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FREE Leaders of World War II Essay Questions, Part Five

Leaders of World War II Essay Questions, Part Five

Challenge your students to go deeper in their studies of these leaders of World War II. Discover the lives of Peter Fraser, Chiang Kai-shek, John Curtin, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Louis Mountbatten, and be challenged to think critically about the legacies these heroes of England, New Zealand, Australia, China, and the United States left behind. A short bio […]

Free Book That Helps Learners Memorize The States And Capitals In Alphabetical Order

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There are different ways to try to memorize all the US states and capitals. But not many of them are fun. And that can land learners in a state of despair. Well, perhaps the problem is that the right way hasn’t been found yet. In this unique ebook about US geography, there are two fun […]

Create Your Own Author Study + FREE Printable

Author Study Notebooking Pages

Learn how to create your very own author study with 5 easy steps! There are so many benefits when it comes to studying authors in your homeschool.Get access to 5 FREE author studies:  Jan Brett, Mo Willems, Roald Dahl, Jane Yolen, and Lewis Carroll. Click here to visit The Homeschool Resource Room learn how to make […]

Nature Crafts Older Kids will Love

Nature Crafts_pin

We love nature in our homeschool, and my girls love creating crafts. I am always finding awesome craft ideas that use natural materials. Some of these may seem like they are only suited for preschool or elementary age children, but that is not always the case!When dealing with nature activities and nature style crafts, I […]

100+ FREE Homeschool Printables


Access hundreds of free printables and free app trials for homeschoolers. These great free resources have something for everyone and for everything. This resource is something to keep in your arsenal to easily access all you need for your homeschool. Please also remember to share this with other homeschool families.Click here for hundreds of free homeschool printables […]

FREE Printable Nature Spy Cards


Turn nature walks into a game with printable nature I Spy cards animal edition. Your toddlers, preschoolers (even you and older kids) will enjoy this family activity. Using these I spy cards create great moments and opportunities for introducing vocabulary. Click here for your free printable nature spy cards for preschoolers and toddlers from Spell Outloud. […]

Lava Lamp Bottles Science Experiment for Kids


Lava Lamp Bottles are a fun science project children of all ages can make and experiment with. Inspire your young scientists with this super cool beginner Chemistry experiment. My children will absolutely love this experiment. I cannot wait to do this with them. I might try it outside as a summer learning activity. They may […]