Free Bird Nature Study Fact Cards

February 2, 2021

Bonnie Rose Hudson

Bonnie Rose Hudson

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You can spot birds nearly anywhere in the world! Help your students learn about 18 kinds of these fascinating creatures with these Free Bird Nature Study Fact Cards.

bird fact cards

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Printable Bird Cards

When you are teaching science and nature study to your kids, using fact cards can really come in handy. For instance, these bird cards have beautiful color pictures of each bird on the front and are full of facts about each type of bird on the back. You can print the cards duplex so students can practice memorizing the different types of birds.

Two sets of printable flashcards are included in these Free Bird Fact Cards.

Bird Card Set #1

The first set of bird cards includes a beautiful watercolor image of each bird along with key information such as:

  • the bird’s classification and/or scientific name
  • its average size
  • its main colors
  • other interesting facts such as what the tiniest bird in the world is

Bird Card Set #2

The second set of bird cards includes an image of the bird along with blank lines where students can copy the information they have learned. Students can use the facts from the first set of bird cards to copy on the blank lines. This is great for handwriting practice as well as solidifying the facts about birds into their minds.

bird cards

The Bird Fact Cards Include the Following Birds:

  • bird-of-paradise
  • blue jay
  • budgerigar
  • cardinal
  • eagle
  • Fischer’s lovebird
  • flamingo
  • gray crowned crane
  • guinea turaco
  • hoopoe
  • hummingbird
  • macaw
  • Major Mitchell’s cockatoo
  • palm cockatoo
  • southern yellow-billed hornbill
  • titmouse
  • toco toucan
  • yellow-crested cockatoo

More Nature Study Resources

Do your kids enjoy nature study? We have tons of great resources for you! Here are some recommend resources to add to your nature studies.

  • Nature Notebook – This notebook is a companion to Julia Rothman’s Nature Anatomy. Students will enjoy drawing, labeling, and written narraion using open-ended question prompts.
  • The Notebook of Birds – This bird notebook follows along with The Big Book of Birds. 
  • Birds Around The World – This notebook is for grades K-3 and accompanies The Sounds of Nature Series Book, The World of Birds.
  • Birding Notebook – A Companion to Audubon Birding Adventures For Kids

bird cards pdf download

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