Free Unit Study on Chickens

April 30, 2021

Sarita Harbour

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As the seasons change and spring turns into summer,  many parents struggle to keep children focused on their regular homeschool activities. While parents might want to finish up the curriculum for the year if your little ones are anything like mine they’re getting restless. Now’s the perfect time to introduce a short, two-week free unit study on chickens

Free 2-Week Chicken Unit Study


Why a Unit Study on Chickens?

Do your kids love farm animals? Goats, pigs, chickens, horses, cows, ducks, and geese fascinate my children.

Last April we took the plunge and added 20 Western Rustic meat chickens to our off grid homestead. About a month later, we added another 10 Barred Rock chickens. And then a couple of months after that, we also acquired 6 White Lohman chickens – they’re great layers.

We’re a big family and usually go through anywhere from four to five dozen eggs weekly. And we had completed several homesteading unit studies and farm animal unit studies in previous years.

So given our love of eggs and farm life,  I decided on a unit study on chickens. This unit study, coupled with the hands-on learning of caring for the chickens in our coop, would be a great way to incorporate several subjects into our homeschool day.

Children LOVE Chickens

What do your children think about chickens? Honestly, chickens fascinated my children long before we began homesteading. And no matter where you live, kids can learn so much by studying hens, roosters, pullets, and chicks.

Maybe you’re living in the country with your own chickens. Or maybe you want to start a backyard flock. Even if your children only see chickens on YouTube or at the local Farmer’s Market, chances are they’ll enjoy this day-by-day two-week unit study on chickens.

It’s easy to use this unit study as-is with your preschoolers and kindergarten-aged children. Simply pick a book, a craft, and an activity to complete each day. You might want to try using free story prompts about the farm to encourage reluctant writers.

To adapt this chicken unit study for older kids, look for additional free resources to help kids explore life on the farm. Or to really dive in, consider using the Farm Anatomy book by Julia Rothman for your middle schoolers. It includes an entire section on chickens. And make sure to grab the Farm Notebook Companion as well. 

Do you think two weeks of studying chickens every day sound like too much? No problem. Simply spread the daily tasks out over four weeks.

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And don’t forget to head over to An Off Grid Life to check out the free 2-week unit study on chickens!

Free 2-week unit study on chickens text overlay on images of chicks in a run.

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