Homeschooling Freebies Resources for Homeschoolers

There are so many free homeschooling resources available. We will try and post the best ones here for you. Free curriculum, free printables, free homeschooling downloads, and anything else we find for free that homeschoolers will love!

Adjusting to Homeschooling Mid-Year


When life-changing decisions are made, such as choosing to homeschool mid-year, there is always an adjustment period. Not just for your child, either — you as the new teacher must also adapt. It’s natural, especially if you and your child have been accustomed to the public school routine. This adjustment period usually varies; some children […]

Homeschool Paperwork Organization Made Easy


There are countless resources out there to help you with teaching your homeschool. This simple organization hack will help make organizing homeschool paperwork easy. With all printable unit studies, reading lists, writing prompts, coloring pages, and other work, it can get pretty hard to organize if you aren’t keeping on top of it often enough. […]

The Very Best Homeschool Planning Hacks You Never Knew

homeschool-planning-secrets-hacks-559x1025 (1)

You will love these homeschool planning secrets and hacks to help you in your journey as a homeschool mom. This post will help you with a clear vision for your homeschool year. Sometimes the homeschool year can start off well then feel like it is slipping through your fingers like sand. These secrets and hacks […]

Fun Jeopardy Game Board You Can Make at Home


Jeopardy is one of those shows that make you take a pause while flipping through channels. This fun do-it-yourself Jeopardy board game will be an awesome addition to your homeschool or family game nights. The Jeopardy game show holds such a wealth of knowledge, I honestly don’t know how people know so much, and answer […]

When to Begin Homeschooling Your First Child – FREE Checklist to Help


I am sure all homeschool moms remember the back and forth in their minds, once they decided to homeschool their first child. Some moms just know. Some moms go through much before taking the plunge. You wonder how early you can start formally teaching them. You wonder if they are ready…if you are ready. How […]

FREE Simple Farm Unit Study for Homeschool


This complete farm unit study will carry a farm theme through all the subjects to give a well-rounded learning experience. This post provides a variety of resources that use hands-on learning experiences, real books (not textbooks), narration, notebooking, and/or lapbooking. You will be visiting all types of different farms in this unit study—from apple orchards […]

FREE Thanksgiving Lessons for Kids


You will absolutely love this free month of lessons for Thanksgiving and free seasonal Sunday school lessons for Pre-K through Adult. The free lesson downloads include a teacher’s guide along with posters, games, seasonal activities, take-home sheets, and much more. Thanksgiving Lesson 1 teaches how all good gifts come from God. Thanksgiving Lesson 2 explains […]

Current Event Discussions at the Dinner Table


Dinnertime is a perfect time to get your family discussing and learning about current events. If your family makes it a point to sit down with each other during dinner time, that time can be utilized productively at least once a week discussing worldview on a variety of topics. There are so many unique and […]

Linkages between Learners with Dyslexia and Dyscalculia


Twenty to sixty percent of kids with dyslexia also have dyscalculia. These brain-based conditions can impact our children’s learning abilities, and learning about them is key to helping our kids flourish despite of them. This post will help you through leaning the linkages between these conditions. It also helps to see how when parents take […]