37 Easy Christmas Tree Crafts Kids Can Make

December 2, 2021

Sara Dennis

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Are you looking for some fantastic and kid-friendly tutorials for Christmas tree crafts for kids? This carefully curated list of fun and easy kids’ crafts will keep your children busy while they make Christmas trees using pipe cleaners, pine cones, or green cardstock.

christmas tree crafts

Christmas Tree Crafts

These simple Christmas tree crafts are not only a fun way to spend a chilly day inside, but they’re also a great way to work on your child’s cutting skills as they create and decorate festive Christmas trees. 

Christmas Tree Craft Supplies

Before you begin, you may want to drop by the craft store to pick up common supplies that are used for many of the easy Christmas crafts. Store these craft supplies in a box to pull out whenever you and your kids want to create a little project. You’ll have everything you need to whip up easy-peasy kids crafts.

Here’s a list of crafting supplies to get you started:

  • Cardboard tubes (or toilet paper rolls)
  • Patterned paper
  • Colorful pom-poms
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Patterned wrapping paper
  • Wooden craft sticks
  • Stick-on gems
  • Glitter
  • Sequins
  • Construction paper
  • Colored pencils
  • Crayons
  • Glitter glues
  • Paper plate
  • Paper straws
  • Clothespins
  • Tissue paper
  • Holiday wrapping paper
  • Pine cones
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Plastic beads
  • Scissors

Christmas Tree Crafts for Kids

These easy Christmas crafts are fun projects for a Christmas party, a class, or a cold winter afternoon. So take a look at all the different easy Christmas tree crafts that you can make with your kids.

Pom Pom Christmas Tree Slime

Pom Pom Christmas Tree Slime – Grab some mini pom poms and make pom pom Christmas tree slime. It’s a fun holiday craft to complete with your kids at this time of year.

pom pom Christmas tree slime

Paper Christmas Tree Picture Frame

Paper Christmas Tree Picture Frame – This holiday season, make Christmas tree picture frames to give to family and friends. This easy craft will quickly become a holiday tradition as it includes a picture of your child.

Christmas tree picture frame craft

Kid Photo Christmas Tree Card

Kid Photo Christmas Tree Card – Instead of a regular Christmas card, mail a photo card to family and friends. This festive craft is one that kids of all ages will love!

Christmas tree photo card

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Cardboard Tube Christmas Tree Craft

Cardboard Tube Christmas Tree Craft – If you’re looking for a lovely little craft that will add some Christmas decor to your home, then this is what you’re looking for. The craft uses simple materials to create a mini Christmas tree with a picture of your child at the top.

Cardboard tube Christmas tree craft

Paper Straw Ornament Christmas Tree Craft

Paper Straw Ornament Christmas Tree Craft – Making a paper straw Christmas tree ornament is so much fun! It’s simple. It’s easy. And you end up with a beautiful decoration to hang on your tree!

paper straw Christmas tree

Twine-Wrapped Christmas Tree Craft

Twine Wrapped Christmas Tree Craft – All you need is some twine, pine cones, a glue gun, and a couple of other craft supplies to make this fun craft. It’s an easy way to get your whole family into the holiday spirit.

twine wrapped tree craft

Beaded Christmas Tree Ornaments

Beaded Christmas Tree Ornaments – Make a homemade ornament with your kids! You’ll need some wire and beads to make this simple craft that will become a beautiful family keepsake.

beaded tree ornaments

Dollar Store Fabric Mini Christmas Tree

Dollar Store Fabric Mini Christmas Tree – Pick up mini Christmas trees at the dollar store before beginning this craft. Then tell your kids to decorate festive Christmas trees by using these mini trees as a base. Your whole family will love making their own Christmas decor to strew about the house.

dollar store Christmas tree craft

Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments

Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments – These DIY Christmas ornaments are a simple craft to make with older kids. A free template is provided so you can easily cut small trees from felt. Sew the trees together, decorate them, and hang the ornaments on your tree!

felt Christmas tree homemade ornaments

DIY Wire Christmas Tree

DIY Wire Christmas Tree – Put together a unique wire Christmas tree with your kids. You’ll find detailed step-by-step instructions on how to make the little trees. These use air-drying clay to form the perfect base.

Wire Christmas tree craft

Easy Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

Easy Christmas Tree Craft for Kids – Send your kids outside to collect a variety of small sticks to make this great project. They’ll use the sticks to create mini Christmas trees to decorate.

Christmas tree stick craft

Glitter Cone Trees

Easy Glitter Cone Trees – Do you want to decorate your house with festive Christmas trees? Then take a look at this fabulous paper Christmas tree craft! These glitter cone trees will look incredible decorating your house.

Glitter Christmas trees

Advent Calendar Tree Craft

Advent Calendar Tree Craft – Help your kids count down to Christmas by creating an Advent calendar tree craft using a cardboard tube. Make sure you have plenty of treats on hand to fill the calendar before you begin!

Advent Christmas Tree Calendar

Cereal Box Christmas Tree

Cereal Box Christmas Tree – Upcycle cereal boxes into an easy Christmas tree that will have your entire family singing Oh Christmas Tree! When you’ve finished this great craft, no one will know that they’re made from cereal boxes.

Cereal box tree craft for kids

Salt Dough Christmas Tree Decoration

Salt Dough Christmas Tree Decoration – Mix up some salt dough and make a homemade ornament you can treasure for kids. It’s the right size for little hands to help you make and decorate the DIY ornament.

salt dough homemade ornaments

Farmhouse Tabletop Trees

Farmhouse Tabletop Trees – Grab some foam board and decorative farmhouse wrapping paper to make some tabletop trees to decorate your house. You can use these trees as centerpieces for your Christmas table or place them around your house for a Christmas party. Either way, you’ll adore this simple Christmas craft.

beautiful farmhouse tabletop Christmas tree

Bottle Cap Christmas Trees

Bottle Cap Christmas Trees – Start with triangle shapes made from paper mache. Then decorate festive Christmas trees using bottle caps. You can use a color scheme for your decorating or use a variety of different colors. Either way, you’ll end up with amazing Christmas decor!

bottle cap Christmas tree craft

Christmas Tree Pasta Craft

Christmas Tree Pasta Craft – If you’re looking for new Christmas tree craft ideas, check out this fun Christmas tree pasta craft. It’s a fun and easy craft to make with young children, even toddlers!

Christmas tree pasta craft for toddlers

Easy Lighted Ribbon Christmas Tree

Easy Lighted Ribbon Christmas Tree – A fun project to make over the Christmas holidays is a lighted ribbon tree. It’s a great way to spend some time with your children making amazing Christmas decor.

lighted ribbon Christmas tree

Pinecone Tabletop Christmas Tree

Pinecone Tabletop Christmas Tree – These pinecone trees will look fantastic on your table as a centerpiece. Put the trees together. Once assembled, you can decide if you prefer the natural look or if you’d like to paint them with white acrylic paint or with glitter spray paint. You’ll end up with fun trees to decorate your entire house.

pinecone Christmas trees

Christmas Tree Popup Card

Christmas Tree Popup Card – Use red, white, or green cardstock to make homemade Christmas tree popup cards to send to your family and friends. These cards make the perfect change from the regular commercial cards that are usually sent.

Christmas tree pop up card

Clothespin Christmas Tree Ornament

Clothespin Christmas Tree Ornament Craft – This handmade ornament will look beautiful hanging from your Christmas tree this year. With kid-friendly tutorials, your whole family will have a great time putting together these decorative trees.

clothespin Christmas tree ornament

Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree

Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree – If you have a little time, check out these adorable popsicle stick Christmas trees that you can make with your kids. It’s a great craft that allows your kids to decorate festive Christmas trees to place around the house.

popsicle stick Christmas trees

Lego Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

Lego Christmas Tree Craft for Kids – If you’re looking for easy Christmas crafts, check out this fun Lego tree craft for kids. Kids will love making mini Christmas trees from Legos while you’re busy preparing for the holidays.

Lego Christmas tree

Recycled Christmas Tree Craft

Recycled Christmas Tree Craft for Kids – This fun craft includes a free Christmas tree template to get you started. Then gather up some buttons, cardboard, and twine to create this beautiful homemade tree.

recycled xmas tree craft

String Art Trees

String Art Trees – Another easy peasy Christmas craft is to use string art to make Christmas decor for your family. It’s a fun way to spend a cold winter evening with your family.

string art trees

Paper Bag Christmas Tree Puppet

Paper Bag Christmas Tree Puppet – If you have young children in the house, they’ll love making these paper bag Christmas puppets. You’ll use a Christmas tree shape template, a paper bag, and some construction paper. Then let your kids play with the puppets for hours. Plus, crafting the puppets is a great way to improve their fine motor skills!

Christmas tree puppet

Christmas Art With Pointillism

Christmas Art With Pointillism – Introduce your kids to Pointillism in a fun way with this great activity. Your kids will use paint and cotton swabs to create these fabulous Christmas trees. It’s a great activity for this time of year!

Christmas tree art with pointillism

Funky Christmas Tree Ornaments

Funky Christmas Tree Ornaments – These funky homemade ornaments are the perfect addition to your Christmas tree. You’ll start with cinnamon sticks, twine, and garland to get started, and then use jingle bells and pom poms to decorate the festive Christmas trees!

funky Christmas tree crafts

Felt Christmas Tree Centerpieces

Felt Christmas Tree Centerpieces – Are you looking for simple Christmas crafts that you can use as a centerpiece for your Christmas table? Then check out these amazing felt centerpieces. Cutting the felt will do wonders for your children’s cutting skills! Plus, you’ll make adorable mini Christmas trees to decorate your house.

felt Christmas tree centerpieces

Pipe Cleaner Christmas Trees

Pipe Cleaner Christmas Trees – Grab some green pipe cleaners and mini pom poms to create these super easy mini Christmas trees with your kids. They will be the perfect addition to your holiday decorations.

pipe cleaner Christmas trees

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Art

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Art – This beautiful Christmas tree art is the perfect way to introduce your children to embroidery. When they’re finished, you’ll have a beautiful Charlie Brown Christmas tree to hang in your living room.

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Hoop ArtChristmas Tree Corner Bookmark

Christmas Tree Corner Bookmark – Download the free template to create these fantastic Christmas tree corner bookmarks. They’re the right size to tuck into a Christmas card or onto the corner of a book so you’ll never lose your place again.

Christmas tree bookmark

Festive Pinecone Christmas Tree

Festive Pinecone Christmas Tree – Use dabs of hot glue, small Christmas decorations, and a few pinecones to decorate festive Christmas trees to liven up your home. It’s a great way to improve your kids’ fine motor skills while enjoying a relaxing craft on a snowy December day.

festive pinecone tree

Handprint Christmas Tree

Handprint Christmas Tree – This handprint Christmas tree craft is the perfect addition to your holiday decor. You’ll not only end up with a fun and simple craft to complete with your kids but also a keepsake to hang onto through the years.

handprint Christmas tree

Ombre String Art Tree

Ombre String Art Tree – Make a whimsical ombre string art tree with your children. The kid-friendly tutorials are easy to follow. Your whole family will love making the string trees together.

Ombre string art tree

Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree Craft for Toddlers

Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree Craft for Toddlers – This super easy craft is a great way to spend a quiet morning with your toddlers. Make sure you have plenty of green cupcake liners and glitter before you get started because your young kids will want to make a bunch of trees to decorate your house.

cupcake liner Christmas tree craft

More Christmas Crafts and Activities

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for great Christmas crafts to make with your kids, you can’t go wrong by making these fun Christmas tree crafts. You can make Christmas tree ornaments and holiday decor to place around your house to help get everyone into the Christmas spirit.

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