FREE Preschool Alphabet Letter Building Puzzles


Children learn so much better when they using hands-on methods. These letter puzzles help kids to recognize what each of the letters of the alphabet look like. They can actually build and create the letters using a new thinking process that is much different from just writing the letters on paper. This printable set includes letter […]

Playing Card Math Games for Middle School


Math in the upper grades can be dreadful, especially for teens that don’t enjoy math. Math doesn’t have to be dreadful for middle school. It can actually be a lot of fun if you play games. Card games can help students learn about numbers as well as number operations and can help them to feel more […]

How to Create a Master Portfolio for your High School Homeschooler


If you aren’t already there, you know the time will come when your student will reach the High School years. There may be that lingering question about homeschool and college… hoping that if your child decides to go to college that you have done enough, that they have done enough etc. Once your child hits this […]

Feed the Monster FREE Alphabet Printables


Sometimes differentiating upper case from lower case numbers can be tricky for little ones to understand. It requires a lot of practice. As with everything with children, games and play are a great way to reinforce what they are learning! Here is a fun activity that will get kids excited about matching and identifying their letters. They […]

How to Help Your Homeschooled Teen Concentrate


Does your teen need some help learning how to concentrate and focus on their school work in your homeschool?Teenagers are amazing. I love homeschooling my teens and having them close to me. I have noticed that there are times when they have a hard time concentrating and focusing on their lessons. There are so many […]

FREE Forensic Science Resources and Printables

FREE Forensic Science Resources and Printables

If your teens love crime stories, and crime shows, then they may be interested in learning about Forensic Science in your homeschool.What exactly is Forensic Science?Forensic science, or forensics, is the application of science to establish how historical events occurred and thereby provide impartial evidence that can be used in a court of law. The term forensic comes from the […]

Ways to Add 1-20 FREE No-Prep Printable


There are so may different ways to help your early learners with learning addition. I found a really fun way to teach your children math. It is using the Ways to Add Up to 20 printable. This fun printable can be used in many different ways and is a great quiet time activity as well. Your children will […]

The Periodic Table Rap: Fun Resources for the Periodic Table


Learning the Periodic Table can seem like a VERY boring and daunting task for your older students that are learning Chemistry.When our children are little, songs seem to be the best way for them to learn and memorize important facts, the same thing can be said for older students as well! If your kids are […]

FREE Writing Prompts from History for Teens


My kids love writing, but if I am being honest, sometimes it is hard to think up writing prompts. For teenagers, it is even harder as their knowledge base grows and they need to be challenged. So, why not try combining history or science topics with writing prompts.  This way, the teen is practicing writing […]