Printables to Teach Kids About Modern Artists

January 17, 2020

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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After some research, I found that the idea of modern art I had was NOT what I thought it was. When I previously thought of modern art, I thought of ONLY avant-garde, block shapes, and funky sculptures. I thought the artists were abstract characters making massive statements of rebellion in their art to societal norms. I learned that modern art wasn’t just that. Introducing modern art to our kids is so much more than just another art lesson. Use these printables to teach kids about modern artists.

Printables to Teach Kids About Modern Artists.


What I didn’t know was that all art after the 18th century is considered modern. The notion of modern art came around the time of the industrial revolution. During this time, the social, economic, and cultural conditions were directly impacted by the manufacturing, transportation, and technological industry around the world.

Modern Art and History

You wouldn’t put the industrial revolution and modern art together, but it is interesting how the artwork of the day has developed from directly reflecting the times.

For instance, realism (1848 – 1900) was during the European democratic revolutions and, therefore, celebrated the working class and peasants. Baroque (1600 – 1750) art started during the Thirty Year’s War between Catholics and Protestants. The art depicted the splendor and flourish of God. Consequently, art was thought of as a weapon in the religious wars.

Modern art is no different, except it came with a little twist. Before the 19th-century, artists were commissioned to paint from wealthy patrons or large institutions like churches. With the modern era, artists started creating with their own experiences and topics of their choosing.

Sigmund Freud greatly influenced the modern artists of the time. He began exploring a subjective focus, dreams, symbolism, and personal feelings or thoughts. This resulted in artists developing new, innovative, and alternative forms of expression and abstract experiments in their artwork.

So many artists represent the modern art era, some like Picasso and Matisse also would introduce the list. I selected a few modern artists below that my kids really enjoyed learning about. I hope your kids do as well. Note: Please review the artwork or educational sites before showing your kids.

Explore modern art in your homeschool with these printables to teach kids about modern artists:

Georgia O’Keeffe

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pictures of printed picture cards on the floor

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Georgia O’Keeffe Quotation Copywork| Notebooking Fairy

Art History Printables Georgia O’Keeffe | Thrifty Homeschoolers

Meeting the Master Artists: Georgia O’Keeffe Unit Study Resources | Table Life Blog

Georgia O\'Keeffe Unit Study Resources

Piet Mondrian

Hey Kids, Meet Piet Mondrian FREE Printable| Making Art Fun

Kids Homeschool Art Lesson: Piet Mondrian | Happiness is Home

art and learning: Piet Mondrian LEGO art | Mama Miss

Frank Kupka

Frank Kupka, Cubism, and Modern Unit Study | Life Beyond the Lesson Plan

Andy Warhol

10 Andy Warhol Projects for Kids / 10 Roy Lichtenstein Art Projects For Kids| Artsy Craftsy Mom

Andy Warhol – Meet the Artist – Famous Artists Art Unit – Biography Unit | Magic Spells for Teachers

Elementary Art Early Finishers, Wacky Warhol Visual Art Activity | Look Between the Lines        

The Andy Warhol Word Find | Artsology

Yayoi Kusama

Explore the Artwork Of Yayoi Kasuma With Kids |Kitchen Counter Chronicles

Yayoi Kusama Pumpkin Project for Younger Artists | MamasakiArt

Various modern artists

Famous Artists for Kids ~ Linnaeus Life Timeline Printable 3-Part Cards| The Natural Homeschool

Charlotte Mason Picture Study: Frederic Remington | Art Class Curator

4 printable worksheets about Gustav Klimt: second set |

Explore Modern Artists: Paint Like Jasper Johns / Ellsworth Kelly / Edward Hopper | TinkerLab

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Modern art lesson resources

FREE Famous Artists Notebooking Research Journal

FREE Notebooking Research Journal.

Printable Art History Timeline and List of Famous Modern Artists (1860-Present) | The Natural Homeschool

Modern Art Projects | Modern Art for Kids

Art Movements Matching Cards | I Believe in Montessori

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Dada Poster | Daydream Education

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Modern Masters Art Lesson Plans | Deep Spaces Sparkles

I read this statement, which I agree in regard to modern art. When researching modern art for my lessons at home.

“Bringing contemporary art into schools and communities enables educators to promote curiosity, encourage dialogue, and initiate a debate about the world and the issues that affect our lives.”

                                                                                                                                                                -Art 21 (

For this reason, we can understand why teaching our children about modern artists would be beneficial to our kids. We want them to think for themselves, to be encouraged to debate on what they believe in, and to be well-rounded. Studying modern can help them do just that.

Want help with your art history lessons throughout the year? Check out these Periods of Art History Resources.

Printables to Teach Kids About Modern Artists.

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