Fun Star Wars Crafts for Fans

February 7, 2022

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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We love Star Wars, and we have a lot of friends that love Star Wars as well. We love it so much that on May 4th we made an entire homeschool day just for Star Wars.

Our family wore our Star Wars t-shirts and made Millennium Falcon and Tie Fighter shaped pancakes for breakfast. I printed lots of Star Wars themed worksheets and Star Wars crafts for our school work for the day. Then we met friends at the library to meet our favorite Star Wars characters from the dark side: Storm Troopers and Darth Vader.

Fun Star Wars Crafts for Fans with image of Lego Star Wars toy

Star Wars Family 

Our entire family is just a bunch of Star Wars nerds. My little girls love anything Star Wars and prefer to play with their brother’s old toys than Barbie dolls. My oldest wants to join the 501st Legion and be a Storm Trooper when he turns 18.

We have had a lot of fun searching for freebies to share with you for this special day. I am excited to share with you this Mega List of over 100 Star Wars freebies and fun Star Wars crafts.

There are lots of just-for-fun themed printables, Star Wars paper crafts printables, coloring pages, educational printables and sensory activities.

Star Wars Crafts

There are some amazing Star Wars crafts out there. Crafting is a fun way to include your younger kids and older kids to spend time and create together. No matter the age, everyone will have a good time with these Star Wars  crafts.

Star Wars Paper Crafts

Cute Paper Craft Characters – These free templates will have your kids creating their favorite Star Wars characters from construction paper to make their own cards or pictures.

tar Wars Folding Paper Crafts – If you have kids that like to work with their hands they are going to have a lot of fun with these printable star wars paper crafts.

Yoda Shape Craft for Preschool – Cut out some simple shapes to create a construction paper Yoda easy craft. 

R2-D2 Paper Craft – There are two styles of this simple craft. One for younger children and a more detailed version for older kids.

Clone Trooper Paper Dolls – These Clone Trooper paper dolls are created the same way you would make paper snowflakes and they are so creative.

Star Wars Templates

Star Wars Pumpkin Carving Stencils – Lots of different stencils of your favorite character to use to carve onto pumpkins.

Felt Chewbaca Bookmark Template – Book lovers will have so much fun with this furry, felt Chewbaca bookmark.

T-shirt or Pillow Stencils – Use these Star Wars cutouts as stencils to create your own DIY painted t shirt.

How to Make a Storm Trooper Pumpkin – This is a great craft for Fall. Use the free printable star wars stencils to turn a white craft pumpkin into a Storm Trooper.

Easy Star Wars Crafts

Star Wars Toilet Roll Characters – Use toilet paper rolls to create and design different Star Wars characters by painting and drawing on them.

Popsicle Stick Baby Yoda Craft – Create an adorable Baby Yoda craft with from popsicle sticks and craft foam.

Origami Light Saber – Print out a template to make an origami folded lightsaber.

DIY Recycled Droids – This is a fun craft that also teaches recycling while they create their very own droid out of recyclable items.

Repurposed Storm Trooper Milk Carton Craft – Recycle an old milk carton and turn it into a Stormtrooper that the kids can knock down with a lightsaber.

Crayon Resist Death Star Art – This crayon resist Death Star craft art will look great hanging up in a window.

Perler Bead Pattern R2-D2 Craft – Kids love making Perler bead crafts because they can use them as toys, keychains and decorations. This pattern will let your kids make an R2-D2 from Perler beads.

Star Wars Puppets

Yoda Puppet – This is a simple paper plate craft that is cute and fun to play with.

Chewbaca Paper Puppet – Create a cute jumping jack Chewbaca moveable puppet with this printable.

Star Wars Ornaments

DIY Star Wars Felt Ornaments – Make your own Star Wars character felt ornaments. These would make great gifts and package decorations too. 

Star Wars Popsicle Stick Character Ornaments – Use craft foam and popsicle sticks to make Darth Vader and Storm Trooper ornaments or stick puppets.

More Star Wars Crafts

Pool Noodle Lightsaber – These pool noodles light sabers  will be a big hit at your next party. They are an easy project that only needs duct tape, scissors and pool noodles.

R2-D2 Pencil Holder – This craft doubles as an amazing desk decoration. All you need is a tin can, some craft felt, sharp scissors and glue to create it.

R2-D2 Cup Tutorial – DIY on how to create your own R2-D2 cup perfect for a Star Wars party.

Star Wars Cubee by Deviant Art -There are 186 Star Wars printable templates to make 3D cube characters, ships and more. This would be a great craft and activity for an older child.

Star Wars Embroidery Handicraft Pattern – Do you have older kids that enjoy handicrafts and embroidery? They are going to love this Star Wars stitch craft with free template.

Star Wars Coloring Pages and Fun Printables

My kids really enjoy coloring, especially if it is of their favorite characters. There are so many Star Wars themed printable coloring pages that even teens will enjoy coloring with markers or nice colored pencils. 

Star Wars Coloring Pages

Tons of Star Wars Coloring Pages – This website has 147 different Star Wars coloring pages to print and color. There are so many that you could make your own coloring book.

15 page Coloring Pack – This coloring pack has the most adorable favorite characters as well as handwriting lines underneath to practice writing their names.

Mandalorian Coloring Page – Color everyone’s favorite Mandalorian with this realistic coloring page.

Baby Grogu Coloring Page – The kids will love this Baby Grogu/Yoda coloring page as he is sipping his broth.

Bounty Hunter Coloring Pages – These Mandalorian themed coloring pages are so cute and any fan will love them.

Storm Trooper Mandala – This is a detailed adult coloring page of a storm trooper helmet with the mandala style. Teens will love working on these in bright colors.

BB-8 Detailed Coloring Page – Beautiful designed BB-8 with lots of details and flowers that teens will enjoy coloring.

Star Wars Tutorials and Printable Crafts

Lunchbox cards – Brighten up a lunchbox or backpack with these sweet, encouraging printable lunchbox cards.

Lego Star Wars Bookmarks – These printable bookmarks have Lego characters with really fun and quirky book quotes.

Draw a Tusken Raider – Tusken Raiders are popular again now that they are highlighted on the new Boba Fett show on Disney +. Learn how to draw your own Tusken Raider with this step-by-step printable tutorial.

Star Wars Party Crafts and Decorations

If you have Star Wars fans in your house, it is inevitable that one day you will need to have a Star Wars themed party. There are so many amazing printables and ideas to create the best party for your Star Wars fans.

Lightsaber Napkin Wraps – Turn bright colored napkins into lightsabers with this fun tutorial. 

Customizable Printable Tags and Stickers – Create customized tags to give to friends at the party for party favors.

Printable Star Wars Party Pack – This printable pack is full of Star Wars themed party decorations, certificates, labels for drinks and food and more.

Star Wars Villian Printable Masks – These Star Wars print out masks have a fun Lucha Libre theme. Kids will love printing these out and wearing them for a party.

Water Bottle Printables – Turn mini water bottles into an adorable droid with these printables.

Star Wars Birthday Printables – Everything you need to plan a themed party is here. There are printable invitations, party decor, table labels, drink labels and thank you cards.

Star Wars Party Pack – Even more beautiful Star Wars printables with a party banner, cupcake toppers, welcome signs, cake centerpieces, and invitations.

DIY Death Star Pinata – Learn how to create your very own Death Star Pinata for your next party.

BB-8 Paper Lantern – You are going to love this idea for a BB-8 hanging paper lantern decoration.

Star Wars Party Favor Ideas

Star Wars Printable Activity Pack – Create mini books for everyone in your party. There are 4 pages of printable Star Wars puzzles with an included answer key.

Light Saber Pencils – These DIY light saber pencils are very easy to make and a simple craft that kids are going to love.

Star Wars Lego Bingo – Bingo always makes for a fun party game. This Star Wars Lego Bingo game will be a hit at your next party.

Star Wars Lego Challenge Cards These are a lot of fun!

Printable Star Wars Stationary – This star wars stationery printable can be printed in color and used for writing letters, copywork or journaling pages. 

Lightsaber Bookmarks – These simple lightsaber bookmarks will make an easy party favor for your guests.

Star Wars Language

Do your kids find the Star Wars Language fascinating? Check out these free Star Wars Language Resources.

Star Wars Language Resources and Printable Activities with picture of Star Wars Ship

Star Wars Educational Printables

One of the things I enjoy about homeschool is that I have the freedom to create fun learning weeks for my kids. I enjoy taking something that they love and are interested in, and incorporate that theme into school. Finding educational themed printables is a great way to keep your kids excited about school.

These Star Wars educational printables will be a huge hit in your homeschool that your kids won’t even realize they are doing school.

Star Wars Language Arts Printables

Star Wars Spelling Test Printables – Make your next spelling test exciting with these Star Wars themed printable test pages.

Printable Reading Activity Language Arts Sheets – These printable activities are great for a reading day or week in your homeschool. There are reading comprehension worksheets, mad libs and other literacy related activities.

Star Wars Inspired Writing Activity Printables – Fun star wars themed writing prompts and handwriting worksheets.

Star Wars Preschool & Kindergarten Worksheets

Star Wars Preschool Pack – This preschool pack has the cutest character and is perfect for counting practice and letter recognition.

65 Page Star Wars Pack ~ This pack has 65 pages of printable activities and games that are perfect for ages 2-7.

Star Wars Sight Word Printable Cards – Create your own sight word cards to help practice reading with these fun printable storm trooper cards to write on.

Star Wars Inspired Emergent Readers – These printable emergent readers are so cute and your little readers are going to love them.

Pre-K Learning Pack – This cute pack has character cards and special letter writing sheets to practice beginning writing skills. 

Star Wars Activities

Star Wars Word Cloud Printables – Find the words in the image and count out how many of each word you can find on the worksheet.

Star Wars 3 Part Nomenclature Cards – If you are a Montessori style family you are going to love these 3 part nomenclature and Star Wars picture and language cards. There is even a printable pack of matching flashcards. 

Unit Study and Printables for Middle School – Learn the history of the movie, biographies, videos, online resources and more to go along with the printables for Middle School ages. 

Star Wars Themed Learning Pack K-2 – Practice writing out quotes and words from the movie with these handwriting sheets with a cute theme.

Game Pack for Grades 3-5 – This fun pack has decoding games, Bingo, mazes and scrambled word games for 3-5th grade.

Star Wars Unit Study – This is a great online unit study with information, links and videos. Learn about the history of Star Wars, Star Wars Trivia, the cultural impact of the franchise, special effects vs. visual effects, costuming and more.

Star Wars Music Studies

15 minute Star Wars Music Lesson – This lesson will introduce you to famous composer John Williams and the musical themes that he included in the movie soundtrack. There are free printables to accompany the lesson. 

Exploring the Music of Star Wars Interest Led Music Study – This notebooking download has printable notebooking sheets for the composer John Williams as well as links to resources to learn more about him.

Star Wars Math Activities

Star Wars Math Game – You have to check out this adorable hands-on Star Wars Math game. Lots of pictures and detailed instructions on how to play. 

Star Wars Multiplication Pack with Flashcards – Practice multiplication facts with this Star Wars themed printable pack 

Star Wars Printable Pack   Designed for K – 2nd grade, this pack includes Math and Language Arts

Star Wars Pack with Math and Language Arts  Ages 5-8

Star Wars Sensory Play and Science Fun

Kids love playing and touching everything. Sensory bins can keep little ones busy for hours. They are going to love all the goo, slime, dough and sensory sand activities as well as some fun STEM science projects.

Star Wars LEGO Activities

Rescue Han Solo Star Wars Lego Science – Create a chemical reaction to rescue a Lego Han Solo from carbonite.

Glow in the Dark Light Saber Lego Star Wars Slime – Tutorial to make glow in the dark slime that is perfect for playing with mini figures and mini lightsabers.

Lego Putty – Star Wars Edition – Your kids will have making their own space like putty to use to play with Star Wars Legos.

Building Droids – Lego Star Wars Activity – Practice fine motor skill by putting broken droids back together after digging them out of sand filled sensory bins.

Star Wars Science: Defying Gravity – Teach your kids about the science of gravity by using Lego Star Wars mini figures for this fun activity.

Star Wars Sensory Bins and Play

Star Wars Printables for Pretend Play – These free printable star wars images of cute characters will be fun to play with in a sensory bin or with playdough. 

Yoda Sensory Bin – Any bright green items and some fun Yoda heads, or stamps will make this a cute themed bin.

Star Wars Tatooine Desert Sensory Bin – Recreate a a scene from the Tattoine desert with toys, play sand or kinetic sand a simple sensory bin.

Light Saber Sensory Bottles – These would look so cool on a table. Tape your bottle to look like a light saber and create a calming, “glowing” light saber.

Star Wars Sensory Writing Tray – Sensory writing trays are a great way to help little ones with their fine motor skills. This tray is made with a galaxy blue sand and uses Star Wars characters to do the letter writing with.

Star Wars Science Activities

Erupting Death Star – Another fun Star Wars Science activity that has your kids creating a death star that erupts with colored bubbles and fizz.

Ewok Catapult – This fun STEM activity will have your kids creating an Ewok catapult from sticks found in the yard. 

Star Wars Galaxy Oobleck – Create this fun galaxy oobleck and store it in a little bin with toys and plastic stars to play with over and over.

Star Wars Slime Activities

Star Wars Moon Dough – Moon dough is very easy to make and you can use lots of themed toys to play with it.

Molten Lava Slime – Create some lava slime which is perfect for recreating the battle scene on the planet of Mustafar.

Space Slime – This glittery, stretchy, black space slime will go great with star wars mini toys or plastic stars.

Star Wars Playdough Fun

BB8 Inspired Play Dough – This is a fun invitation to play with BB-8 themed playdough. Little hands will have a lot of fun creating this cute little droid.

Death Star Play Dough Challenge – Step-by-step directions on how to create your own space themed playdough and make a Death Star out of if with different parts and pieces found around the house. 

Star Wars Printable Signs and Home Decor Freebies

Most of my kids are now teenagers and they still love Star Wars. These printable signs and home decorations will be a great way to decorate a room or school room for the ultimate Star Wars fans!

Keep Calm and Use the Force – This printable sign is a fun take on the Keep Calm signs and would like great in a frame.

Star Wars Subway Art Print – This subway art print has quotes and names of many famous Star Wars characters.

DIY Winter Star Wars Sun Jars – Use solar powered sun lights to power up these jars during the day. They will then glow at night with a cool Star Wars theme when you decorate them. 

Wampa Cave Shadow Box – This is another great use of decoration that uses old toys.

The Force is Strong With This One Nursery Printable – This sweet quote comes in a few different styles to match different nursery color schemes.

Star Wars Terrarium Ideas – These will give you some fun ideas on how to make your own terrariums with Star Wars toys.

Wash Your Hans Bathroom Printable – If you have a Star Wars themed bathroom this is the perfect print. 

Lego Star Wars Art Prints – Lego fans will love these cute Star Wars mini figure prints to hang up. 

DIY Hoth Snow Globe – Create a scene from your favorite movie with this Hoth themed snow globe. Such a fun idea to use up some Christmas decorations and old toys. 

DIY Darth Vader Lamp – Spruce up any room with this amazing hand painted Darth Vader lamp.

Star Wars Light Switch Silhouette – If you have vinyl cutting machine you could easily create a light switch plate decoration like this one. 

Printable Star Wars Blueprints – These are very cool art prints that teens are going to love of their favorite Star Wars ships in blue print format.

Star Wars Inspired Illustrated Art Prints – These art prints are so cute and would look great hanging in a kids room. There are 28 characters to choose from and they are all free to download and print. 

In Conclusion

If your family is crazy about Star Wars like our family is, then there’s no end to the creative Star Wars fun you can have – from decorations, parties, and educational activities to sensory bins and LEGO learning – the ideas are endless. 

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