.

Learning about the grassland habitat? | You’ll find some great information at this site about the grassland habitats. There are lots of pictures included so your kids can see what the different areas look like.

Biomes of Grassland | This is a fun interactive site to help your kids learn all about the grasslands. Plus, you’ll find information about different animals such as the brown hyenas, the black rhinoceros, and the largest bird otherwise known as the ostrich.

Weird but fun facts about grasslands | Weird but fun facts is hosted on Prezi and includes fun facts about the grasslands. For instance, 25% of the world is covered by grasslands.

Habitat/Biome Printables and Resources

If you’re studying the grassland habitat, it’s also fun to take a look at other habitats around the world such as temperate forests, the ocean environment, and the desert.

Biomes of the World: POSTER SET | This is a fun poster set that looks at different biomes around the world. You’ll find posters for grasslands, aquatic, desert, tundra, and forest biomes plus information on how to tell the difference between the different biomes.

Habitats Interactive Lapbooks Bundle | This is a bundled habitat lapbook set with step-by-step instructions on making the lapbooks. Kids can study grassland regions, the tropical rainforest, the artic, and more.

Types of Habitats | You’ll find a set of 10 printables for you to use to teach your kids about different types of habitats.

Zoo Animal Picture Cards | These zoo animal picture cards are a great addition to your study of the grasslands of the world.

Free Grassland Animals Printables

Don’t forget to study the animal kingdom by looking at the animals of the grasslands. These free printables will help you look at examples of the types of larger animals that live in the grasslands. They’ll also help you talk to your kids about the preferred habitat of the animals.

Gazelle Printables Free for Subscribers | This is a fun resource to study gazelles with your kids.

Tigers | Here are some fun resources for young kids to study tigers

Free Lion Lapbook | Learn all about lions with this fun printable. You can study lion anatomy, the lifespan, and their classification.

Cheetah Coloring Pages | Your kids will love these cheetah coloring pages. Some are simple coloring pages suitable for young children while others are detailed for older kids.

Bison Coloring Pages | This is a cute bison coloring page for younger kids.

Saggy Baggy Elephant Activities and Free Printable | You’ll find fun printables and activities that include counting, finding letters, and handwriting practice.

Elephant Matching Game | Match the elephants! You’ll find 20 pairs of elephants you can use to play this game.

Learn More About Grassland Animals

These resources include information about the different types of grasslands and the animals that call them home.

Ecology: Who Calls the Grasslands Home? | This is a great resource to teach your children about grasslands and savannas. You’ll discuss the prairie grasslands, the Eurasian steppe, the African savannah, along with the pampas of South America. Kids will learn all about grassland animals around the world.

African Grassland (Savanna) Food Web | This is a fun printable that takes a look at the African grassland animal food web.

Habitats Word Search: Grassland Animals – Free Worksheets | Your kids will love solving this grassland animal worksheet.

Grasslands Animals Finger puppets – Free Worksheets | Make finger puppets as part of your grassland animal study.

Animal Habitat: Grasslands Lapbook Free | Make a lapbook that includes the information you’ve learned about the grasslands. There are even some blank mini-books to include fun facts you’ve learned.

Grassland animal facts | You’ll learn all sorts of facts about grasslands including the plants and animals. For example, you’ll learn that on the savannah plains zebras can roam in herds of a thousand.

In Conclusion

We hope you found some resources that will help you study grassland animals in your homeschool. It’s fun to study biomes and habitats and you can learn so much when you explore the different animals that live in them.

Animals of the Grasslands Printables

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