FREE Printables and Resources About Birds and Butterflies

February 17, 2021

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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I have three daughters. We love spending lots of time outdoors, camping and nature walks. Butterflies are one of my favorite things. My home is decorated in them, and we have a nice sized native butterfly garden in our front and backyard. We also enjoy birdwatching.

Free Printables and Recourses about Birds and Butterflies text with images of birds and butterflies flying outside

My love for nature has been passed down to my little girls. Since they have grown up around me getting excited with every butterfly I see, they love them as much as I do. We have lots of butterfly host plants and pollinator plants. A few times a year we raise caterpillars in net cages right on our kitchen table!

My oldest loves birds and is a self taught birder. She loves birds so much that she is seriously considering a career in birds, and even going to school to be a zookeeper. It has been such a blessing to watch them figure out what they love and are passionate about.

When a child is passionate about something, they have a natural desire to learn as much as they can about that topic. They become a living sponge, constantly wanting to study and learn.

Are you wanting your children to start to love and appreciate nature? The best way to do this is by starting in your own backyard with learning about birds and butterflies.

These FREE Printables and Resources about Birds and Butterflies will help get you started.

There are tons of resources available and many different ways you can dig deep and study about these beautiful flying creatures. This is not an exhaustive list, and you can go even further to study and learn about different species and types. I have put together some of my favorite high quality unit studies, resources and ideas to help get you started. 


FREE Audubon Birds Notebooking Journal – this journal includes 28 of the birds Audubon studied. You will find a notebooking page for each bird, a blank page for students to draw the bird, and a color picture of each bird in the reference guide.

Birds Around the World FREE Guided Drawing Activity – This 24 page nature art drawing freebie will teach your children about 10 different birds around the world. There are reading comprehension questions and a guided drawing activity for each bird.

FREE Bird Terms Vocabulary Copywork – help your kids learn more about birds and bird anatomy while practicing their print handwriting skills and learning 30 new bird related vocabulary words.

Tropical Birds Unit Studies and FREE Tropical Birds Copywork 

Tropical Birds text with background image of a red tropical bird

Types of Birds Mini Puzzle UnitIn All You Do

Mini Unit Study Bird BookReal World Learners

Bird Themed Worksheet PacketMama’s Learning Corner

Backyard Birds Unit StudyEmbark on the Journey

Bird Nature Study Fact Cards – Help your students learn about 18 kinds of these fascinating creatures with these nature study fact cards.

bird fact cards

Websites to learn more about birds:

Audubon – the original bird website, where you will learn so much about birds and identification.

Bird Sleuth K-12 from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, this website has free resources, kits and homeschool lesson plans.

American Birding Association is a website specifically for birders. 

The Great Backyard Bird Count has printable tally sheets to keep track of the birds that come into your yard. You can participate in this count every February.

If you want to learn more about bird watching, you will love this Birding Notebook from Daily Skill Building. It is the perfect companion to Audubon Birding Adventures for KidsBird Notebooking text and image of workbook cover and background of page examples from the workbook


Facts and Tips for Raising Monarch ButterfliesWonder Filled Days

Butterfly Identification PackSimple Living Creative Learning

FREE Butterflies LapbookHomeschool Helper Online

Butterfly Notebooking PagesSimple Living Creative Learning

Mini Puzzle Unit on ButterfliesIn All You Do

All About ButterfliesEnchanted Learning

FREE Butterflies Nature Study – This is one of my favorite free resources here! This butterfly unit study will teach butterfly anatomy, some of the many different types, geography lessons of where they live, poetry copywork, and more.

Free Nature Study Butterflies text with image examples of free printable pages and a blue background

Websites to learn more about butterflies:

Butterfly Identification  – View North American butterflies and moths by state.

The Children’s Butterfly Site is chock full of all you need to learn about butterflies. There is species identification, coloring pages, photographs, articles, and teaching and learning tools. 

Butterfly Conservation – this has beautiful photographs with information about each butterfly from A to Z.

FREE Printables and Resources About Birds and Butterflies

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