FREE Animals of the African Savanna Printables

May 12, 2020

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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The African Savanna is home to a wide variety of beautiful creatures. The savanna is home to the largest land animal, the elephant. As well as the deadliest snake, the black mamba. The savanna is most popular to herbivores, that feed on the grasses found there. There are over 40 species of hoofed mammals living in the savannas. Your children will love learning about these African savanna animals.

FREE Animals of the African Savanna Printables


My family loves all of the Lion King movies. All of my children were obsessed with them. It really gave them a love for African animals and the African Savanna. African animals are some of their favorite animals to study and learn about. Any place that we visit that has an African exhibit, that is the first place they want to go!

When we visit our local zoo, the African exhibit is the first place they want to stop and see. Since we live in Florida, we also like to visit Animal Kingdom at Disney World. The Kilimanjaro Safari is their favorite ride because it takes them through what looks like a real African savanna to see the animals. We have also taken some amazing free tours with African guides at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. These were very informative, and gave my children a desire to learn even more about African animals. 

Geography and Climate of the African Savanna:

The savanna is a grasslands biome. The largest savanna is located in Africa and covers half of the continent! The Savanna has two seasons: rainy and dry. During the dry season the animals need to move and travel to find water. This is why God created many of them with strong, long legs, or extreme speed. They are also created to be able to sustain and tolerate heat for a very long time. 

The animals that live there dine on the different grasses of varying heights. Since the animals range in size, just like the plants and trees, there is enough food to go around for everyone. Because there are so many grassland animals that live in large herds, there are also many predators. These are the lions, cheetahs, leopards, hyenas, jackals, snakes and large predatory birds.

If you are learning about the continent of Africa in your geography studies you will most likely be learning about its amazing animals. I love finding extra printables to pull out when we are studying something my kids are really interested in. It always makes learning so much more enjoyable for them. Here is a fun round-up of different animal printables your kids can choose from.

FREE Animals of the African Savanna Printables:

Activity Village has lots of African animal themed printables:

Lots of African Animal Colouring Pages

African Animal Complete the Picture Puzzles

African Animal Worksheets

Learn to Draw African Animals 

African Animal Printable Posters

African Savanna animal printables, worksheets and more – Sparkle Box

Homeschool Share has some great free lapbooks and unit studies on different African animals:

Giraffe Lapbook

Zebra Lapbook

Elephant Unit Study and Lapbook

Lion Lapbook Lessons Unit Study 

African Savanna Food WebExploring Nature

Label the African AnimalsEnchanted Learning

Tons of African Animal Printables, Coloring Pages and WorksheetsEnchanted Learning

Printable cut and color African animalsFirst Palette

15 FREE Printable African Savanna Animal CraftsLearn Create Love

FREE Lion King Lapbook to go with the live action movie – Learn in Color

Grab this free The Lion King lapbook! Learn about the animals featured in the movie with these hands-on activities.

Here are some more resources that would go well with a study on African animals:

FREE Resources and Printables on Africa

Preschool Zoo Series: Free Printables and Crafts on African Animals

FREE Story Prompts About a Safari for Young Writers and Pre Writers

FREE Story Prompts About a Safari text with image background of a lion

Websites and articles on African Savanna Animals:

Savanna Habitat Information from The San Diego Zoo – this is an amazing website, that highlights the individual animals of the savanna. You can click on each photograph and it will take you to a page full of information on that specific animal and its classification and facts.

African Animals List with Pictures and FactsActive Wild

Interactive African Savanna and Ecosystem where you can explore the different habitats and animals of the Savanna. DK Find Out

African Savanna Ecosystem information, vocabulary and illustrated ecosystem – National Geographic

List of Savanna Animals with photographs and information – Sciencing

Africam  This was one of the very first webcams that we ever watched together as a family. We would check it at different days and times to see the different animals that would come to the watering hole. We spent an entire summer watching those cameras! It was so much fun. When we first started watching, there was only one webcam at the watering hole, now there are many different locations. 

Free Animals of the African Savanna Printables

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