HUGE List of Online Learning Websites – Science, Math, Language Arts, Music, and More

July 30, 2019

Carrie Fernandez


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Homeschoolers have more resources available to them than ever before due to technology. The use of free online resources in your homeschool can really enhance your child’s learning, especially in areas that they have a high interest in.

If your child has a particular weakness, such as reading, you can help them get over that hump by introducing free reading games and fun interactive online reading activities using free  online learning sites.

Huge List of Free Online Learning Websites

This is not an exhaustive list by any means, there are hundreds of free online resources that homeschoolers can take advantage of. We have separated the free leanring websites by subject/topic to make it easier to find what you are looking for. 

General Online Learning Websites:

ABCYA – Online educational games for PreK-6th grade: math games, science games, and more

Fisher Price – Early learning tools for math, reading, critical thinking and more – simply select your child’s age from the ranges

Fun Brain – FREE books, games, activities, and comics for reading, math and language arts. Grades K-8

Khan Academy – FREE online learning tools and courses for math, science, engineering,computing,arts, and more 

Knowledge Adventure – Online learning games by by subject and grade/age

National Geographic Kids – Animal science and learning videos and games

PBSKids  – Fun educational games and videos for early learners

Sheppard Software – Educational games for geography, math, science, and more

Smithsonian Education  – Art, history, culture, science games and activities. Browse activities and resources by topic

Language Arts, Reading, and Typing: – Online learning for several subjects for toddlers-2nd grade – FREE 30-day trial!

ABCmouse website advertisement

Big Brown Bear – FREE online typing lessons

FREE Learning How to Type Resources – Here is a big list of typing games and online typing tutors and lessons that are completely free and perfect for homeschools.

Reading Bear – FREE phonics online learning website, great for learning how to read

Reading Eggs – My youngest daughter learned how to read using Reading Eggs. Get a FREE trial and see if it works for your children.

Free 4 Week Trial for Reading Eggs

Spelling City – Input spelling lists for fun practice and quizzing or use already prepared lists by grade.

Starfall – Both of my children used this website when learning how to read.

Type Dojo – This website will help improve typing skills with speed tests. The free typing tests measure speed and accuracy and are broken down by skill and grade level. 

Typing Web – Create a free account to track your progress when learning how to type online.

Word Central – FREE vocabulary games straight from the Mirriam-Webster Dictionary

Bible & Character Online Learning Sites:

Kids Corner – Superb site for free audio adventures for kids and character building downloadable resources

Adventure Bible – Activities and games for online Bible learning

Answers in Genesis – Christian apologetics website with lots of helps and resources

Got Questions – Great website to answer even the toughest Bible questions

Kids of Integrity – Online games to instill character in children – find lessons, activities, and parenting tools

Online Character Lessons – Videos, downloads, lessons and more for 20+ character traits

The Beginners Bible – Online learning games and videos for learning about the Bible

Free Character Lessons for Elementary Students

History and Geography Websites:

Have Fun With History –  Online activities, games, videos, and lessons for American History

History Channel –  History activities, games, lessons, and more

I Civics – Lots of games and teacher lesson plans regarding the US Government. for Kids– Learn about the Government with games and videos broken down by subject. Grades K-5 for Teens A safe place for older kids to learn and play online. Grades 6-8

Mission US –  An interactive way to learn about U.S. History

Place the State – There is so much learning fun on this history-focused website! Learn about Branches of Government, how laws are made, symbols that represent the United States of America, historical documents, and more.

Seterra – FREE geography map quiz game, can download or play online

US Mint Kids – Learn about the history of the U.S. Mint, about money and the history of coins with activities, coloring pages, games, and more.

The Library of Congress – Legislative resources and historical documents

Online Music and Art Websites:

Art for Kids – Children can learn how to draw, paint and more on this website. There is a paid plan that has no ads, but you can access the content for free too.

Blue Tadpole Studio – FREE drawing tutorials for cartoons, animals, and more

Classics for Kids FREE resources to learn about music and composers, also find an interactive dictionary of musical terms

FREE Music Theory Courses – Three course options available – this site also has other free online courses too – FREE easy to follow video guitar lessons across a wide range of topics

Kids Soup – FREE music and instruments preschool and kindergarten crafts, activities, games, and printables

Making Music Fun – FREE sheet music, flashcards, and games

May Studio Music  – You can learn to play guitar, drums or piano and all it will cost you is your time and dedication.

Music  – FREE apps and online music theory lessons

Zebra Keys – FREE piano lessons online – targeted for ages 13 and up

Online Science Learning Resources:

NASA Kids – Fun games about Space

Audobon Kids – FREE activities, games, and lessons on birds and nature study

Biology Corner – Biology lesson plans, worksheets, tutorials and resources for teachers and students 

BrainPop – FREE science games and videos on various topics

Curiosity Machine – Students and their families explore core concepts of Artificial Intelligence, apply AI tools to solve problems in their communities and have the opportunity to enter their ideas into a global competition.

EdHeads – FREE online educational resource that provides science and math games and activities that promote critical thinking.

How Stuff Works – Do you have an inquisitive child who is always wondering how things work? They will love this website.

Legends of Learning – FREE science games for elementary and middle school students

NOVA – FREE science videos by topics

PhET Interactive Simulations – Over 360 million science simulations for online learning

Science News for Kids – FREE science news articles for children

The Physics Classroom –  FREE interactive physics applications filled with skill-building exercises, physics simulations, and game-like challenges

HUGE List of Online Learning Websites - Science, Math, Language Arts, Music, and More

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