Turkey Coloring Pages for Thanksgiving (Free Printables)

July 21, 2021

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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What holiday is obsessed with a bird? Thanksgiving, of course! Grab these turkey coloring pages for Thanksgiving for some fun activities on this special holiday. 

adorable cartoon turkey image with text overlay

Why do we eat turkey on Thanksgiving?

I cannot lie that Thanksgiving in the United States is one of my favorite holidays. Of course, mainly because it is a huge holiday for Puerto Rican families to celebrate. It is also the only day that I eat turkey. Somehow turkey, any other time of the year, just isn’t the same for me. But why turkey?

The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in the year 1621. It is largely believed that turkey wasn’t really on the menu or part of the feast. It was more likely that they had duck, venison, goose, fish, and a few more things.

Thanksgiving became a National Holiday in 1939 during Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency. In the 19th century, turkey became popular on various occasions and turkeys just stuck on Thanksgiving.

Turkeys were big enough to feed the whole family, turkeys were plentiful around this time, and were almost always available to slaughter on the farm. That’s why turkey.

Now, we can’t just leave this without giving you some cool turkey facts to share with your kids. Aren’t you curious?

Facts about Thanksgiving Turkeys

  • As far back as 1000 A.D., Native Americans were raising turkeys. The heaviest turkey has been weighed at 86 pounds.
  • Turkeys have a 270 degree wide-range of vision.
  • On Thanksgiving Day, American’s consume over 45 million turkeys.
  • Toms and Gobblers are male turkeys. Hens are female turkeys, while poults are baby turkeys.
  • Only Tom (male) turkeys gobble.
  • Yes, turkey makes us sleepy. Turkey contains the amino acid tryptophan which sets off a chemical chain reaction that calms you down. And yes, makes you sleepy.
  • A wild turkey actually can fly and about 55 mph and can run 20 mph. i always thought they were flightless, but they can fly!
  • Turkeys have over 3,500 feathers.

Now check out some fun Thanksgiving turkey coloring sheets to share with your kids during the holiday period. Whether your younger kids are working on color recognition of fall colors, or your older kids need to relax during the holiday, color worksheets are a perfect activity. If you’d like to get your craft on, we also have some turkey crafts you might enjoy.

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Christmas devotional

Turkey Coloring Pages

Looking for free Thanksgiving coloring pages? Coloring pages are great for keeping kids occupied while adults are visiting. Unless you have the type of kids who loves to help, in which case I am all sorts of jealous. 

46 Free Turkey Coloring Pages for Kids (and Adults) – You will NOT want to miss this large collection of photos all about turkeys. Kids of all ages can add this resource to any Thanksgiving activity for some coloring fun. From cute baby turkeys to turkey Thanksgiving dinners, your kids will love these.

Turkey Coloring Pages for Thanksgiving (and Japanese Surprise Printables) – If your kids are studying Japanese (like MINE) then these turkey coloring pages will be a hit. My daughter has been studying Japanese and so this coloring page has a plain turkey page but also some Japanese text for kids to learn.

Iconic Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Page Download – This turkey coloring page depicts the iconic and regal bird that represents our Thanksgiving holiday. Grab this classic turkey download coloring page for a classic Thanksgiving activity for your big kids and young kids alike.

Printable Turkey Coloring Pages

Dressed Happy Thanksgiving Turkeys – Of course, you will “dress” the turkeys for your Thanksgiving meal. However, why not let your kids “dress” their turkeys (even in a tuxedo) as well with this dress-up your turkey coloring pages.

Simple Printable Turkey Coloring Page – This is a super simple and fun Thanksgiving Turkey printable, but it can be used for all ages. Its simplicity allows younger learners to color with simple lines and colors. It also allows older kids to use their creativity to make the turkey as artsy as they would like.

20 Holiday Fun Turkey Coloring Pages – Download and print out any one of these turkey coloring pages – or all 20 of them. (Most of these are free, but some are budget-friendly with a small cost applied.

Turkey Coloring Pages for Kids of All Ages – Kids from young to older will enjoy these free turkey printables. There is a traditional turkey page, a super fancy turkey picture, a modern (silly) turkey, and more.

Free Turkey Coloring Sheets for Young Children on Thanksgiving Day:

Happy Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Page – Wish all the kids at your Thanksgiving dinner a Happy Thanksgiving with this happy turkey coloring page. Your little ones will love this adorable turkey picture as the perfect way to put some fun in their day.

Gobble Gobble Printable Turkey Coloring Pages – These Gobble Gobble and Turkey Time coloring pages are a fun way to get kids coloring and busy during your Thanksgiving get-together.

Turkey Coloring Sheet

Thanksgiving Coloring Sheet Printable Turkey – Enjoy two versions of these Thanksgiving turkey-free printable coloring pages. One version of the turkey picture has a small section of the sheet colored in and the other coloring sheet is completely blank.

Turkey in a Pilgrim Hat Coloring Page – If you ever see a sign of Thanksgiving it would be a Turkey in a Pilgrim Hat, for sure. Your kids will enjoy this free printable turkey coloring page.

Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Printables for Older Kids:

Zentangle Art Thanksgiving Turkey – Zentangle animals are a great way to color abstract pictures and detailed drawings. They also are calming and relaxing Thanksgiving activities for your students. This free Thanksgiving turkey zentangle art image is a beautiful coloring page for older kids.

Turkey Coloring Page for Older Kids – Your older students will really enjoy this complex free printable turkey coloring page. And yes, you can do the coloring page as well!

Turkey Coloring Pages PDF

Various Turkey Coloring Pages – These coloring pages have different turkeys for your kids to enjoy. There are funny cartoons of turkeys, a turkey with a pumpkin maze, and an adult Thanksgiving turkey coloring sheet.

Double Turkey Coloring Pages – What is better than one zentangle coloring page? Zentangle art with two turkeys to color!

Free Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Resources (including Turkeys):

Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner Coloring Pages – OK, so it’s not only a turkey coloring page. This freebie includes other printable PDFs that include Thanksgiving feasts, turkeys, a pumpkin pie, and so much more.

Happy Thanksgiving Coloring Pages (with 2 Turkey Pictures) – This Thanksgiving coloring pages come with two pictures of turkeys. One turkey image is of a Turkey with pumpkins and a pilgrim hat. The other is a fun, adorable Happy Thanksgiving turkey coloring page.

Thanksgiving Turkey Pictures

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages (Including Turkeys) – These turkey printables will encourage kids to practice their motor skills during this family holiday. Think for a moment, all your little ones and their cousins enjoying these Happy Thanksgiving coloring pages.

Thanks – Giving Coloring Sheets with Turkey Included – These two adorable Thanksgiving coloring pages are all yours to download. The first page is a fall season Thanksgiving Coloring page and the second is similar but with a cute turkey included.

Printable Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for Kids – Use these various printable Thanksgiving coloring pages to help celebrate the holiday. You will find at least ten different turkey images in this set of awesome holiday printables.

Activity Coloring Sheets with a Thanksgiving Turkey Theme:

Thanksgiving Activity Coloring Pages – Nope, not just a coloring page. These Thanksgiving turkey coloring sheets also have totally fun and engaging activities kids can enjoy. The activities include an iSpy page, a Thanksgiving Cootie Catcher, a maze, a word find, and a writing section.

Build a Turkey Coloring Page

Build a Turkey Coloring Page Activity – One of the best things you can do on Thanksgiving have a table of activities for kids for the day. This Build a Turkey Coloring Page is great for entertaining your kiddos.

Mini Coloring Book and Turkey Facts – These aren’t your regular coloring pages. This turkey facts for kids mini folding coloring book will help your kiddos learn more about turkeys as well.

Thanksgiving Dot Painting – Kids love using dot markers and parents do too! Thanksgiving dot painting is a great non-messy activity young children can do on Thanksgiving.

Turkey Guided Drawing and Writing Prompt – This illustrated guided drawing of a turkey includes a writing prompt as well. It is an adorable turkey drawing and coloring activity for your kids during Thanksgiving Day.

I’m Thankful for… Place Mat Coloring Activity – With this super cool placemat activity kids can write what they are thankful for on each turkey feather. It is a really great way for kids to think about being thankful at the dinner table.

More Thanksgiving Resources:

If you need some more easy ideas for what to do on Thanksgiving with your kids, check out 29 Thanksgiving crafts your kids can do and Thanksgiving STEM projects, and 9 ways to make Thanksgiving memorable.

different Thanksgiving crafts and text 29 Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids


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