Freebies Resources for Homeschoolers

Homeschool freebies, free homeschooling resources, educational games, lapbooking resources, free homeschooling printables and more! Do you have a freebie you would like to see us list? Please email your freebies to: carrie {at} homeschoolgiveaways dot com.

FREE In the Word Genesis Bible Journal for Teens ~ Limited Time


Bible Journaling and creative doodling are all the rage these days. These area also great ways to get your daughters excited for their Bible time.It is so important to teach our tweens how to have their own quiet time with the Lord and to help them get into a daily, regular routine. Sometimes it can […]

FREE Homeschooler’s Guide to Teaching Highschool English


Learning how teach highschool subjects can be a pretty daunting task to a homeschool mom that is new to teaching highschool. Thankfully there are so many helps available so that you don’t get overwhelmed!There are several ways to go about teaching High School English that doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Sometimes it helps to get […]

Feather Beading Activity for Fine Motor Skills

feather bead fine motor activity for kids2

I love finding activities that my little ones can do to keep them busy, but that also help them with their fine motor skills.This activity from from Sugar Aunts (The OT Toolbox) would be perfect to use this Thanksgiving week or when studying about Indians. These would also make some great decorations! This idea is […]

14 Fun and Maybe Frugal Highschool Electives for Homeschool


My favorite part of homeschooling highschool is being able to customize the subjects to what specifically interests me teen.The options for choosing electives are endless! The whole realm of what could be studied and discovered can be anything from art and automobile repair to woodworking and even pre-med study! If you are wanting to think […]

FREE Civil War Curriculum for all grades


I love finding curriculum for my homeschool that is completely FREE! I am excited to share this free Civil War Curriculum with you! Created by classroom teachers and education department, The Civil War Curriculum is an easy-to-use, interdisciplinary, resource-rich guide for teaching the American Civil War. You can explore the lessons online and download PDFs […]

Time Management Organizing Challenge


Managing time effectively is crucial to daily success. As our schedules and homes get a little out of control, you begin to realize just how much time management needs to be priority. However, what might work for one person may fail for someone else. So why not try this one time Four Week Wait-No-More Organizing […]