Character Training & Bible Resources for Homeschoolers

FREE Bible & Character Training Resources and freebies. Some of them are time sensitive, be sure to watch for old posts and specials that have expired.

FREE Downloadable Gratitude Bible Study for Kids


This free Gratitude Bible Study for kids is exactly what they need in a season full of materialism. It is not bad to have things, but it isn’t OK to not appreciate the things God has blessed you with. There some families that we have met throughout the years, the difference between how they brought […]

Teach Gratitude with a Thanksgiving Tree


I love this idea! This year can be the first year your family makes a Thanksgiving Tree to practice and learn about gratitude. The tree of gratitude will give your family a visual picture of your family’s many blessings. Sometimes it’s easy for us to forget everything that God has brought us from, everything God […]

FREE Printable Responsibility Chart

Printable Responsibility Chart

With all the freedom that comes with homeschooling, it’s valuable to incorporate some structure into your home to help your child learn skills like time management and responsibility. A great way to do this is by using our daily responsibility chart from Alpha Omega Publications.  Fill out the printable chart below with some tasks you […]

Learning About Missionaries FREE Printables and Resources


Learning about missionaries is a great way to teach our children about different cultures and people in our world. Missionary stories are also an amazing way to teach our children about God’s provision and protection. They will be fascinated with the stories of regular people just like us, stepping outside of their comfort zone and going […]

FREE Bible Charade Game Printables


If your family enjoys game night now and again, they will love this fun interactive Bible charades game. Bible charades will help you teach your kids God’s Word while making family quality time fun. This post has combined the best resources for bible study into one amazing download your kids will ask to play over […]

Encouraging Spiritual Habits in Your Kids


If you have been struggling with encouraging spiritual habits in your kids, then you will wove these ideas to help you out. We can go to church every Sunday and talk about Jesus all day. However, unless we are intentional about our children’s spiritual walk towards Christ, habits of a God fearing life won’t be […]

FREE Thanksgiving Bible Study for Families


Thanksgiving is the perfect time to read the Bible together as a family. Let’s make it easy for your kids to learn what God says about giving thanks with this free Thanksgiving Bible study. To help you focus on thanksgiving, there are Thanksgiving Bible verses you can read as a family. This study is for everyone…parents, teens and […]

Awesome Activities for Learning the Books of the Bible


These fun books of the Bible activities for children will help love learning more about God’s good Word. Your kids will learn about the structure of all 66 books of the Bible. Fun and learning God’s Word can go together in any lesson. These activities also teach the genres, dates written, authors, and themes of […]

3 Questions to Ask Christian Kids when Disciplining Them


These 3 questions will help you discipline your kids while training them in the way they should go. I have been trying to put God’s Word into practice in my home. It simply isn’t enough to tell our kids that what they did is wrong or bad. The most important thing we should guide them […]

7 Tips for Teaching Kids Gratefulness


Being intentional about teaching your child to be grateful is necessary. I always thought it was super hard to “teach” a child character. If we leaned towards spoiling our child while they were young, then training them in the way they should go later on is hard. Learning academics seems much easier than teaching a […]