Easy Turkey Paper Plate Crafts for Thanksgiving

November 5, 2021

Sara Dennis

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Are you looking for some cute turkey paper plate crafts to keep your kids busy while you cook Thanksgiving dinner? You’ll want to check out these adorable crafts. You can make a centerpiece, put a child’s photo on a turkey frame, or create a Thanksgiving turkey wreath to hang on the door.

Thanksgiving paper plate crafts

These crafts are also a fun way to improve your young children’s fine motor skills as they cut, paint, and glue an adorable turkey.

Turkey Paper Plate Crafts

Nothing beats making a Thanksgiving paper plate turkey craft in the month of November. Not only is it a fun Thanksgiving activity that will keep your kids busy, but the crafts create adorable keepsakes you can treasure for years.

Turkey Paper Plate Crafts for Preschoolers

These easy turkey paper plate crafts are perfect for young children. They’ll have so much fun painting, gluing, and putting together these adorable paper plate turkeys. 

turkey paper plate crafts for preschooler

Paper Plate Turkey Craft – Young children will love this paper plate turkey craft. They mix paint to make the color brown, paint a small plate, and add printable card stock eyes to make the head of the turkey. You’ll just need construction paper, paint, paper plates, and glue sticks to get started.

turkey hand craft toddlers

Easy Paper Plate Turkey Hand Craft for Toddlers – This easy turkey handprint turkey for toddlers is a fun and simple craft to make for Thanksgiving. When you have finished making the turkey, use a hole-punch and a piece of yarn to hang the turkey in a window or over the dining room table.

Turkey Paper Plate Hat

Kids love wearing hats, so what could be better than making these simple Thanksgiving turkey hats for younger children to wear at the Thanksgiving table? You’ll be able to keep little hands busy, turning a large plate into a hat. 

Adorable Paper Plate Turkey Hat – This cute paper plate turkey craft has you turn a paper plate into a hat for your younger kids. It’s a fun activity for family gatherings!

Paper Plate Turkey Hat – You’ll turn half of the paper plate into a turkey. It’s a fun Thanksgiving-themed craft that will entertain a large group of kids and keep them happy for hours.

Handprint Turkey Paper Plate Wreath

You can’t go writing with a handprint turkey paper plate wreath craft. Not only is creating a handprint turkey paper plate wreath a wonderful craft that will keep your kids busy, but it will also give you a cute family keepsake to hang on your front door each year. 

Make a Paper Plate Thanksgiving Wreath Shaped Turkey – This paper plate turkey wreath has kids making handprints and gluing them all around the turkey’s body. You’ll end up with a cut turkey wreath to hang on a door.

Footprint Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath – While this isn’t a handprint, it’s still a fun craft to make with your kids. Paint the bottom of your child’s foot with paint and have them step on a large paper plate. Then turn the plate into a beautiful keepsake Thanksgiving turkey wreath!

Paper Plate Turkey Wreath

These cut turkeys make beautiful paper plate wreaths to hang around your house. These simple crafts are a great way to keep your kids busy, decorate for Thanksgiving, and make beautiful family memories.

Make a Fun Paper Plate Turkey Wreath – Turn a paper plate into an adorable turkey wreath with some school glue, construction paper, and googly eyes.

Easy Paper Plate Wreath Craft for Kids – Make a turkey body out of a paper plate. Then glue folded orange, red, and yellow construction paper for turkey feathers! You’ll have an adorable wreath to hang on your front door.

Paper Plate Turkey Centerpiece

If you’re looking for Thanksgiving crafts that serve a purpose, check out these amazing turkey centerpieces. They’re a fun way to work on your children’s fine motor skills while creating a family keepsake.

paper plate craft turkey centerpiece

Turkey Paper Plate Crafts

Thanksgiving Themed Turkey Tear Art – This adorable turkey centerpiece craft uses a toilet paper roll and a paper plate. Be sure to scroll down the page to find the instructions.

Make a Paper Plate Pop-Up Turkey Centerpiece – Your kids will love putting together this adorable paper plate pop-up turkey to put in the center of your Thanksgiving table. 

Paper Plate Turkey Mosaic

Make some beautiful paper plate Thanksgiving turkey mosaic crafts with your children. Use fall colors for the mosaic, or encourage your kids to create their own versions using their favorite colors. The best part is that you can cut up construction paper or tissue paper to create the mosaic.

Cute Paper Plate Turkey Mosaic – This is an adorable turkey to make with younger or older kids. Cut small squares of colored construction paper to glue on the paper plate around the turkey’s body.

Tissue Paper Turkey Mosaic – This fun craft has you sketch a turkey on a piece of construction paper instead of a paper plate. My suggestion is to sketch your turkey on a paper plate! Either way, you’ll end up with fun turkeys on which to glue pieces of red, yellow, orange, and brown construction paper to create an adorable mosaic.

Turkey Photo Frame

Make an adorable turkey frame with a picture of your child. These are great crafts to make on Thanksgiving to create fun keepsakes for the whole family.

Make a Paper Plate Turkey Photo Frame – Put together a paper plate turkey and add a picture of your child or children to the center of the paper plate. Your kids will adore making this simple turkey.

Fun Photo Turkey Craft – Make a super easy photo turkey craft using a muffin tin liner and small wallet-sized photos. It’s a great craft to make as people arrive for Thanksgiving dinner!

Colorful Turkey Paper Plate Craft

These colorful turkey paper plate crafts are super fun Thanksgiving activities to complete. You decorate a paper plate turkey with watercolors or trace your child’s hand in the center of the paper plate to create a colorful keepsake. 

colorful paper plate turkey craft

Paper Plate Turkey Crafts

Paper Plate Turkey Craft for Kids – Your kids will love this fun Thanksgiving craft. They’ll paint a small paper plate with watercolors, add googly eyes, and end up with a colorful turkey!

Mosaic Handprint Turkey Craft for Kids – Trace your child’s hand on a paper plate and then glue bits of orange, yellow, and red paper to the plate to create an adorable turkey keepsake.

Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner Plate

Give your young kids the task of determining what the perfect Thanksgiving meal is. They’ll be able to craft their own dinner plate menus. It’s a great way to keep your kids busy while you’re cooking pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving.

Turkey Dinner Plate Craft – Make a paper Thanksgiving turkey dinner with your children. Kids will use paper plates, construction paper, brown lunch bags, and cotton balls to put together their own Thanksgiving dinner.

Craft Idea for Kids: Thanksgiving Dinner – Have your children determine what is the perfect Thanksgiving meal while they put together this fun Thanksgiving dinner craft.

Pumpkin Pie Spinner

Make a pumpkin pie spinner that lists various things your children are grateful for. As they spin the pie, they’ll be able to see various items on the list. It’s a fun interactive craft for kids to make over the Thanksgiving holidays.

I Am Thankful Pumpkin Pie Spinner – Encourage your kids to make an interactive pumpkin pie spinner and list everything they’re grateful for. It’s a fun way to combine gratitude with an arts and crafts project.

Thankful Pumpkin Pie Spinner – Don’t forget to add the cotton ball whipped cream as you make this adorable pumpkin pie thankful spinner. 

Paper Plate Mayflower

Put together a paper plate Mayflower to help your children learn all about the first Thanksgiving. This is an amazing Thanksgiving activity that your kids will adore.

paper plate Mayflower craft

Thanksgiving Paper Plate Crafts

Thanksgiving Craft: Paper Plate Pilgrim Craft – Make this fun paper plate craft with the Mayflower, a pilgrim, and a Native American. It’s a great way to teach the first Thanksgiving story to your children.

Learning About the Mayflower Paper Plate Craft and free Template – Help your kids learn about the history of Thanksgiving as they make this fun Mayflower paper plate craft. There’s even a free template for you to download and print!

Color Matching Paper Plate Turkey

Help your children learn their colors with this fun color-matching paper plate turkey. You can give the kids a 1-inch circle hole punch to create the dots!

Paper Plate Turkey: Color Matching – Make a turkey with colorful feathers and then have your child glue matching dots to the turkey feathers.

Colour Match Paper Plate Turkey Craft for Toddlers – Paint a brown turkey, add colorful turkey feathers, and have your toddler match and glue paper dots on the feathers. This is a fun craft that your kids will love.

Paper Plate Cornucopia

Put together a paper plate cornucopia with your kids. The craft can be hung on a door or displayed on your refrigerator. It’s a fun November craft for kids of all ages.

Paper Plage Cornucopia – You’ll need 4 paper plates and some brown paint to create this adorable paper plate cornucopia wall hanging. 

Easy Paper Plate Cornucopia Craft and Place Setting – Have your children make this easy paper plate cornucopia place setting craft for the Thanksgiving table. 

Paper Plate Leaf Turkey

Send your kids outside to collect colorful autumn leaves to make beautiful paper plate leaf turkeys to decorate your house. The leaves are used to make the feathers of your paper plate turkey.

Thanksgiving Paper Plate and Leaf Turkey – Make an incredible Thanksgiving paper plate turkey craft to put on your Thanksgiving table. It’s a great craft to make at this time of year and uses leaves, paper plates, and toilet paper rolls. 

Paper Plate Leaf Turkey – Collect a group of colorful leaves to make this lovely paper plate leaf turkey.

Hanging Paper Plate Turkeys

Make a paper plate turkey to hang on your door or from a lamp. Just use a hole punch to put a small hole in the craft. Then stick a ribbon through the hole and hang the turkey in your house!

hanging paper plate turkey craft

Easy Paper Turkey Craft for Kids – Download the template, print, cut, and put together an easy paper turkey craft with your kids. This is a great Thanksgiving printable to hang on your front door!

Paper Plate Turkey Wreath – Hang a paper plate turkey wreath on every door in your house. This easy Thanksgiving craft makes a fun decoration to help everyone get into the Thanksgiving spirit!

More Thanksgiving Printables

Don’t forget to download and print these amazing Thanksgiving printables. They will keep your kids busy while you’re cooking the Thanksgiving meal.

paper plate turkey craft printable template

Paper Plate Turkeys

Thanksgiving Craft for Kids: Paper Plate Turkeys – This easy paper plate turkey craft for kids includes a free template to make the craft super easy. Kids can cut out tail feathers from construction paper. It’s a great activity to keep your kids busy while they’re waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to cook.

Printable Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving Color by Number – Download and print these astounding Thanksgiving color-by-number worksheets for your children. 

Turkey Coloring Pages – What’s better than coloring some colorful turkey coloring pages? Your kids can decorate their rooms, doors, and fridge with these fun sheets.

Thanksgiving Dot Painting – Hand your child a box of dot markers and let them cover these Thanksgiving printables with dots in every shade of the rainbow.

Easy Thanksgiving Crafts – Nothing is better than making one of these easy Thanksgiving crafts to decorate your home for Thanksgiving day.

More Thanksgiving Printables

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