10 Ways to Incorporate Art Into Your Homeschool

January 31, 2020

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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 If you are struggling with art or you need some new ideas, then check out these 10 ways to incorporate art into your homeschool.

10 Ways to Incorporate Art Into Your Homeschool

I am so not an artsy mom. I never was good at being creative, even before I became a mom. When I started to educate at home,  I knew art was a subject I would need some help with. OK, maybe A LOT of help.

My kids are the polar opposite of me in this area and love art. Especially art that is messy! They also are into music, one plays the ukulele, and both are learning to play the drums. I have no idea where they got their artistic ability from, but it just so happened that way.

I love that they enjoy the arts, but it leaves me needing to step up my game in this area, which is not easy. Thank goodness for the internet. I honestly don’t know what I would do without ideas that help no-artistic-bone-in-the-body moms who homeschool, like myself. I am super grateful to every website that has helped me. Below I am sharing a few that have helped me these past few years.

As an ode to my fellow moms who are not art lovers, I wanted to take some time to share ideas that will fill up at least a year of art ideas for your homeschool. The very best thing is that your art projects don’t always have to be stand-alone. You can integrate them throughout your homeschooling lessons or make them simple enough that they are stress-free.


Check out these 10 ways to incorporate art into your homeschool:

1. Games

Let’s face it. Our kids LOVE to play games. Games can be used as all types of goodness when it comes to art and music. You can have fun art days, reward days for a smooth week, or to fill in times you just don’t feel like “schooling”. It happens to the best of us.

Art and Daisies provide us with 10 art games to play, mostly if you have more than one child at home. And CraftWhack gives us cool drawing games for kids to play from home solo or for multiple children at home.

2. YouTube

YouTube isn’t all bad; I have proof. Put some filters on the search option, and it is an excellent tool for learning at home. Bring the arts into your homeschool with these 10 useful YouTube channels all about the arts. The Homeschool Hideout lists the BEST art lessons on YouTube for your kids. Don’t knock it until you have tried it. YouTube has been a blessing to go alongside some of our lessons.

FREE Printable for How to Be a Good Friend3. Bible lessons

Making Bible lessons that are a hands-on experience make the concepts stick in the minds of our kids. A great way to do this is by using coloring and drawing. Some Bible lessons incorporate coloring pages or drawing activities. Read more about it here from the Proverbial Homemaker.


Imaginative Drawing Prompts text with image of illustrated barn4. Art Journaling

If you have a child that doesn’t like writing, then this is a great daily alternative. With art journaling, your child can keep a record of some information learned throughout the day. Instead of writing summaries or reports, this will break the monotony of your current curriculum and capture if your child understood the lessons. Learn more about art journaling at The Usual Mayhem.


5. Watch or read art tutorials

I found this fantastic instructor online that provides tutorials for creating beautiful works of art by using nothing but a pen and pencil. How simple is that?! AlfonsoDunn teaches with easy-to-learn explanations and directions, which help young ones see art in a whole new way.

If you can get your hands on canvas and paint brushes, then explore this list of simple art painting guides for your kids to follow.

6. Use simple printables

We don’t always need complex art lessons. We don’t always need to take a long time in art lessons. Keep it simple. The Artful Parent has given us 16 printable art activities for your kids. It is good to take our kids out of their everyday academic lessons and provide an out for them to use their creativity. Simple is just fine, mom.

7. Art History and Artist studies

Art history is a great way to add art into your homeschool, especially if you are not artistically inclined. Check out these 5 ways to add an art history study to your homeschool from Art History Kids, even if you don’t know anything about art. Below you will find more resources for artist history and artist studies.

FREE Famous Artists Cheat Sheets

FREE Famous Artists Notebooking Research Journals

Learn About 8 Artists with FREE Unit Studies and Printables

Famous Artist Study Series

8. Combine with other subjects

If you have little ones at home, use read–alouds for them to draw characters and to encourage listening skills. If you are covering different countries in history lessons, then explore art in those areas and help your kids learn about the artistic styles. In science, you can bring drawing to the table (i.e., solar system, photosynthesis, the life cycle of animals, etc.). Head over to Math Geek Mama for ideas to incorporate art with Math.

9. Schedule a field trip to an art gallery or museum

Field trips are the best. Kids love to get out of the house, and they can simultaneously learn so much. The crosswalk tells us a few tips for How to Enjoy a Successful Trip to the Art Museum. Not all of us can afford or are near enough to physical museums for a field trip. Don’t worry, though. If you cannot, then check out these resources for virtual field trips, which are hugely beneficial for those of us who can’t go to museums for whatever reason. There are also amazing art museums around the world for you to explore.

5 Art Museum Websites with Fantastic and Free Educational Resources | Art Class Curator

Art Museums with Virtual Tours -Best Gallery Tours From Home | The Kitchen Table Classroom

The Seven Best Virtual Art Galleries for Kids

10. Introduce an instrument

YouTube is absolutely amazing in teaching kids the basics of music. If your child loves music, introducing them to reading music, music appreciation, and playing an instrument can be extremely beneficial.

Two years ago, my daughter begged to try an instrument. We could only afford one thing, so she chose the ukulele. She watches YouTube videos to learn cords and new songs. It is therapeutic for in that it keeps her mind occupied and away from little teen stressors. 

Grab these resources to help you incorporate art into your homeschool days or lessons:

Huge List of Free Online Learning Websites

The Easiest Ways To Add Homeschool Music Appreciation | Homeschool Mastery Academy

Free & Frugal Ways to Learn Art in Your Homeschool | Free Homeschool Deals

FREE Charlotte Mason Art Music Curriculum

Huge List of Online Learning Websites Including Art

FREE Elements Principles Printable Pack

FREE Imaginative Drawing Prompts

 Some families may not think art is too important, but here are some reasons that may make you reconsider from My Learning Table. I hope these 10 ways to incorporate art into your homeschool will help make art a little easier for you and engaging for your kids.

10 Ways to Incorporate Art Into Your Homeschool

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