Apologia Land Animals Worksheets for Zoology 3 (Free Printables)

January 25, 2019

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Zoology 3 is a great choice for animal loving children. This particular volume is the Apologia Land Animals book that is a favorite with elementary students. Grab some Free Land Animal Worksheets to use alongside Apologia Zoology 3.

free land animals worksheets to go with Apologia\'s zoology 3


Apologia’s Young Explorer Series

Apologia’s Young Explorers elementary series is a complete elementary science curriculum for use with multiple-aged children in elementary grades k-6.

All of the elementary books in the series have a specific main topic that it sets its focus on. Each of the science textbooks has 13-14 lessons that have individual topics that pertain to the main topic of the book.

This creates a completely immersive curriculum which is written directly to the child. The conversational style writing makes this a great choice for Charlotte Mason homeschooling.

When you add free printables for Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Zoology, as well as complete the suggested hands-on activities, this science textbook will fascinate children who love learning about land animals for a full school year.

A great curriculum for animal loving kids.

I’ve shared before how much my girls love animals. They are always wanting to learn about them, memorize interesting facts. and go on field trips to see them. If you have animal lovers in your house they will enjoy being immersed in learning about land animals and learning about them in different ways.

My favorite thing to do with this book is to take multiple field trips to the zoo to see the animals we are learning about first hand. The year we studied land animals, we bought our family a zoo membership so we could attend the entire year, each time we finished a chapter. 

Exploring Creation with Zoology 3: Land Animals of the Sixth Day is the third book in the Zoology series. This book will take you and your children on a safari through different wild animals, their habitats and even your own backyard to learn about land animals.

There are so many amazing animals that are covered in this book. Many of these animals you can visit at your local zoo and even animals that you can’t see like parasites and dinosaurs. Children will learn the scientific names of the land animals of the 6th day, and about the different animal groups.

Apologia Notebooking Journals

If you use the notebooking journals for Apologia, hands-on activities, experiments and the free science worksheets for each lesson in the book, you will have a complete homeschool science curriculum.

The notebooks have various notebooking assignments with a detailed daily schedule of what to read and complete. There is a regular version and a junior version for elementary ages.

Junior Apologia Notebook

The Junior Notebooking Journal has coloring pages and primary writing lines perfect for younger students with limited writing skills.

Regular Notebook Journal

The regular journal has more writing and activities geared towards older children. There are miniature books to fill out, places to record experiments and even scientific speculation sheets.

Recommended: Migration – Explore the Amazing Journeys of Animals

This unit study is a fun way to introduce your kids to migration and help them discover how 18 different animals migrate. It’s perfect for students in 4th-8th grade, but it can easily be adapted for younger or older students.

From birds to mammals, insects to reptiles, your students will learn about pilchards, penguins, wildebeests, butterflies, and much more. View samples.

Daily Skills Building Migration workbook

Free Worksheets for Each Lesson in Land Animals:

We hope you enjoy all of these free resources that coincide with each lesson in the book. Many of these include fun activities that use household items and come with a downloadable pdf file.

Lesson 1: Introduction to the Animals of Day 6

I like to start this lesson off by taking a visit to the zoo to introduce the animals we will be learning. Check out this post that will go perfect with this study: Free Zoo Scavenger Hunt and Animal Report Printables – There are so many report printables to choose from.

Wildlife Career Information for Kids and Teens – Are your children interested in a career in the wildlife industry? This is a very helpful post.

Predators and Prey Worksheet – Write down the difference between predator and prey.

The Food Chain Game Printable – These printable cards are perfect for learning about the animal food chain in a fun game format.

Animal Behavior Terminology Copywork – Help kids learn more about animal behaviors with this Free Animal Behavior Terminology Copywork.

Animal Families Notebook Research Journal – This Animal Families Notebook Research Journal can students investigate and learn about just 50 of the many animal families scientists have to pick from. 

Mammals Around the World Guided Drawing – Help your students learn about 10 different mammals and sharpen their artistic skills with this FREE Mammals Around the World Guided Drawing unit. 

Lesson 2: Carnivorous Mammals

Dingo Coloring and Labeling Page – Fun facts about dingos and an anatomy worksheet.

African Wild Dog Coloring Page – This is a beautiful African Wild Dog coloring page.

Dog Lapbook – Dogs make the best pets and become a part of the family. This lapbook will hold so much information about dogs.

All About Wolves – My daughter loves wolves, so we did an entire post on freebies and unit studies to learn more about them.

Lesson 3: Caniforms

Giant Panda Lapbook – There are lessons about the Giant Panda and lapbook pritntables to create a nice lapbook.

Raccoon Unit Study and Lapbook – Printables to create your own unit study and lapbook all about racoons.

Polar Bear Facts for Kids Printables – Learn lots about polar bears with these fun fact sheets.

Bear Unit Study and Lapbook – Study about many different bears from all over the world with this fun lapbook.

Lesson 4: Feliform Carnivores

African Lions Printable Unit Study Grades 2-5 – Learn more about African lions with this free unit study for elementary ages.

Cheetah Lapbook – Create your very own lapbook all about cheetahs.

Meerkat Lapbook -Your kids will love recording what they learned about the cute meerkat.

Tiger Lapbook – Another fun lapbook all about tigers.

African Wildcat Printable – Worksheet about the anatomy of an African wildcat.

Lesson 5: Marsupials

Marsupial Lapbook – There are so many different animals with pockets. Keep track of all of them in your very own lapbook.

Kangaroo Labeling Coloring Page – Label and color the kangaroo.

Bandicoot Printable – Bandicoot coloring and labeling anatomy worksheet.

Numbat Printable – Numbat labeling and coloring worksheet.

Wombat Printable – The wombat is the largest burrowing animal. See what their animal tracks look like and color them.

Australian Animals Guided Drawing – Australia has some of the most amazing and fascinating animals in all the world. Help your kids learn about 10 of them with this Australian Animals Guided Drawing.

Lesson 6: Primarily Primates

Baboon Printable – Baboon anatomy worksheet and coloring page.

Mandrill Printable – Mandrill educational printout and coloring page.

Howler Monkey Printable – Fun facts about the Howler monkey with a printable worksheet.

Monkey Lapbook – Create your very own lapbook all about monkeys.

Lesson 7: Rodentia and the Rest

Beaver Lapbook – Learn about what a beaver eats, and how it builds a home with this fun lapbook.

Squirrel Resource Unit – Free printables, book lists and nature studies about squirrels.

Anteater Labeling Printable – Anteater labeling worksheet.

Sloth Animal Study and Lapbook – Sloths are so much fun to learn about with this lapbook.

Lesson 8: Ungulates

Goat Lapbook – Teach your kids about goats, what they eat and how to keep them healthy.

Elephant Lapbook – Unit study and lapbook about elephants.

Zebra Lapbook – If your kids love zebras they are going to have a lot of fun with this lapbook.

Breeds of Horses Guided Drawing – Kids can have fun learning about ten breeds of horses and learn how to draw them.

Horse Anatomy Vocabulary Copywork – Help your students learn more about horse anatomy while sharpening their handwriting skills with this Horse Anatomy Vocabulary Copywork. 

If you have a horse lover, you might want to be sure to check out these writing prompts that are horse-themed. They are available in two levels.

Lesson 9: Order Artiodactya

Deer Lapbook – Learn about deer antlers and how deer camoflauge themselves with this lapbook study.

Giraffe Lapbook – Keep track of all your giraffe knowledge in this fun lapbook.

Cattle Lapbook – Learn about the different types of cattle and create your own lapbook.

Lesson 10: Orders Squamata and Rhynchoecphalla

Komodo Dragon Quiz – Take a quiz and test your knowledge of komodo dragons.

Snake Lapbook – Build a lapbook all about snakes.

Green Iguana Printable – Cute iguana labeling and coloring page.

Lizard – Learn about the different types of lizards with these worksheets.

Snakes – Lots of worksheets for many different types of snakes.

Turtles Printouts – Learn about the different species and types.

Lesson 11: The Rest of the Reptiles and Amphibians

Alligator Lapbook – This alligator lapbook is geared for older children in grades 3-8.

American Crocodile Printable – Learn about the American Crocodile with this worksheet.

Frogs Lapbook – Frogs are a lot of fun to learn about. This lapbook looks really great completed.

Land Reptiles and Amphibians Labeling Worksheet – Label the many different reptiles and amphibians on this worksheet.

Amphibians & Reptiles Guided Drawing – Help kids learn more about 10 of these animals with this FREE Amphibians & Reptiles Guided Drawing printable. 

Lesson 12: Dinosaurs

Creation Based Dinosaur Lapbook – Keep a labook of your dinosaur knowledge from a Creationist viewpoint.

Dinosaur Fact Cards and Report Writing Printables – Research about dinosaurs and record what you have learned with these report writing printables and cards with fascinating facts.

Answers in Genesis dinosaur topics – Links to articles to study dinosaurs with a creation perspective.

Lesson 13: Arthropods of the Land

Scorpion Anatomy Worksheet – Scorpions have many moving body parts. Label them and color the scorpion with this worksheet.

Spider Anatomy Worksheet – Label the spider body parts on this diagram worksheet.

Centipede External Anatomy Worksheet – Label the external anatomy of a centipede.

Charts on Arthropods – Printable Animal Kingdom Arthropod Charts 

Arthropod Printouts – This is a huge list of arthropod worksheets broken down by type.

Resources to Learn About Arthropods – Are your students ready to learn all about creepy crawlies this year? These free resources to learn about arthropods will go great alongside your creepy crawler unit study.

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