Letter M Worksheets and Printable Alphabet Activities

March 31, 2022

Sara Dennis

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If you’re looking for some letter M worksheets to use with your early learning, then you’ve come to the right spot. You’ll find a wonderful selection of worksheets along with marvelous ideas for introducing the letter M to your child.

Letter M Worksheets and Printable Activities for Learning the Alphabet


Letter M Teaching Ideas

When you begin teaching your child about the letter M, start by giving your child words that begin with the letter M. You can chant these words, use them in simple sentences, or post pictures of them on the fridge.

Here’s a list to get you started.

M is for…

  • Mouse
  • Mountains
  • Moon
  • Muscle
  • Moose
  • Mushroom
  • Moon

Hands-On Letter M Activities

Pull out your magnetic letters and make sure that the M is front and center. When you’re working in the kitchen, encourage your child to search the fridge for the letter M and bring it to you.

Draw a large letter M in the middle of a piece of paper that you can tape to your refrigerator. Your child can thumb through magazines to cut out pictures of objects that begin with the letter M. Tape these pictures around the letter M you have posted on your fridge.

Pour some flour onto a cookie sheet and have your kid use their finger to draw the letter M in the flour. 

Make sugar cookies and use a toothpick to draw a letter M on each cookie before you bake it.

Free Letter M Printable Worksheets

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to gain access to our free letter M printable worksheets that includes: letter M coloring page, letter M tracing page that can also be colored, and a printable letter M poster that can be laminated for a wall chart. Also included is a find the letter M worksheet and do a dot printables.

letter M worksheets

Letter M Worksheets

These letter M printables are an excellent resource to supplement your study of the letter M. Download the pdf files and print them up. Use these worksheets as a part of your morning time or to entertain and educate your child on long road trips.

Letter M Tracing Worksheets

Tracing worksheets are perfect for helping your kids develop their fine motor skills. Tracing is also a great way for your children to get extra practice with proper letter formation as well.

Free Letter M Tracing Worksheets | You have a choice between a letter M tracing worksheet that includes dotted lines and one that does not. These sheets include an adorable monster on the page.

Tracing the Letter Mm | Trace the letter M practicing both the uppercase and lowercase letter m.

Letter Tracing Worksheets (Letters K – T) | You’ll find practice sheets for letters from K – T including the uppercase and lowercase M.

Letter M Recognition Worksheets

These printable letter M worksheets focus on having young learners practice letter recognition. Kids can start filling in missing letters or hunt for the letter M when it’s mixed among other letters of the alphabet.

Letter M Recognition Worksheet | Fill in the missing letter in these letter M words. Your kindergarten students will get practice recognizing the letter M as well as learning to read simple words.

Letter Recognition & Phonics Worksheet – M (Uppercase) | This colorful printable worksheet gives younger children practice searching for the uppercase m.

Letter M Recognition Worksheet | Instead of a word search, have your young children search for the upper case and lower case m. It’s a fun way to help your kids master recognizing the letter M when it appears in a group of other letters of the alphabet.

Letter M Phonics Worksheets

After children are able to recognize the letter M, it’s time to begin focusing on letter sounds. You can begin with these alphabet worksheets that will introduce your early learners to the M sound. 

Phonics and Phonemic Awareness: Letter M | This webpage includes several different letter M activities you can use to introduce phonics and phonemic awareness to your children.

Free Beginning Sounds Worksheet – Letter M | This printable worksheet has your children color pictures of words that begin with the letter M such as mitten and mouse.

Free Letter M Phonics Worksheet – Beginning Sounds | This amazing letter M phonics sheet includes tracing as well as pictures of letter M words.

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Preschool worksheets for letter learning

Letter M Cut and Paste Worksheets

Cut and paste worksheets are tons of fun for kids. They get to play with scissors and glue, all while learning about the letter M. These free printables will give your child different ways to cut, paste, and learn.

Trace, Cut and Paste Letter M Worksheet | First your child can trace the capital letter M along with the lower case letter M. Then they will cut out pictures of objects beginning with the letter M and paste the pictures on the worksheet.

Letter M Cut and Paste Activity Worksheet | This worksheet has your child cutting out uppercase letters and lowercase letters to sort them into capital M and lowercase letter M.

Letter M Final Consonant Deletion Cut and Paste | Your child will get an opportunity to work on words where M is the final sound instead of the beginning sound. They’ll love these 4 cut and paste activities.

Letter M Find the Letter Worksheets

These free printables focus on having your children find the letter M when it’s hidden. It might be next to another letter of the alphabet or hidden in the middle. It’s a fun way to master the letter M!

Find the Letter M Worksheet | M is for Mouse! This letter search will have your child coloring all the uppercase and lowercase letter m your child can find.

Find the Letter M Worksheet | Hand your child some dot markers and let them search for the letter M wherever they can find it.

M Is For Mayflower: Find the Letter Worksheet | See how many Ms your child can find as they complete this printable worksheet.

Letter M Missing Letter Worksheets

This set of letter M worksheets focuses on having your child fill in the missing letters. These could be missing letters in words or missing letters of the alphabet. 

Fill In the Missing Letter | Fill in the missing letter M at the beginning of these letter M words. 

Missing Letter Worksheets | Help your child master the English alphabet by filling in the missing letters on these practice pages.

Write the Missing Beginning Letter | Your kids will love this colorful worksheet that has children fill in the missing beginning letter. It focuses on 5 different letters such as P, C, and M.

Letter M Matching Worksheets

These letter matching worksheets have your children match either the beginning letter sound to the appropriate picture or match the capital letters to the lowercase letters.

Picture Letter Match: Letter M Worksheet | Match the letter that matches the beginning letter sound of the pictures. Your kids will love this simple worksheet.

Letter Sound Matching Activity Sheets: M – N – O | Match the letter sound to the appropriate picture. Your child will love these worksheets.

Uppercase & Lowercase Matching Worksheet: Letters M to P | Help your child master the alphabet by having them match the uppercase letter to the lowercase letter.

Letter M Coloring Pages

Grab your coloring supplies and get ready to color these fun coloring pages. You’ll find detailed pictures for the letter M as well as simple pictures.

Letter M Coloring Pages | You’ll find a wonderful selection of coloring pages to print as use with your children from M is for mother, M is for mouse, all the way to M is for mountain!

Letter M Coloring Pages | These coloring pages encourage your child to color the letter Ms that are located on the page. It’s a great addition to your letter of the week program.

Letter M Coloring Pages | This selection of coloring pages include M is for moose, M is for monster, and M is for monkey. Your kids will find a picture that they want to color here.

Letter Activities for the Letter M

Educational activities are a great way to round out your study of the letter M. You can make a mouse craft or enjoy printable activities as a small group.

Letter M Activities and Crafts | You’ll find a lovely selection of ideas you can use to supplement your study of the letter M. 

Letter M Activities and Fun Ideas for Kids | Make masks, macaroni necklaces, or try marble art. You’ll find a plethora of marvelous ideas for studying the letters M.

Easy Paper Mouse Craft | Don’t forget to make this easy paper mouse craft with your kids as well. They’ll love decorating your house with these adorable creatures.

Letter M Dot Marker Printables

Dot marker printables are tons of fun for young children. They can plaster the pages with dots, scribble with crayons, or glue buttons to the sheets. Whatever you use for decorating, your kids will love these printables.

Free Letter M Do-A-Dot Printables Uppercase and Lowercase | These simple do-a-dot printables focus on the uppercase and lowercase letter M.

Letter M “10 Free Dot Marker Coloring Pages” | You’ll find a nice variety of pages in this set of dot marker coloring pages that focus on the letter M such as a capital M and a picture of the moon.

Letter M Dot Painting | Pull out paints and cotton swabs to place dots all over this free printable of the letter M. 

Download Letter M Printables

We have created a free Letter M Printables Worksheet Pack that you can use to teach your little ones the letter M. Print off as many copies as you need for children in your household and use over and over again for alphabet learning practice. 

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letter M worksheets

Download Letter M Printables Worksheet Pack

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