Great Deals on Bible Curriculum for Next Year

March 22, 2021

Abby Banks

Abby Banks

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Are you looking for great deals on Bible curriculum for your next homeschool year? Then this post will give you a cost-effective way to download Bible resources for your whole family.

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Homeschool Bible Resources

What do you normally use for your homeschool Bible curriculum?

In the younger years, you probably have the goal of giving your elementary-aged kids a complete overview of the Biblical story. You want them to know the main characters, the most famous Bible stories, and the Gospel itself.

Your older elementary kids are likely learning chronology and a timeline when they study the Bible. Many times, our study of ancient history dovetails nicely with Bible history and makes it all come together in the minds of our kids. Did you know that Jonah was living around the same time as the very first Olympic Games? We learned that when using Mystery of History many years ago in our homeschool.

You probably include Scripture memory, catechism, and doctrinal study in your homeschool. This is part of the discipleship process with our kids.

Have you considered challenging your middle and high schoolers with an inductive Bible study? Our teens can learn to deep dive into a whole book of the Bible, studying it paragraph by paragraph until they have a complete understanding of the book. We tend to challenge our older kids in the sciences and mathematics courses they take. But sometimes we sadly keep expectations low when it comes to the study of theology and the Bible.

And finally, it’s great to break away from the traditional boxed Bible curriculum that is more suited to a Christian school classroom than a homeschool. Maybe your family would like to study the same book of the Bible together this year – and use the Bible as your textbook!

Bible Curriculum Deals

Whatever your goals and needs are for the upcoming school year, you know that this time of year is abounding with curriculum deals and sales.

Check out the Christian Living Bundle from Ultimate Bundles. This sale is a limited-time opportunity to grab some really great Bible curriculum deals for your homeschool.

The sale is live from March 22-26, 2021. Here’s an overview of what you get in the bundle. 

  • Price: $29.99 + $10 Cheat Sheets 
  • Value: 50 products worth $1182.78 
  • Contents: 8 eBooks, 17 eCourses, 13 Printables, & 12 Workbooks 

Why buy a bundle like the Christian Living Bundle?

If you look through the products and find at least one or two that you would definitely use, the bundle price is usually cheaper than buying the products separately. If you find more than a few that you like, the bundle is an extreme deal! These items have an average price of $23, which means grabbing the entire bundle for only $29.99 is a steal! Especially if it provides enough Bible curriculum for your family’s needs.

Here are some specific ideas of how you can use these resources in your homeschool.

Homeschool Bible Curriculum for K-12

Here are just a few of the resources that jumped out at me as being great options to use in your homeschool.

Your youngest kids will enjoy The Good Gospel: An A-Z Bible Resource for Young Children by Jennifer Pepito. It’s a full 26 weeks long, which means you could use this as your kindergarten or first grade Bible curriculum. The lessons include verses, crafts, Bible stories, and more.

Sara Jordan’s Miracles and Parables: Read and Color Stories from the New Testament would give your younger kids a great overview of the life of Christ. This resource comes in the format of printable storybooks. It’s a great way for your beginning readers to get practice as well.

The Kids Bible Reading Plans: Strong Faith Series by Jennifer Thorson is perfect for kids ages 5-12. Older children can write devotional notes while they study through a portion of Scripture.

You could use the Scripture Graces: Scripture Memory Toolkit by Victoria Osborn to help your children (and yourself!) memorize the entire passage of John 1:1-18.

The Bible Study Planner and Workbook by Melissa Tumino provides over 189 pages of tools and printables. They will help your kids study through sections of Scripture, memorize specific passages, do a topical Bible study, and more.

The Psalm 23: Study Journal by Sarah at BibleBaton will give you the framework and printables you need to help lead your kids through a study of the Shepherd’s Psalm.

James: Self Study Workbook for Inductive Bible Study by Abby Banks is written for use by homeschool students in grades 5-12. Your student will study through the entire book of James, learning how to observe, interpret, and apply the text. Suggested schedules and optional projects can bring this course legitimate credit on the homeschool high school transcript. Or, consider using it as a family during morning time with a slower pace like Gena from Music in Our Homeschool did with her family. With that flexible schedule, you could take almost a whole school year to meditate on and study through the book of James.

Bible Resources for Moms

While there are dozens of resources you can use in your homeschool, there are also dozens more that are geared specifically toward women and mothers.

Here are a few you may be interested in:

If you are interested in the Christian Living Bundle, don’t delay in checking it out! Because it won’t last forever. Sale ends 3/26/21.

The Ultimate Christian living Bundle

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