Free Printable Shapes for Coloring, Tracing, & Cutting

July 13, 2022

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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If you have preschoolers, they may be ready to learn about different shapes in your early learning curriculum. Using printable shapes is a great way to help your children to work on their fine motor skills while tracing, coloring and cutting them out.

printable shapes worksheets

Printable Shapes

Shapes can be introduced to young children and early learners in a fun way with shapes worksheets and activity packs to help with early math skills. The common shape is introduced in preschool with more difficult shapes being introduced to kindergarten students.

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How many basic shapes are there?

There are 10 basic shapes: circle, oval, triangle, rhombus, square, rectangle, trapezoid, pentagon, hexagon and octagon.

Ways to Use Printable Shapes

There are lots of ways you can use printable shapes with your young kids to teach them about the different kinds of shapes.

Check out these following activities for some shape learning fun:

  • Print out the shapes in different colors and hide them around the house. Call out the shape names then have your children go on a shape hunt to find the shape that you just called out.
  • Have your child trace the printable shape with their fingers. They can try to recreate it on a separate piece of paper or a large chalkboard. Make sure you start with simple shapes then move on up.
  • Give them activity packs and free printable shapes worksheets to have them practice what they are learning about shapes.
  • Use shape flash cards to drill and play games with.
  • Have your child create their own book of shapes. They can cut and paste their favorite shapes into the book using free shape printables.
  • Practice cutting shapes out of different colors of construction paper, then line them up and sort them with the matching shapes.

Shapes To Teach Your Child

  1. First, teach basic shapes: circle, oval, triangle, square, rectangle, and diamond.
  2. Teach more advanced shapes: star, heart, crescent, cross, semi-circle, and an arrow.
  3. Lastly, teach more difficult shapes: parallelogram, trapezoid, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, and the octagon.

Printable Shapes PDF Download

Be sure to scroll down to get access to our free printable shapes activity pack. Included are the following printable shapes: circle, square, rectangle, oval, triangle, star, and hexagon. Kids will have fun coloring the shapes, as well as tracing shape names, and cutting the printable shapes.

Printable Shapes Activity Pack

Printable Shapes

Using free shapes printables is a great way to teach shape recognition especially to a visual learner. Your kids will love seeing the fun shapes then practicing drawing, tracing, coloring and cutting them out with a printable shapes worksheet.

Printable Shapes Worksheets for Kids, text overlay with multiple overlapping hexagonal shapes in various colors.

Printable Shapes to Color

Kids love cute coloring pages! These simple shapes coloring pages are great to use for crafts. Your children can color shapes, decorate them and use them as printable templates.

Learn what a circle is by coloring multiple circles in fun colors to create a colorful circle shaped caterpillar.

Work on learning the basic shapes with this adorable shape butterfly coloring page. Color the shapes different colors to create a colorful butterfly.

This house coloring page has all of the common shapes in a fun scene to color in. Have your children call out the names of the shapes as they are coloring them.

These easy no prep shapes coloring pages are simple to use and will also help your kids learn the shape word as they are coloring them.

Printable Shapes to Cut and Paste

Cut and paste worksheets are a lot of fun for young learners. Cut out the cute bug shapes and paste them to the correct bugs and make a match.

A cut and paste shape sorting worksheet will help your kids match real life objects to basic shapes.

Let your little ones practice cutting out geometric shapes and pasting them to create their own shape artwork.

Practice shape recognition by cutting out the shapes and pasting them next to the matching shape on the cut and paste shape worksheet.

These shape tracing and cutting printable worksheets will help your children learn their shapes while working on their fine motor skills at the same time.

Shapes to Trace

Tracing worksheets are great to build fine motor skills. If you are teaching your little one their shapes, download some printable shapes they can trace.

Teach your children to learn about shapes and give them some extra shape recognition practice with these free shape tracing worksheets. Your kids will learn how to recognize the shape words while they trace and draw a triangle, oval, circle, star, diamond, heart, square, rectangle, pentagon and octagon.

Matching Shape Tracing Worksheets

Using a matching games printable is a fun way to practice learning shapes.

These shape tracing worksheets for kindergarten will help your kids to recognize shapes as they trace and match them.

Ready to go shape activities are great for shape recognition, matching, tracing and shape cutting practice.

Trace the line to match the shape flowers then trace them to the other side and color them in.

Trace and match the missing half of the shapes from one side of the paper to the other.

Complete 6 different activities such as: tracing, dotting, matching, tracing, writing and completing the shapes with these shape activity worksheets.

Free Printable Shapes Activity Pack

Included are five different printable shapes worksheets: Circle, Square, Rectangle, Oval, Triangle, Star, Hexagon. You can also trace the name of each shape. Kids will have fun drawing them and coloring them. Also included is a cut out template for each shape.

Printable Shapes Activity Pack

In Conclusion:

Working on shape activities with your children is so much fun. Giving your children shape activities will strengthen their fine motor skills and increase their memory skills at the same.

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