FREE Animal Classification Color by Code

October 24, 2019

Bonnie Rose Hudson

Bonnie Rose Hudson

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Learning to sort and classify things is a natural part of learning and growing. We sort by letter, number, and all sorts of criteria. Learning to sort and classify animals into their major groupings is a fun part of science that can’t be missed. These FREE Animal Classification Color by Code worksheets are the perfect way to help kids learn and remember what makes animals similar to each other and different. 

Animal Classification Color by Code Activity text and illustrated examples of a butterfly and a lion

With these FREE Animal Classification Color by Code worksheets, students can learn the differences between: 

  • mammals
  • fish
  • birds
  • reptiles
  • amphibians
  • arthropods
  • mollusks

There are two worksheets for each type of animal. Each worksheet includes basic information about the type of animal, such as mammals are warm-blooded, have hair, etc. In addition to the short summary, there is a picture of an animal to color. As kids color all the W spaces one color (W for warm-blooded), all the H spaces another color (H for hair), and so on, they’ll create a picture while reviewing what they have learned in a fun way. 

There are even bonus questions that ask kids to name the animal they have colored once they are finished! It’s a simple, no-prep way to help kids practice science and create beautiful pictures you can add to your refrigerator or bulletin board!

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Here are some more free resources about animals we think you’ll enjoy! 

Travel the World Through Live Animals Cams text with image examples collage of various animals

Would you like to go deeper in your study of types of animals or teach upper elementary students about taxonomy? Check out these two resources by the same author: 

Kinds of Animals & How They Live children\'s science book

Life Science Level 4 Classification of Living Things


Kinds of Animals & How They Live is designed for 2nd-3rd grade and includes information about 9 different types of animals and 32 specific animals along with copywork for handwriting practice and a review activity. Classification of Living Things is designed for 4th-5th grade and includes a look at the taxonomy of animals and plants, vocabulary, a review activity, and more. 

Instant Download: FREE Animal Classification Color by Code


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