Free Printables and Worksheets for Learning About Antarctica

May 20, 2021

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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It boggles my mind that the entire continent has no permanent residents. Explore some of these free Antarctica worksheets, the frozen continent.

snowy mountains and a body of water with a white banner and text Free Printables & Worksheets for Learning about Antarctica


I guess, perhaps the nickname “frozen continent” shouldn’t surprise us that no one lives there. No one lives there permanently anyway.

There are about 4,000 people in Antarctica through the “summer” months and 1,000 over the wintertime. Most of these people are researchers, scientists, and ship’s crew.

There have only been 111 babies born in Antarctica, the first being only in 1978 to some Argentine parents.

Needless to say, Antarctica isn’t Alaska where Eskimos and other natives find it home. Penguins – there are a lot of penguins there. My kids thought these facts were really interesting.

Fascinating Facts about Antarctica for Kids

  • Most visitors visit Antarctica from November to March when the sea ice has melted and the days are longer.
  • Antarctica is bigger than the continent of Europe and almost twice the size of Australia.
  • This one is crazy. Can you believe that most of Antarctica is covered in ice that is over 1 mile (1.6 kilometers) in thickness?
  • Antarctica is actually considered a desert because it has such little rain. Who would have thought there was so much ice in a desert?
  • We, humans, are afraid of all that cold. However,  there are some plants and animals that don’t mind it as much and call Antarctica home. Some plants that thrive in the frozen continent are mosses, lichens, and algae. Some animals are  penguins, whales, seals, albatross, and other seabirds.
  • The meaning of the word Antarctica actually means ‘opposite to the north’ in Greek.
  • About 90% of the ice that we can find on the Earth is located in Antarctica.

Antarctica Worksheets

The frozen continent is full of ice and snow all year round. It’s also full of interesting facts kids will enjoy. Add these Antarctica free printables and resources to your lessons on the 7 continents.

Montessori-Inspired Arctic And Antarctic Unit (Hundreds of Resources) – Montessori resources and materials include engaging, fun, and hands-on activities that bring about critical thinking and exploration in kids. Your kids will enjoy hundreds of Montessori-inspired Antarctica resources to choose from.

Antarctica Learning Resources (vocabulary terms and topics) – From fascinating facts about Antarctica to Antarctica vocabulary and weather, this resource includes a great research source. Let your children select a link and write all about the continent of Antarctica.

Antarctic Worksheets

Lesson Plans, Printables, and more all about Antarctica – Did you know that the primary difference between the Arctic and Antarctica is its geographical features? These Antarctica lesson plans will help your kids learn all about what makes the Antarctic a unique continent.

Antarctica Geography

Geographical Information about Antarctica – Learn brief geographical information and fun facts about the continent of Antarctica in your homeschool. Ever heard of an icy desert? That is the major biome in Antarctica – cool right?

About Antarctica: the Frozen Continent at the South Pole – Kids have knowledge about the North Pole, mainly because of Santa Clause. Let’s be honest. Help your learners discover all the wonders found on the continent.

Antarctica Printables

These free printables and worksheets for learning about Antarctica will be a great addition to your geography lessons.

Antarctica Geography Printables  – These printables about Antarctica’s geography will help your students understand the continent’s physical features and livability. These Antarctica free printables include an Antarctica mapping sheet, Antarctica factsheet, Antarctica color page, and Antarctica information sheet.

Printable Physical Features of Antarctica – The physical features of Antarctica are what make this frozen continent unique from all the rest. Download this free printable to learn all about Antarctica’s iceberg, ice-shelf, glaciers and so much more.

Antarctica Worksheet PDFs

Antarctica Unity Study and Resources – Antarctica is a pretty cool continent to learn about, especially since we are unable to visit it. Who doesn’t love a little bit of snow and penguins? This amazing Antarctic Unit resource includes a grammar activity, opposite cards, a reading comprehension, temperature tracking, and more.

Free Printable Antarctic Food Web – Teach your students about the natural interconnections of food webs forming the relationship between organisms in Antarctica.

Antarctica Activities for Preschoolers

Arctic & Antarctic Themed Preschool Printables – Don’t leave your preschoolers out when teaching about Antarctica or other geography lessons for that matter. These free Antarctica printables are specifically for the frozen continent and specifically for your preschooler to enjoy.

Antarctica Wordearch

Antarctica Word Search – As you teach terms and vocabulary all about Antarctica, use this free Antarctica word search as a fun way to review. Kids can review Antarctic terminologies like Shackleton, Amundsen, desolate, desert, glacier, and more.

Antarctica Lapbook

Free Antarctica Lapbook and Free Antarctica Notebooking Page – Download this free Antarctica lap book to help your students record all about Antarctica’s geography, animals, tourism, and explorers. The Antarctica note booking page will help your learners write about the continent.

Antarctica Activities

Use these activities and ideas to learn about the frozen continent alongside your Antarctica lessons.

Montessori-Inspired Antarctica Shelf Activity for Preschoolers – Help your learners to set up a simple Antarctica activity area small enough to fit on a shelf. It may fit on a shelf, yet this Antarctica activity is full of useful information about this cold continent. This is a fun Antarctica craft for preschoolers.

a child using a glue stick for an Antarctica learning activity

Antarctica Cut and Paste Worksheets

Simple  Antarctic Cut-And-Paste Activity – There are real differences between the Arctic and Antarctica that many people don’t know. Your little ones can start learning all about these differences with this cut and paste activity.

Amazing Arctic & Antarctica Activities for Preschoolers – Themed unit studies rock and this resource on Antarctica does not disappoint. From arctic animal crafts to polar region activities, your preschooler is in for hands-on fun.

Antarctica Videos

 Antarctic Songs And Educational Videos – Help your students grasp an understanding of Antarctica’s geography with these fun and simple educational songs and videos. Sing your way to learn all about Antarctica in fun, informative (and even giggly) ways.

Antarctica Virtual Tour with Navigation Map – Take a virtual tour of Antarctica via different hotspots by navigating the locations using interactive maps. Your students can take a 360 degree look around, walk, into buildings historical sites, and more.

Take a Virtual Trip to Antarctica – We may not be able to fly to Antarctica and make snow angels, but we surely can go on Antarctica virtual tour. The next best thing. Explore this site for virtual tours and even ideas in Math, hands-on Science, and geography to add to your Antarctica.

Antarctica Animals

Antarctica: Learning About Penguins – In researching Antarctica, you won’t get far without the mention of penguins. Penguins are only found in the Southern Hemisphere with their greatest concentrations being in Antarctica.

Free Antarctic and Arctic Animals  Preschool Printables Packet – Even your youngest kids can be included in your Antarctica unit study with these Antarctica preschool printables. 

Antarctic animal printable pack of worksheets fun for young students

Antarctica Animals Worksheets

Free Printable on the Life Cycle of a Penguin – Add in a science aspect to your Antarctica unit study by learning all about a penguin’s life cycle. Consequently, my daughter would like to think they live forever since she thinks they are incredibly adorable.

Penguin Printables And Montessori-Inspired Penguin Activities – Add some of these Montessori-inspired penguin-themed printables to your homeschool days as your kids learn about Antarctica. Your kids can enjoy printables in science, literacy, math, art, and more.

Waddling Penguins Color Page – Of course, you won’t want to go away from learning about Antarctica’s penguins without having your kids completed some coloring pages of these precious creatures waddling.

Antarctica Animals Printables

Hands-on Penguin Unit with Penguin-Theme Printables – It’s pretty interesting to think that penguins belong to all cold-weather climates, as we see in the videos and photos online, Yet, they don’t live in the Arctic region but in Antarctica. These hands-on activities will help your kiddos understand facts like that and explore learning about Antarctica with hands-on activities.

Antarctica Penguins & Polar Bears – Scrapbook Activities, Puzzles, Songs, and more – If hands-on fun is what gets your kids motivated to learn about geography, then these Antarctica lesson ideas, songs, puzzles, and more will be a hit with them.

Recommended Resource: Geography Activity Pack

Students will explore every independent country in the world. You’ll also discover the most significant mountains, deserts, rivers, and lakes with this huge Geography Activity Pack.

geography learning activity printables and workbook

Geography Printables

Get the very most out of your geography units with these resources below

Over 1000 Maps of Countries and Continents – is this vision sensory overload? Nope. You read that correctly. Grab over 1,000 free maps of continents and countries for your geography lessons. You will find absolutely any map your children need from all countries and continents.

7 Continents Worksheets – Continents are one of those subjects that lend themselves well to both worksheets and hands-on activities. Load up on these fun worksheets to go alongside your lessons on the 7 continents.

Free Printable Worksheets on Continents and Oceans – Look no further for continent and oceans resources that are both informative and fun. Your students can explore continents in easy, fun, and interesting ways. 

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