Free Insect Nature Study Fact Cards

December 21, 2020

Bonnie Rose Hudson

Bonnie Rose Hudson

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Help your students learn interesting facts about 35 amazing insects with this set of Free Insect Cards. They’ll learn about insects as small as a fraction of an inch to “monster” insects such as the Hercules beetle, a type of rhinoceros beetle. 

insect cards

Insect Cards

Are you teaching your kids about bugs? Learning about bugs and various creepy crawlies can be fun for some kids. Others, maybe not so much. You can use these beautiful watercolor insect cards to help students learn about insects (whether or not the like bugs!).

bug cards

Insect Cards Set #1

Two sets of printable fact cards are included in these Free Insect Nature Cards. Each insect card includes a beautiful watercolor image of each insect along with key information such as: 

  • the insect’s classification and/or scientific name
  • its average size
  • its main colors
  • other interesting facts (kids are going to love learning about the cool thing the click beetle does!)

Insect Cards Set #2

The second insect card set includes an image of the insect along with blank lines where students can copy the information they have learned. Students can use the facts from the first set of insect cards to copy on the blank lines. This helps them to remember the facts about bugs and also provides great handwriting practice!

insect fact cards

Insects Cards Included for:

  • ant
  • asparagus beetle
  • blue butterfly
  • boll weevil
  • bombardier beetle
  • bumble bee
  • Colorado potato beetle
  • dragonfly
  • dung beetle
  • eyed elator
  • firefly
  • fly
  • giraffe weevil
  • grasshopper
  • hister beetle
  • honey bee
  • io moth
  • iron cross blister beetle
  • jewel beetle
  • ladybug
  • May beetle
  • mosquito
  • net-winged beetle
  • oil beetle
  • pleasing fungus beetle
  • praying mantis
  • queen butterfly
  • rhinoceros beetle
  • stag beetle
  • straw underwing
  • termite
  • tiger beetle
  • violin beetle
  • yellow jacket
  • yellow tortoise beetle

Nature Study Resources

Do your kids enjoy nature study? Check out these recommended resources for your kids to study nature and learn more about bugs!

  • Nature Notebook – This notebook follows along with Julia Rothman’s Nature Anatomy. Students will enjoy drawing, labeling, and written narraion using open-ended question prompts. 
  • Free Bird Cards – If you like this set of bug cards, then you will also want to grab our set on birds. 
  • The Big Book of Bugs – Explore dozens of fascinating insects using The Big Book of Bugs alongside this awesome Notebook Companion™.
  • Put together a fun insects unit using the Encyclopedia of Insects and Exploring the World of Insects Notebook Companion™.
  • Learn about Ladybugs using Gail Gibbons’ Ladybugs and the Notebook Companion™ for grades K-3.
  • Study beetles using A Beetle is Shy and the companion notebook for K-3.
  • Insect Worksheets – print some free worksheets and unit studies all about bugs. 

Insect Cards PDF Download

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insect cards

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