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Homeschool freebies, free homeschooling resources, educational games, lapbooking resources, free homeschooling printables and more! Do you have a freebie you would like to see us list? Please email your freebies to: carrie {at} homeschoolgiveaways dot com.

Classroom Makeover: Free Posters Delivered to You

Classroom Makeover: Free Posters Delivered to You!

Is it time to spiff up your homeschool classroom? Check out our list of organizations that will ship educational posters to you for free! Pass It On Pass It On is an organization that aims to share uplifting messages hoping to “encourage people to bring out the best in themselves.” They are a nonpartisan, nonsectarian […]

The Top Reasons Why We Homeschool

Why We Homeschool

One of the most wonderful things about homeschooling is that it can—and does—look different for each family. This was clearly represented in the responses received on an Alpha Omega Publications Facebook post where we asked why people decided to homeschool. These are the answers we received: The Top Reasons Why People Choose Homeschooling 12% More […]

3 College Admission Tips for Homeschoolers

3 College Admission Tips for Homeschoolers

Across the country, colleges are recruiting homeschoolers and homeschool graduates are changing their professors’ views on the effectiveness of homeschooling. However, despite the increasing demand for high-achieving homeschoolers, as well as a variety of homeschool-friendly colleges available to graduates, homeschool families still need to have a strong familiarity with the college application process and what […]

August Activity Calendar for Kids

August Activity Calendar

Don’t let the dog days of summer bring out the words “I’m bored” from the mouths of your young kids. Instead, print out this free August activity calendar from Alpha Omega Publications for fresh ideas to entertain and educate your kids throughout the month. As always, feel free to make it your own based on […]

FREE Printables and Resources for Hiking with Kids

Hiking with Kids_pin

Do you long for the great outdoors and time away from the hustle bustle of life, unplugged from technology?My family’s favorite way to escape life and reconnect with each other and nature is to go camping. We love it so much that we even had an entire year of camping where we scheduled once a […]

Discipline Your Child Using God’s Word (FREE 11 Page Download)

Discipline scrip CHTSHT_HSG

I am not always the Mom I want to be. Sometimes, when I’m faced with that *same child* performing that *same sinful behavior* AGAIN… well, I don’t exactly behave much better than they do. In the heat of the moment, when life is a little hectic, I can loose my cool. I choose unhelpful criticisms, […]

FREE “Cheat Sheet” for Your Elementary Students (Math, Writing, Grammar)

cheat sheet elementaryHSG

Do you have a student who struggles to remember basic concepts? Maybe your child suffers from a learning disability like dyslexia, dyscalculia, or ASD? Learning disability or not, we all sometimes have a child that can hit a skill that JUST WON’T SINK IN. I personally can’t remember 9×7 to save my life! We hate to […]

Tulip Craft Printable

Tulip Craft Printable

Following April’s showers (or snowstorms this year), come the flowers of May, and one of the most popular spring-blooming perennials is the tulip. To brighten your homeschool this spring with a fun craft, use this free printable from Alpha Omega Publications and a straw to create your own paper tulips. Materials Tulip Printable Paper Straw […]