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Making Your Very Own Alphabet Frieze in Homeschool


There are awesome ways to easily have students create the alphabet display for your homeschool. This post provides an alphabet chart that you can use with your students as a reference when creating their very own Alphabet Frieze. This will help your kiddos have some ownership of their homeschool area (command center). The post explains […]

FREE Pumpkin Face Cards for Your Flannel Board


Flannel boards can be used for so many lessons in your homeschool. Grab these free flannel board pumpkin face cards this season while visiting your community pumpkin patch. These will be a lot of fun for the kids in the month of October to play the pumpkin face matching game. This freebie is part of […]

FREE Nature Study Printables For All Seasons


You can encourage your children to keep a nature journal with this free printable for all four seasons of the year. Seasons are so amazing. Trust me, when you don’t have four seasons, you really miss them. Charlotte Mason emphasized the need for kids to get outdoors. She stated that spending time outdoors every day, […]

52 STEM Activities and Science Experiments

stem curriculum label

These 52 STEM activities, projects, and challenges include science, technology, engineering, and math for your homeschool lessons. The fun activities will help your children and students investigate through learning. You can integrate more STEM and science into your homeschool schedules. This will get your kids thinking outside of the box and exploring different subjects with […]

Teaching Multiplication Facts That Stick


Multiplication is not the easiest subject to teach. Even if a child is able to recite the answers, understanding multiplication as a concept is a whole other challenge. Read this post on how to teach multiplication in a way that kids can remember and understand. Deepening a child’s understanding of numbers and operations is imperative. […]

FREE 8-Page Fan Book on Animals of the Galapagos Islands


If you are looking for geography or science unit study topics, why not try teaching your homeschool about the animals of the Galapagos Islands? When exploring this topic, don’t forget to grab this free 8-page fan book. Your kids will love making this fun and free fan book when learning about the animals. The animals […]

FREE Date Dash France-French History Card Game

Date Dash France-French History Printable Card Game

In what year did Pepin the Short become king of France? In what year did France begin building a fortified defense against Germany called the Maginot Line? Test your knowledge of the history of France with this free printable card game. All thirty-two questions include two levels of difficulty, so it’s perfect for middle school or high school. Or, combine it […]

FREE Digital Homeschool Inventory Template


Is homeschool organization getting more and more complicated as you reach further and further into the school year? If you are finding it difficult to manage your homeschooling resources, then stop by this post for insight on how to keep good track of all your homeschool links and digital files. Also, grab a FREE template […]

18 Charlotte Mason Expectations for 6-Year-Olds (FREE Printable)


This list of 18 things will help you learn what to focus on for your 6-year-old’s Charlotte Mason lessons. You honestly will be surprised at what Charlotte Mason expected your young learner to know by now. Her method of teaching was formed by her observation of watching how children naturally learn and supporting this learning […]