4 Skills to Teach Your Preschooler Using Eggs and Nests

April 28, 2021

Carrie Fernandez


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There are many ways to teach your preschooler important skills, but have you considered using eggs and nests? In this post, I will share 4 skills you can teach your preschooler using eggs and nests.

We also have created an eggs and nests preschool printable pack you can download for free at the bottom of this post. 

If you’re new to homeschooling, then the Montessori method may seem a little foreign to you. If not, then you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say using nature is one of the best (and most unique) ways to teach valuable concepts.

4 Skills to Teach Your Preschooler Using Eggs and Nests text with a faded birds nest and eggs background

The Montessori Method & Nature

The Montessori method stresses the use of nature in a child’s educational journey because it affects the whole child. Nature has a way of touching base with all of the most important developmental domains – cognitive, physical, social, and emotional.

Whether you choose to use real nature from outside, resources made of natural materials, or pictures depicting real nature, you are able to help meet the needs of your whole child.

4 Skills to Teach Your Preschooler Using Eggs and Nests

Eggs and nests are some of the most common things we can see in nature. Birds are always flying around, chirping, gathering food for their babies, and building nests.

That’s what makes it even more interesting to incorporate them into your child’s learning. These are things they are already physically seeing themselves!

Below are four skills you can teach your preschooler using nests and eggs.

Number Recognition

Using nest and egg-themed printable number cards, like the ones in our free Eggs and Nests Preschool Pack, can be used to help teach your preschooler about numbers, how to recognize them, and how to count.

Our pack comes with nest cards numbered 1-10 with the numeric and word form on each card. There is also a sheet of mini eggs that can be printed – I suggest on card stock paper – and used for duplicating the number shown on each card. You can also purchase small eggs or use something small and similar in texture. 

Play number games or allow your preschooler to free play with their new number cards and eggs.

illustrated different examples of Eggs and Nests Preschool Pack of worksheets

Letter Recognition

Also included in the Eggs and Nests Preschool Pack are printable upper and lowercase letter eggs. Use them just like flashcards by going over them daily.

You can also have your child put them in alphabetical order. As they learn the letters, begin to teach what sounds each letter makes so they can move toward the next steps of learning how to read.

Word Recognition

Once your preschooler has learned their letters and the sounds they make, you can use the Build a Word template in the free preschool pack and start building two and three-letter words.

Most reading milestones will have preschoolers learning the most commonly taught three-letter words, also known as CVC words. Simply print a couple of copies of the letter eggs and use them to build small words.

You can use a great CVC word list to come up with your own words. Start by introducing just a few words at a time until your child gets the hang of sounding them out. 

Recommended Resource: Sight Words Flash Cards for Beginners

Help your beginning readers learn to recognize more than 200 sight words with these Sight Word Flash Cards for Beginners! 

five different level sight word flash card workbooks with examples of printable illustrated flash cards with words

Simple Math

After your preschooler can correctly identify numbers and understand the concept of each number having a numeric value, you can begin introducing simple math concepts such as addition and subtraction.

The Addition & Subtraction Play Mats in the preschool pack continues with the nests and eggs them by giving your child nests for putting numbers to add or subtract and a big nest for putting the answer. Use the number eggs or mini eggs for creating a variety of problems for them to solve. 

counting eggs in bird nests printable learning activity for teaching kids

Final Thoughts

Teaching your preschoolers important concepts can be fun, especially when using natural elements they are used to seeing. Be sure to download your free copy of Eggs and Nests Preschool Pack and start using them in your homeschool today.

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How to Download Eggs and Nests Preschool Pack

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