Things to Do Before Graduation Day (Graduation Checklist)

December 29, 2022

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Are you graduating one of your teens from homeschool soon? Here’s a handy graduation checklist to help you stay on track as you plan for the big day.


Graduation Checklist

The following information in this graduation checklist will help you stay on top of important dates as you count down to homeschool graduation. Whether post-graduation plans include attending college after homeschool or entering the workforce, you’ll want to make sure that they don’t miss any crucial deadlines their senior year.

Summer Before Senior Year

Of course, if your graduate plans to attend college, you’ll want to see which scholarships for homeschoolers are available for your student. Plan out the next steps after graduation during the summer before their senior year so you don’t miss any deadlines. Here are a few other items to plan for during the summer.


Take Senior Pictures

Definitely plan to take senior pictures before school starts! You’ll want to have some great photos to include on graduation announcements. Go to your favorite local spot and have a friend or professional take some great photos.

Order a Class Ring

If you want a class ring, look into that now. Class rings aren’t as popular for homeschool students as they are for public school grads and college graduates. But if this is something your teen is interested in, you’ll need to order that soon.

1-3 Months After Senior Year Has Started

Your graduation checklist for the first few months of the senior year includes making sure all the graduation requirements are met, along with pre-planning a graduation party.

Confirm Cap and Gown Orders

You’ll need to order regalia this month. High school graduation regalia includes your cap and gown, along with stoles and cords that show academic honor. Homeschool graduates can order graduation caps and gowns online.

Order Graduation Supplies

The good news is that homeschool statistics show that homeschoolers graduate at higher rates than their publicly schooled peers. So, if you’re already in your senior year of high school, you’re more likely to make it to graduation that a public school senior. So if that’s the case, you’ll need to order homeschool graduation supplies soon!

Meet with an Academic Advisor

Of course, you’ll want to be sure you are track to graduate and not wait until your final semester if you have any outstanding graduation requirements to fill! Double check the required credit hours and start to finalize your official transcripts as a homeschooler. Colleges may need additional information for homeschool graduates, so look into that now. You can find academic advisors online for homeschooled students. Check with HSLDA for recommendations.

Start Thinking About Your Graduation Celebration

Your commencement ceremony is a special celebration! You’ll want to set your graduation date and figure out if you will join with other homeschool friends for your homeschool graduation ceremony. If you have a co-op or local group, you may want to plan a joint ceremony and celebration. Or you can certainly enjoy your graduation celebration as a solo graduate!

3 Months Before Graduation

About 3 months before graduation, you’ll want to re-check the homeschool graduation checklist. Here are a few more items.

Create Your Graduation Party List

Create a list of invitees to your graduation party. You’ll also want to determine a venue, menu, and other details. Will you have a graduation ceremony or just a party? Do you need music, decorations, or food?

Make Sure You Have Your Graduation Supplies

Make sure you have your graduation supplies early enough before the big day. Here’s a great hack: purchase the New Year party supplies when they go on clearance after January 1st.

Since many of those party supplies will have your graduation year on them, they’ll fit right in with a graduation party theme and no one will ever know that you got them on sale!

One Month Prior to Graduation

Here’s your graduation checklist one month prior to the big day.

Mail Your Party Invites

You’ll want to mail your party invites and graduation announcement with plenty of time to spare. That way, your friends and family can plan to attend your party or send their best wishes on time.

Try on Your Cap and Gown

Make sure your cap and gown and other graduation regalia fits properly. Go ahead and try them on early enough. Make sure to get some professional photos ahead of time with your cap and gown.

Gather Important Memories to Share at Your Graduation Celebration

It’s fun to share photos and memories at your graduation celebration. If you want to create a slide show or other display, go ahead and plan that now.

Order Gifts for Teachers and Mentors

Part of your commencement program might include having teachers or mentors give a few words about the graduate. But you’ll also want to acknowledge those adults that made a difference in your teen’s life. Order gifts for them so they arrive in time.

Purchase Graduation Party Decorations

If you still need some items, go ahead and finish purchasing any outstanding graduation party decorations. You really can’t go wrong with tons of balloons and coordinating plates and napkins that match your color scheme. Just keep it simple!

Day of Graduation

Graduation day has finally arrived and everyone is excited to acknowledge the hard work of the graduate. But there are still a few more things to do.

Assign Someone to Take Photos

There’s nothing worse than realizing you forget to take photos because you were enjoying the moment! Go ahead and delegate this responsibility so you can be in the moment with your homeschool graduate.

Put up Graduation Yard Sign

Finally, don’t forget to announce your party with a graduation yard sign. It’s fun to let the neighborhood know you have a graduate in the house!

In Conclusion

Hopefully this graduation checklist will keep you organized during the final year with your student. It’s very rewarding to see the finish line after years of hard work and dedication! Congratulations to the graduate and the homeschool parents for a job well done.

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