Fun Ways to Learn Spelling Words

May 5, 2021

Stacey Jones

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Working on their spelling is one of the last things many children want to do. Staring at a list of words is not only boring for children but, oftentimes, their minds drift, and they won’t pay attention to the words at all. Instead, here are some fun ways for kids to learn spelling words.

A woman and child using letters of the alphabet for spelling on the table with a white background and text Fun Ways to Learn Spelling Words

Spelling Word Games

There are several games kids can play to help learn weekly spelling words. Make a word search using all of the spelling words. The advantage is that the child must keep looking at the words over and over on the list in order to know which words to search for.

Create a crossword puzzle. Be sure to include a list of the words. Another idea is to scramble all of the words and let kids unscramble them. Once again, this would cause them to look at their spelling list in order to help unscramble the words.

Write each word on a separate piece of paper, then hide the pieces of paper all over the house. Send them on a spelling word treasure hunt, and each time a child finds a piece of paper with a spelling word on it, he must come back to the kitchen table and write that word three times. To make it more competitive, set a timer, and see how many pieces of paper can be found in a certain amount of time.

Using Spelling Words to Tell Stories

Children love to hear stories. Makeup stories using the spelling words. Each time one of the spelling words comes up, spell the word aloud, and then have the child repeat the word and the spelling. The process can also be reversed with the child making up a story. These alphabet cards will help with this and a variety of other activities including lining up the letters of the spelling words and creating an acrostic poem with the letters or using the letters to create their story.

While reading some of their favorite books, children could be on the lookout for their spelling words, which will also help them learn the context of the word and how they can use these words in their own writing.

Spelling Words Sing-Along

Make up some silly songs using spelling words. Be sure to spell out the words in the song. Have fun singing together. The repetition alone will help kids learn how to spell the words. Once a child has learned how to spell the words of the song, make up another one using other words not yet learned.

Visual Aids to Learn Spelling Words

At the beginning of each week, hand out an index card for each spelling word. Have kids write one spelling word per card in bold print. Let them decorate each card with drawings, stickers, etc. Take each card and place it on an area that kids frequent. For example, in a bathroom mirror, the outside of a refrigerator, or bedroom door.

Reward Kids for Learning New Spelling Words

Children love to be rewarded for the work they do. Get a chart and keep it on the refrigerator. Each time a child learns a new word, give him/her a star to place on the chart. This will remind the child of the good work they’re doing. Remember, too, to give the child lots of praise. Use your imagination to come up with other ways to make learning spelling words fun.

Spelling Printables

This fun and free spelling printable pack is a great way for children to learn, practice and review words they are having difficulty in learning to sound out and spell. It will work with any list of spelling words that your child uses.

various examples of printable worksheets scattered and fanned out

If you have a child that hates spelling, here are some great ideas to help them learn.


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