NEW Teen Bible Class to Grow Bible Literacy

July 12, 2021

Abby Banks

Abby Banks

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Are you homeschooling older kids this coming year and looking for a teen Bible class option that challenges and equips students in Bible literacy? If so, then check out how the Gospel of John Class is different from other options out there.


Bible Literacy Is Important

Many Bible resources and curriculum for homeschooled teens fall into one of several categories. Either, they’re highly focused on memorization and factual knowledge. Or, they’re hyper focused on application and behavior modification. Both of these foundations can be a slippery slope for the Christian homeschooler.

First, our teens have likely spent years and years learning the Bible stories, characters, and the basic chronology of Scripture. This is important! We all need to know the overarching story and how the smaller stories fit into the larger narrative of the Bible. We all need to know that Jesus is the hero of every story, and that all of Scripture points to Him.

However, if we stop there with our teenager’s discipleship, they will lack the mature life skills of reading and understanding the Bible for themselves. They might look at the Christian faith as shallow, not because it is, but because we’ve presented it that way. While expecting them to do hard things in subjects like math, science, and history, we’ve kept their Bible education at merely memorizing facts and stories.

Studying Scripture in Context

The other poor approach to teaching our teen the Bible is to moralize every story, make every passage about changing their teenage behavior and showing its relevance to their life – right here and right now. Of course the Bible is relevant and applicable to us all, but this approach misses the role of the Holy Spirit in growing our Christian kids in their sanctification.

It also misses the point that all Scripture is profitable, but we need to study to show ourselves approved workmen. In other words, our Bible curriculum or Bible study material should not immediately jump to application. That’s missing the hard work of interpretation – what does it mean? And maybe it doesn’t apply to my life the way I initially thought!

In short, we need to teach our teens how to study Scripture in context – not just cherry-pick verses to fit a point.

So, with these thoughts in mind, you may be asking yourself – “what options to I have for middle and high school Bible class anyway?”

Online Gospel of John Class for Teens

So glad you asked! And I hope you’ll be delighted to learn of a new online Bible class launching August 30, 2021, for homeschool students in grades 7-12.

Bible study and coffee on table

Your teenagers can move deeper into studying the Bible. In this online group class through chapters 1-12 in the Gospel of John, your teens will learn how to use the inductive method to systematically observe, interpret, and apply the text.

Students will have easy-to-follow independent study each week from Monday through Thursday through the text of the Gospel of John. Then on Fridays, we’ll meet online to ask questions, go over our work, and learn how to apply the text. Many teens will appreciate the accountability and flexible nature of this hybrid course!

And best of all, you can enjoy family pricing – that means for one low price, you can have multiple members of your immediate family enrolled in the class and benefiting from the study.

An inductive study through John 1-12 will give your teens these benefits. They will:

  • move past simply memorizing facts
  • see the importance of context
  • appreciate how the whole book is connected through repeated key words and themes
  • learn the life skill of reading and interpreting the Bible
  • grow in Bible literacy
  • appreciate deep study

Don’t delay in registering for this online teen Bible class!

Learn More + Bible Freebies

You may be surprised to learn that inductive Bible study supports active learning. And if you’re using a Charlotte Mason approach in your homeschool, the inductive method fits very nicely into that educational philosophy. 

Even young children can learn the inductive method. If you want to introduce your kids in grades K-4 to the inductive method of Bible study, you can check out these Bible resources:

Your older kids in grades 5-12 can study independently through a whole book of the Bible using the inductive method. Check out the James or Jonah & Nahum Self Study Workbooks. If you’re looking for a short daily video lesson to help your students through the study, then consider the Video Courses.

Finally, download our FREE samples to give the studies a try without a big commitment! And we hope to see your teens in the Gospel of John Inductive Bible Study Class this fall!

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