Free Apologia Zoology Worksheets for Flying Creatures (By Lesson)

January 17, 2019

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Are your children are wanting to learn about animals? They are going to love Apologia Zoology to study in your homeschool. I recommend starting off with Apologia’s Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day. If you’re looking for free worksheets and printables that you can use with the lessons in Apologia Zoology, then you’re in the right place. 

free flying creatures printables to go with Apologia zoology

What is the Apologia Young Explorer Series?

The Apologia Young Explorers series is a homeschool science course for elementary grades k-6. In the zoology series you will learn about God’s glorious design of the creation of amazing animals.

Each hard-cover textbook has a general theme that will dive deep into a specific science topic for the whole year. Each lesson has subjects that relate to the overall theme.

These elementary books are a favorite among Charlotte Mason style homeschoolers. It captivates the readers using a gentle, conversational tone. It even use the practice of narration during the readings.

Apologia Notebooks

When you use the notebooking journals, hands-on activities and experiments, and free science worksheets for each lesson in the Apologia science book, you will have a complete elementary science curriculum for the entire school year. 

The notebooks have various notebooking activities with a detailed daily schedule of what to read and complete. There is a regular version and a junior version for elementary ages.

The junior notebooking journal has coloring pages and larger lines to write on for younger children. The regular journal has more writing and activities geared towards older children.


Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day

Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day is the first book in the Zoology series. This book is a thorough one-year zoology curriculum that covers the study of birds, bats, flying insects and even pterosaurs as your child learns about how God created all flying creatures on the 5th day of Creation.

They will learn about physical characteristics of the different birds, nesting habits, flight patterns, and so much more. They will learn how to attract various bird species to your yard to observe and identify them. Before you know it they will be becoming amateur ornithologists right before your eyes. 

Our First Experience with Apologia

Exploring Creation with Zoology 1 was the very first Apologia book that I ever used with my son who was fascinated by bats and bugs at the time. I was interested in learning a little bit more about birds, and he was into the bugs, bats, and flying dinosaurs. This book was the perfect fit and an amazing learning experience.

We really had so much fun with the hands-on activities, crafts and experiments using mostly household items. This is a good thing for a busy mom who can’t go out and gather supplies every week. 

When we first were using the book we didn’t have the spiral notebooking journal to go along with it. I only had our flying creatures textbook. My son was interested in learning more and keeping a notebook. I spent a lot of time researching and found free worksheets to go along with each lesson in the book.

Free Zoology Worksheets for Each Apologia Lesson:

If you are looking to supplement your book with extras, we have done all the work for you so you don’t have to search ahead of time. We listed freebies that accompany each lesson. This is a great way to add to your children’s interests.

Lesson 1: What is Zoology?

Animal Kingdom Notebooks with Printables – Create your own Animal Kingdom notebook to reference later with these printables. 

Lapbook on Animal Classification – This is a cute and very thorough colorful lapbook introduction of animal classification. Your young learners will really enjoy it. 

Animal Classification Printable Unit Study – This is a great printable mini unit study on classifying different animals around the world.

Animal Classification Sorting Activity – Kids love hands-on activities that help make learning come alive. They will have a lot of fun with this sorting activity.

Lesson 2: What Makes a Bird a Bird? 

This lesson covers what a bird is, bird anatomy, and how to bird watch and attract birds to your own backyard. We have all of that covered in our Bird Nature Series. There are printable logs, journals, links to bird watching websites and more.

Printable Audubon Birds Notebooking Journal – This Audubon Birds Notebooking Journal includes 28 of the birds Audubon studied. There is a notebooking page for each bird, a blank page for students to draw the bird, and a color picture of each bird in the reference guide (which can be printed or simply viewed online). 

Birds Around the World Guided Drawing – Do your kids love to draw? Here’s a fun way you can combine art and nature study (with a little science mixed in!). 

Bird Terms Vocabulary Copywork – Help your kids discover more of the amazing world of birds and practice their handwriting at the same time with this Bird Terms Vocabulary Copywork. 

Resources to Help Your Kids Learn About Birds – Grab all sorts of printable bird worksheets, journals, and more. 

Bird Watching Activities and Resources – If you are wanting to learn how to get started watching birds, we have gathered up lots of free bird watching activities and resources so you can get started on this enjoyable nature activity with your family today!

Learn even more about birds with our free Bird Nature Study Fact Cards.

bird fact cards

Lesson 3: Birds of a Feather

Learn about bird feathers with these informative articles online unit studies.

Feather anatomy and feather structure – Learn about the different types of feather and how the feather is made up.

Bird feather types, anatomy, growth and color – Find out what makes up a feather, why bird molt and see diagrams of feathers.

Anatomy parts of a feather – Vocabulary words to learn when studying about feathers. 

Homeschool Feather Study – Create your own feather investigation unit study with some really cool ideas. 

Color and Label Feather Printable Activity – Color your own feather and label it with this free printable activity.

Recommended Resource: Nature Notebook

If you love studying nature and have Nature Anatomy on your bookshelf, the Nature Notebook will be sure to delight you. Learn about birds, feathers, and more.

learn a ton about birds with the nature notebook

Lesson 4: Facts About Flying

Bird Migration Facts Worksheet – Learn about the migration of birds with these worksheets.

How Birds Fly – Science videos, graphics and information on how birds are able to fly.

Birds in Flight Worksheet – Learn about the dynamics of flight with this worksheet. 

Lesson 5: Nesting

Bird Nest Identification – Get some great bird nesting tips and ideas in this article.

Nest Observation Sheet – This nest observation sheet will have your kids take a look at a nest they find and record information about it. 

Bird Nest Life Science Worksheet – Learn what birds use to build nests from nature, and from household items and identify local bird nests. 

Fun and Free Ways to Learn About Bird Nests – Birds are interesting creatures and can build their nests in some odd locations. It is a lot of fun to learn about and to watch a bird nest being built, or to observe birds with their babies.

Eggs and Nests Preschool Printable Pack – If you have a young learner following along with your Zoology lessons, they’ll adore this cute bird pack. 

Lesson 6: Matching and Hatching

Bird Life Cycle Spinners – This is a cute craft activity. Your kids will learn about the life cycle of different birds by creating a life cycle spinner. 

Birds and their Eggs Montessori Cards – Free printable egg identification cards perfect for the Montessori style homeschool. 

Egg Anatomy Printable – Create your own paper egg booklet to open up and learn the anatomy of an egg. 

Recommended Resource: Birding Notebook

If you want to learn more about bird watching, you will love this Birding Notebook from Daily Skill Building. It is the perfect companion to Audubon Birding Adventures for KidsBird Notebooking text and image of workbook cover and background of page examples from the workbook

Lesson 7:  Bats  

Stellaluna Unit Study and Labook – Read an adorable book and learn about bats and echolocation with this free lapbook.

Learning About Bats Color and Label Worksheet – Color, cut and label the parts of a bat with this fun educational activity.

How a Bat Grows Printable Book – Learn how a bat grows by creating an informational mini book. 

Types of Bats Writing Activity – 67 total pages of copywork and writing activities all about bats. 

Lesson 8: Flying Reptiles 

Printable Pterodactyl Craft – Create the cutest and friendliest looking flying dinosaur with this printable craft. 

Pteranodon Flying Reptile Coloring Page – Color the large flying Pteranadon.

Lesson 9: A First Look at Insects 

What is an insect? – There are lots of printable crafts and resources to learn about insects in this post. 

Insect Body Parts Labeling Sheet – Printable insect body part labeling sheets for many of the most common insects our kids are familiar with.

Bug Identification Chart – Identify bugs and spiders with this printable identification chart that your kids can color. 

Insect Body Parts Fact Cards – Color insect cards that include facts about the insects and their body parts.

Learning About Insect Body Parts – Teach your kids more about insect anatomy by having them cut and build their own insect with the different segments. 

Insect Nature Study Fact Cards –  Kids will learn about 36 different insects as small as a fraction of an inch to “monster” insects such as the Hercules beetle, a type of rhinoceros beetle. 

Free Insect Worksheets and Printable Activities – These free insect worksheets are going to go along great with the bug and insect lessons in Apologia and will teach kids all sorts of interesting facts about insects.

a close up of an ant and banner with text Free Insect Worksheets and printables

Lesson 10: Insect Life Cycles and Life Styles

Honey Bee Life Cyclle Cards – These cards will take your kids through the life cycle of a honey bee.

Ladybug Life Cycle – Ladybugs have 4 stages that they go through before they becoe an adult. Follow their lifecycle with these printables. 

Ant Life Cycle Printables – Learn about the life cycle of ants and have fun with a huge pack of educational printables. 

Insects, Worms, Snails & Spiders Life Cycles Cut & Paste – This printable unit is a fun activity that they can work on for hours (but won’t take you hours to prepare). 

Lesson 11: Social Insects

Differences between bees and wasps poster – This printable poster explains the differences between bees and wasps.

Big List of Ant Resources Over 60+  – Ants are very social creatures that live in colonies. Learn about what they do with over 60 free printables and ideas.

70+ Honeybee Resources and Free Printables – Honeybees are another social insect that are very beneficial. There are over 70 resources and printables to help you learn more.

Lesson 12: Beetles, Flies and True Bugs

Beetle Anatomy Printables – Read the definitions then label the anatomy of the beetles on the diagram sheet.

Housefly Printables – Learn about the common houseflies with these printable worksheets. 

Mosquito Printables – Mosquitos undergo a complete metamorphosis, find out what they look like as larvae and label them.

Lesson 13: Interesting Insects

Dragonfly Lapbook – Learn about dragonflies and then record what you learned in this adorable lapbook.

Praying Mantis Lapbook – Find out about this fascinating creature and create a lapbook of your findings. 

Flying Insects Printables – Fun educational worksheets that cover many different flying insects. 

Lesson 14: Order Lepidoptera 

Order Lepidoptera is an order of insects that includes the butterfly and moth families. Butterflies are one of our favorites, we even have a large native butterfly garden in our yard. 

Theses posts have lots of printables and fun crafts: 

Butterfly Life Cycles Printables and Crafts – Learn all about the life cycles of butterflies with these adorable crafts, printables and activities.

Free Resources about Birds and Butterflies – More fun activities on birds as well as free notebooking journals, copywork and more. 

Butterflies Nature Study – An absolute favorite resource of mine. This unit study all about butterflies will teaches butterfly anatomy, butterfly species and geography lessons of where they live, butterfly poetry copywork, and butterfly plants that attract them.

Free Nature Study Butterflies text with image examples of free printable pages and a blue background

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