Free Printable Bible Studies for All Ages

May 18, 2021

Sara Dennis

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Thankfully today, many of us live where we can find free bible study lessons for various ages from children to teens to adults. Sometimes we need to teach God’s Word to the whole family together, and these free printable Bible studies for all ages can help. So, if you are on the hunt for printable Bible study lessons, you’ve come to the right place. 

Free Bible Studies for All Ages text with image of kids all sitting in a circle with Bibles out

Family Bible Study Time

Here’s the truth. Whenever my husband and I do a Bible study lesson with our kids, we also get something out of the Bible study — without even realizing it.

We are set to teach our kids something, yet God’s Word is true for us all. Whether we are all familiar with the Bible or just starting out, we can all learn.

So, doing a Bible study with your kids will not come out void. God’s Word is faithful and sovereign and loving. He is faithful to complete the work He started. Perhaps your teaching method just needs to be adjusted somewhat to be able to include everyone in during bible study lessons. You can even use printable Bible study lessons that can be used by multiple members of your family.

Studying God’s Word with my teenager is completely different from studying it with my high-energy 11-year-old.

Answering Tough Bible Questions

My daughter is almost 15 and is curious and questioning. Our talks are in-depth, and we often have to go to many sources for reference. We often go to, by the way.

It has helped us so much to answer the tough questions, and she can go there on her own as well for questions she may feel she can’t ask me (it happens). is the teen version of These sites just rock for my family, and I personally recommend them. (Note: This is not a direct opinion from Homeschool Giveaways.)

Studying the Bible as a Family

As much as one-on-one Bible study is extremely beneficial for kids, Bible study with them all at once is helpful as well. They learn from each other. They help each other.

One thing to watch out for is to never ever allow one child to make another child feel foolish for asking a question or for anything shared in Bible study. This is important in family life in general, but the emotional and spiritual harm of it happening in family Bible study can be catastrophic. Everyone must feel equally involved and respected. 

It is an all-around blessing. However, sometimes it is difficult for parents to think about how they will start studying God’s Word with very different kids. You think it will be too challenging.

We get it. Can I dare tell you that you can “do” Bible study with your kids together – no matter what age they are! Your methods just have to be adjusted somewhat.

Effective Bible Study Methods

Check out some ideas of how to have effective Bible study with multiple ages, which IS worth the effort (even if it doesn’t seem so at first).

Make a Bible Study Plan

When going through your Bible studies, make sure you write questions enough for each child to answer.

List your questions out, and be prepared for all kids to participate. If one child is high-energy, let them be. It’s OK. Get up for a quick stretch if you would like. Adjust and make this a stress-free time. Planning helps with that.

While older kids are reading, younger kids can be coloring a sheet based on the lesson or working on a printable Bible study lesson that goes along with what you are learning about. 

Be prepared. Study the Word prior to doing it with your kids,  or it may be difficult for you to keep the Bible study running smoothly.

Bible Discussion Time

Ask older kids open-ended questions. Younger siblings can answer true or false questions, chapter details, or, “What do you think about this?” questions.

Be intentional about listening to and encouraging all the kids to listen, no matter the question or response. Even let older kids answer questions asked by younger kids. After all, you are training them in the way they should go.

Being ready to defend their faith and answer from Scripture is something they will build when you allow them to take a shot at an answer. They should also get the opportunity to read the passages as well, as much as possible. Allow each child a turn to speak.

Free Bible Study Journal Questions from the Gospels – This free Bible Study unit includes 52 questions that are great questions for the entire family to discuss. 

10 Reasons Talking with your Kids About the Bible Is Important – If you’re looking for encouragement to start talking about the Bible with your kids, then you need to read this point. It doesn’t stop there. You’re also given a great place to start working through Bible text with your kids so they can also understand why studying the Bible is important.

Free Bible Study Questions to Answer for Kids – The free printable offers some wonderful questions to use as a starting point for discussing the bible with your kids. These are great questions to sue for your whole family, especially younger children. Amy also shares some of her favorite Bible curricula through the years.

Visual Aids

All students do well with being engaged in various modes and methods. Real-life examples that go alongside a Biblical reading help them to make connections at any age.

Visual aids are great for any student and help them remember the context of the Bible study text in Scripture.

Reenact Bible Lessons

Not all of your kids will enjoy this, but working together to represent what they understand from the Scripture will open up avenues of discussion.

Acting out what they understand will also help them remember what they are learning. It’s also loads of fun.

Use Bible Games

Timed games work well with multiple age groups. So use challenges and games they can do in groups or just make it a timed challenge.

The Belt Of Truth Game For Kids (Times Games/Challenges) – Are you teaching your children about the Armor of God? Then you’ll love playing this fun Belt of Truth game with your kids.

5 Fun Bible Activities For Kids – You’ll find 5 fun Bible activities you can do with your whole family. Plus, these activities don’t require fancy equipment!

Books of the Bible Go Fish – Do you want your kids to learn all the Books of the Bible? Here’s a fun game to get you started!

Plan a Good Time

Put your kids to bed early to make sure they are ready for homeschooling/Bible study. Do it once a week if you can’t do it more, but do it at a time when they all can focus. Right before bedtime may not be best for all families, but Tuesdays at 6 may be.

Bible Translations/Versions

Using different Bible versions may be difficult for your kids to follow along, so if you have to print out the same version or have it on the laptop for all to read, then do that.

Using easy-read versions of the Bible or gearing the reading level toward the middle child’s comprehension level is fair. This allows kids to understand and make learning God’s Word simple and graspable.

Plan for the Youngest Family Members

Make sure you have LEGOs out, coloring pages ready, journaling pages handy. Allow them to doodle if they come in and out of the study.

If you have a playpen for your babies or toddlers, use it! Pull it close to your other kids and let them be around because they will also be participating one day.

Short & Sweet Bible Lessons

Keep it simple, keep it informative and engaging, and high tail out of there. We don’t need long-drawn-out Bible study lessons for them to be effective. This brings me to my next tip.

Supplies: Bible Journaling Pens, Prayer Journals, Notebooks & More

Here are some helpful Bible journaling and checklists that you can use to create a Bible study notebook. 

Free Bible Study Journaling Pages – If you’re looking for something different from a Bible curriculum, these Bible Study Journaling Pages may be what you’re looking for. Some are good for basic Bible study while others have a theme.

Bible Character Free Profile Sheet – Are you studying Bible stories with your young children? Then you’ll love these Bible character profile sheets. Your child can draw a picture, jot some notes, or reflect upon what they’ve learned.

Free Inductive Bible Study Samples – If you’re looking for a Bible curriculum that offers more than just fluff, then you’ll want to check out these meaty lesson plans that encourage kids to reflect.

Bible Reading Checklist Bookmark Free Printable –There are two versions of these bookmarks: a bookmark with the Old Testament books and a bookmark with the New Testament books. Print these bookmarks on sturdy card stock so you can easily keep track of which books of the Bible you’ve read.

Free Printable Bible Timeline Cards – Have you wanted to include timeline work into your family Bible study time? These timeline cards are perfect for having kids put the stories in chronological order.

Bible Characters Puzzles & Activities Free – This printable pack offers different activities for you to review 12 people from the Bible.

Free Bible Story Printables for Early Elementary – This is a great group of beginner student pages for early elementary kids who are learning Bible Stories from the Old Testament.

How to Study the Bible with Your Kids – Do you know how to study the Bible with your kids? What do you say if a child asks questions that you don’t know the answer to? Read this post and find out!

Scripture Study with Ben (free printable study tool) – This printable is a Scripture word study. First, you choose a verse to cover with your child. They define some of the words in the verse before paraphrasing the verse in their own words. Finally, the kids are asked to apply the verse to their own lives. This is a great study tool to use in your homeschool!

Record What You Learn from Bible Time

Task kids to record what they have learned from the Bible study lesson. While younger kids draw a picture or artwork, older kids can create a drawing, be tasked to do something, make a mind map, or summarize the lesson.

This keeps the information fresh on their minds and provides you with insight into what they have gleaned from the Bible study.

Continuous Review of Bible Lessons

This is good for all of you. You will be amazed how your kids take what they have learned and work it out in everyday experiences. They could also have questions and need a refresher because it is important to remember.

Free Bible Studies for All Ages

Explore these free printable Bible study lessons for studies you can use with all ages.

Birth of Jesus Bible Lessons for All Ages – These lessons allow kids of all ages to study the Bible together. Young students use a traceable book while older students do their own work.

Free Bible Study Lessons for All Kids – This series of free Bible lessons have something for everyone. You’ll find lessons for kids, teens, and adults.

Multi-Age Bible Studies for Kids & Families (Some not free) – This is a list of multi-age Bible studies you can consider for your entire family. Many are designed to be used with everyone from preschool through adults.

How To Teach Multi-Age Sunday School – You’ll find some wonderful ideas on how to teach multi-age kids’ Sunday School lessons. These tips also work beautifully for families as well.

130 – Page Bible Study Tool Kit – This book is a crash course that will teach you how to help your kids learn and love the Bible.

List of Free Bible Curriculum and Lessons for Kids – Are you looking for a Bible curriculum for your children? Then this list is for you! Not only will you find a list of Bible curriculum, but you’ll also see the ages each curriculum is designed for. Some are great for younger kids, some are perfect for older kids, and some can be used by kids in grades K-12.

Also, try the Bible and Character Studies from Daily Skill Building for all your students/ children to get the very most out of your Bible studies, including Learning About Biblical Feasts – A Study Guide to the Feasts of the Bible for Children & Families


Learning About Biblical Feasts worksheets and workbook for kids

Family Bible Study Time

Family Bible Study Time is important. You set the example and habits your children will experience their whole life. So, if you’d like your children to spend time every day in prayer and reading the Bible, now is the time to start. These various printable Bible study lessons will play an important role in your children’s spiritual development.

Personal Bible Study Time for the Whole Family – Are you looking for some personal Bible study ideas for your family? Here are some great ideas of different Bible study curriculum you can be used with kids of all ages.

Family Bible Study Through James – This resource walks your family through the book of James and has ideas for teaching all grade levels.

Jonah Bible Study for the Whole Family – This Jonah Bible Study is a great study for the whole family. Especially as the story of Jonah doesn’t end with him leaving the whale’s stomach on the beach.

Free Family Bible Study – This free family Bible lesson will help you enjoy a family Bible study together. At the same time, you’ll be laying a foundation for your children’s independent study time and for them to spend time with God.

Whole Family Free Bible Study Guide – This guide gives you tips on how to enjoy a family Bible study. You’ll find ideas like keeping your little children’s hands busy, giving everyone time to talk, reviewing, and more!

Family Bible Studies that Reach the Hearts of Kids – You’ll find a wealth of resources to help you find and develop a family Bible study.

Free Bible Study – Creating a Life-Giving Family Culture – What type of family culture are you giving your kids? This free Bible study helps you develop the best family ever. It also includes resources for four different levels from parents, primary kids (ages 4-7), junior (ages 8-12), and teens (ages 12+).

a child crying and holding their face with image text

Family Bible Study with Young Children

Have you thought about starting a family Bible study with your whole family even though you have very young children? Let me assure you, there’s no better time to start. Use an easy version of the Bible that everyone in the family can understand and beginner student pages. You’ll be amazed how much all your children get out of the primary level lessons.

Getting Your Kids in the Word: Bible Study Resources for Little Ones & Youth – You’ll find some great resources for preschoolers and young children.

Why Teaching Your Young Children to Love the Bible is Important – Are you worried about your kids leaving the faith as they grow older? Here are some great reasons why you should be teaching your young children to love the Bible today.

God is With Me Bible Study and More Free PDF Most of the information you’ll find is for children ages 3 or 4 and up. This website includes tips on starting a Bible study with toddlers as well as older kids.

10 Days of Character Bible Studies – These 10 days of character study are a wonderful study to do with your whole family, especially preschool and elementary-aged kids. You’ll read stories, discuss character traits, and give out stickers for kids caught making good decisions.

Bible Study Time with Older Children

Older children are ready for a more in-depth version of the Bible. But at the same time, you’ll still want to use intermediate student pages that are not too difficult for them to understand. These free printable Bible study lessons are perfect for children who are reading easily.

Free Real Bible Study Book – This is a great Bible study for a parent and older child to do together. Kids copy the verses and highlight keywords in the story.

Free Printable Bible Studies for Kids – Free printable Bible study lessons for your children to help them reflect upon the Holy Spirit. Hopefully, in time you will see the fruit of the spirit in your kids.

Starting Your Homeschool Day off with Devotions – Sometimes the hardest part of starting a study of the Bible with your kids is knowing when to sit down together. Here are some great reasons why you should start your homeschool day with devotions before you sit down to study math.

Transform Your Homeschool By Doing this First Thing in the Morning – Does your homeschool need a transformation? Here’s why you and your children should spend time with God and reading the Bible in the morning.

Free Study – Ecclesiastes Schedule & Notebook Page – You’ll find a schedule for covering a chapter of Ecclesiastes each day. There’s also a notebook page for you to use as well.

Bible Study for Teenagers

Teenagers are ready for advanced level material as they reflect upon God’s word. These links provide advanced student pages at a level appropriate for this age group.

Bible Study Tools for Older Students – Are you struggling to help your older kids start studying the Bible? Then you’ll love these free tools for teenagers.

Selah Bible Study Method + a Free Printable – The Selah method is a great method of Bible study to teach your older kids. Standing for Sit, Engage, Listen, Apply, and Heart – the Selah method will enrich your understanding of the Bible.

Free Fruit of the Spirit Bible Study Printable PDF Worksheets – You’ll find a collection of Bible studies for teenagers. These studies include lessons on the Beatitudes, Proverbs, and more.

Book of Matthew Free Online Bible Study – Learn about the book of Matthew with your teens using this series of free videos.

Psalm 17:8 Free Bible Study Apple of His Eye – Dig deeper into the Bible with this free study to discover who and whose you are!

Free Bible Study Printables and Worksheets – This is a great collection of free printable Bible study lessons and worksheets for you and your teenagers to use.

You have an amazing opportunity to teach your kids God’s Word. You know we must answer to God what we have done with His name. We have an obligation as parents/teachers to plant seeds and to water, so God can bring the increase.

On the Creative Bible Study website they have a saying that I will leave you with:

Just like the dandelion seeds being carried off by the wind, the seeds of God’s Word should be carried through our lives to others.

Free Bible Studies for All Ages text with image of kids all sitting in a circle with Bibles out

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