Easy Thanksgiving Cut and Paste Worksheets for Kids

November 11, 2021

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Are you looking for Thanksgiving activities to do with your children leading up to Thanksgiving day? These easy thanksgiving cut and paste worksheets are a fun activity to keep your kids busy this holiday season.

Thanksgiving pies and treats with words Easy Thanksgiving Cut and Paste Worksheets for Kids

Thanksgiving Cut and Paste Worksheets

Cut and paste worksheets are a great way for young learners to build their fine motor skills. These themed activities and free Thanksgiving printables will give your children extra practice cutting with scissors. It also helps to develop hand strength in a fun way. 

Cut and Paste Turkey Feather Activities

Thanksgiving Turkey Feather Cut and Paste – Color the turkey body and the turkey feathers then cut them out and put them back together to create a turkey full of beautiful feathers. 

Cut and Paste the Turkey Feathers – This is a simple cut and paste activity for little hands. Follow the dotted lines to cut the turkey out and color the turkey. Then cut out the colored feathers and glue them onto the body.

Pin the Tails on the Turkey Cut Out – Cut out the feathers for the turkey and pin them back on to the turkey by gluing them in place.

Cut and Paste Thanksgiving Sequencing

Thanksgiving Retell the Story Sequencing Cut and Paste – Retell the story of the first Thanksgiving feast in pictures with these sequencing cut and paste printable activities.

Thanksgiving Puzzle Cut and Paste Sequencing – Put the ten frames in correct number order to create a picture to cut and paste together. 

Thanksgiving Themed Sequencing – Organize and put the Thanksgiving story in sequential order with this cut and paste story activity with Thanksgiving pictures.

Cut and Paste Thanksgiving Meal Activities

Thanksgiving Meal Grocery Store Cut and Paste – This fun thanksgiving activity will have your kids cut and paste a Thanksgiving holiday meal grocery shopping list.

Thanksgiving Table Cut and Paste Activity – Create your very own Thanksgiving dinner table with food and place settings.

Thanksgiving Dinner Plate Cut and Paste – Give your kids the chance to create their very own Thanksgiving dinner with this cut and paste activity.

Thanksgiving Cut and Paste Math

Thanksgiving Cut and Paste Patterns – Complete the patterns and then color them in once complete.

Thanksgiving Math Patterning – This Thanksgiving theme math patterning activity will keep your kids busy with cutting, pasting and counting.

Cut and Paste Counting Turkey – Help your little ones with their early math skills with this counting cut and paste activity.

Thanksgiving Cut and Paste Turkey Crafts

Cut and Paste Turkey Craft Template – This turkey template free download is easy for  your kids to cut out and then paste the turkey back together. Great for a turkey theme or for Thanksgiving crafts.

Thanksgiving Turkey Paper Craft – Print out the turkey pattern and all the pieces then put the turkey back together from head to toe. 

Coffee Filter Turkey Craft – This pretty craft uses coffee filters for the turkey feathers. Color them, paint them, then cut them into feather shapes and glue them onto the body of the turkey.

Thanksgiving Sorting Cut and Paste Sheets

Thanksgiving Fact and Opinion Sort Activity – Teach your kids the difference between fact and opinion while learning the Thanksgiving story with this cut and paste activity.

Beginning Sound Thanksgiving Word Sort – Sort out Thanksgiving snacks and foods while working on beginning letter sounds with these fun activity pages.

Thanksgiving Then and Now Sort – Have your children sort the images and paste them in the correct space of what Thanksgiving was like back in history and now.

Thanksgiving Language Arts Cut and Paste

Cut and Paste Thanksgiving Words – This fun learning activity will have your children practice letter tracing, and cut out and paste the Thanksgiving dinner words under the appropriate pictures.

Sentence Scramble Cut and Paste – Cut out all of the Thanksgiving sentence words and scramble them all up. Then have your children create sentences out of the words. This is a great activity for building early literacy skills. 

Thanksgiving ABC Order Cut and Paste  – Practice alphabetical ordering by cutting out the Thanksgiving vocabulary words and pasting them back in alphabetical order.

Thanksgiving Color Cut and Paste

Thanksgiving Color Cut and Paste – Have your children write down what they are thankful for on the feathers of the turkey. Color them, cut them out and put them back together to create a cute, personalized thankful turkey.

Thanksgiving Cut and Paste Printables – These themed worksheets double as coloring pages. Kids will have extra fun coloring them with Thanksgiving colors before they begin the activities. 

Thanksgiving Pattern Worksheet – Cut and paste to complete the Thanksgiving pattern for kindergarteners and fun Thanksgiving play. Color in the pattern once complete.

Turkey Color Cut and Paste Printable

Turkey Cut and Paste – Color the turkeys and sort them by size with this cute cut and paste printable activity.

Shape Cut and Paste Turkey – This activity helps your children with shape recognition and their fine motor skills.

Thanksgiving Turkey Color Cut and Paste – Cut, color, paste and write what you are thankful for on this thankful turkey printable.

Cut and Paste Crafts for Thanksgiving

Native American Indian  Cut and Paste Craft – A fun activity craft that has your kids cut and paste together an Indian.

Pilgrim Boy Cut and Paste Craft – This fun thanksgiving craft will have you cut and paste together a pilgrim boy. Paint or color it with markers when you are finished. 

Pilgrim Girl Cut and Paste Craft – Create a sweet little pilgrim girl by cutting, coloring, painting and gluing it together.

Other Thanksgiving Printables

Printable Leaf Templates – These leaf templates are a great way to create some pretty and inexpensive leaf garlands, wreaths or crafts for your Thanksgiving decor.

Thanksgiving Worksheets –  These Thanksgiving worksheets will help you to teach your kids about Thanksgiving in a fun and educational way. 

Thanksgiving worksheets

Pilgrim Coloring Pages – Teach your children about the Pilgrims and the voyage to their new land with these coloring pages.

Thanksgiving Color by Number – Color by number worksheets help with number recognition and early math skills. These Thanksgiving themed color by number sheets will keep your kids busy while learning at the same time. 

Thanksgiving color by code worksheets

Turkey Coloring Pages – Looking for some fun printables to add to a children’s table for Thanksgiving? There are so many cute coloring pages and fun facts about turkeys for kids.

Thanksgiving Dot Painting – Dot markers keep kids busy for hours and they are surprisingly not that messy. Your kids will enjoy these Thanksgiving dot marker printables

Easy Thanksgiving Crafts – These easy Thanksgiving crafts will be a hit with your kids and look great hanging up for Thanksgiving. 

Happy Thanksgiving Craft

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