Homeschooling Freebies Resources for Homeschoolers

There are so many free homeschooling resources available. We will try and post the best ones here for you. Free curriculum, free printables, free homeschooling downloads, and anything else we find for free that homeschoolers will love!

Sports Stars Who Were Homeschooled


Data from the National Center for Education Statistics along with key analyses from Brian Ray, a homeschooling expert at the National Home Education Research Institute, report that the number of children who are homeschooled is growing by 3 percent to 8 percent a year. If you take that percentage and add it to the 2012 […]

25 FREE Apps to Help Create Student Projects


This list of 25 FREE applications will help your digital learner to create homeschool projects with ease. The cloud-based apps will help your kiddos with anything from creating graphics, video, infographics, timelines, to maps and everything in between. Information is literally now at our fingertips. When I was tasked to create projects in public school, […]

Explore a Charlotte Mason Education


Whether you have been in the homeschool community for a while or you are just getting started, this homeschooling 101 on Charlotte Mason Home Education is a good method to explore. You may have heard the Charlotte Mason buzz words going around like living books, narration, copywork, nature study, and habit training. These are not […]

Teaching Kids to be Innovators


Your child can learn how to be an innovator with Innovator Tribe’s How to Teach Your Child to Think Like an Innovator free online course. We rant and rave about our kids being creative thinkers, however without actually making things happen, the idea is just an idea. Innovator Tribe has online resources for students grades […]

Build Language Skills Using the Apples to Apples Board Game


Our family loves Apples to Apples; we have both the regular version and the Bible version. I have seen children and adults of all ages having a blast playing this game. Did you ever consider that you can use this board game as an educational tool in your homeschool to help build language skills? Yep, you […]

30 Ways We Homeschool- eBook


Homeschooling families do homeschool so differently. No one way will work perfectly for two families. This free 30 Ways We Homeschool ebook is a great read to learn about what 30 other homeschooling families are doing and how they do it. These families share their approaches, routines, and curriculum. Read about 30 families sharing their […]

FREE Rolling To-Do List (for Homeschool or Blogs)


Sometimes we really could use something to organize all of our thoughts, especially in our homeschooling or for our blogging adventures. This free rolling to-do list for your homeschool or blog planner will help you with getting everything down on paper and organized. This rolling list will help you to add and scroll with ease […]