If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Printable Learning Packs & Worksheets

November 16, 2021

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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If you have a preschooler the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Series is probably a staple book in your household. They are one of the more popular children’s books. You can turn this book into an educational activity with If You Give a Mouse a Cookie printables.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie book themed worksheet pack

I absolutely loved reading If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series to my little ones in our homeschool preschool. They are a personal favorite of mine. No one can resist the cute little mouse eating a cookie, then asking for a glass of milk and he continues to ask for more and more things.

There are so many different stories in the whole series, and they are just so funny and sweeet. We really enjoy the simple humor and even very small children try to guess what will happen next as the story progresses.

These books go on and on and get sillier and sillier as they go. We quote them often in our household, even now as my kids are older.

What is the age range of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie?

This book is geared for children ages 4-8 or any young learners. I have read it to my children at just 2 years old. Even my 10 year old likes to read these adorable books on her own.

This type of story is called a circular tale, which cycles through one event at a time, until it reaches the beginning of the story again. In this instance, the mouse goes through a series of events after eating the cookie, and ends up back at the table asking for a cookie again! 

Kids of all ages enjoy this book as it keeps them guessing what will happen before it happens. Older children can read the story out loud to younger siblings or just read it for some fun reading time.

What are the books in the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Series?

There are nine books in the series written by Laura Numeroff. There are so many different animals that have been added as cute and troublesome characters. The books are published in this order:

There are many other themed books that follow the mouse character and his friends at school and during other holidays. There is even a television series that preschoolers really enjoy.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie printables and crafts

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Printables

It’s fun to do a whole week of learning fun with a favorite book such as If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. These printable packs have enough learning activities to put together a solid few days of themed learning fun.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Printable Activities

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Printable Activities – These free printables include dot marker activities, a math extension pack, character and story setting and more.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Lapbook

Lapbook Printables – Do your kids need help with fine motor skills? They can practice their cutting skills by cutting out the pages to create their own lapbook. There are even extra printable mazes and math activities.  

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie PDF Printable

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Preschool Learning Pack These cute free preschool worksheets have 20 pages of learning fun with counting practice, beginning phonic sound clip cards, and other activities.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Printable Packs

60+ Page If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Printable Pack – This fun cookie pack is specifically designed for kids ages 2-7. So many fun printable activities to keep your littes one learning and having fun while doing it! 

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Printable Counting Packet –  Give your kids some extra practice counting in a fun way with these themed counting printables to go along with the book. 

Book Unit Plan – Teach your children the who, what when, where, why and how of the story with this printable unit.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Worksheets

My favorite part of homeschooling, is finding worksheets, lesson plans and learning packs to go along with some of my kids’ favorite books. I have found that they enjoy learning more if we are using themes and stories that they are already familiar with. Find some fun lesson plans for If You Give a Mouse a Cookie from our list below. 

Printable Cookie Word Tally Count Worksheet – This printable has many words from the story, hidden in the shape of a cookie. Search and find the words and tally up how many you find on the counting sheet.

Worksheets for the Book – Your kids are going to enjoy these free printable worksheets that are themed to the book. There are cookie math counting, word cards, and matching activities. 

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Lesson Plans

Preschool Lesson Plans – These lesson plans are perfect if you like to plan out a book theme each week in your homeschool. There is a calendar with enough activities and ideas for a full week.

Cause and Effect Worksheets – These cause and effect worksheets take you through the story and what happens next. Organize them with your kids in this printable or digital graphic organizer.

Sequencing Worksheet – Put the story in order by what happens next in the story and paste them on the printable.

Hands-on Learning With Books

Small children absolutely love hands-on learning. They actually do better when learning is done in that way. It opens their senses, helps their fine motor skills and even helps with concentration.

These activities and simple crafts are a great idea to do for a themed book week. When my kids were younger we would take a full week in our homeschool to cover a book, or book series. It is a great way to immerse your children in a fun themed setting and introduce them to new books.

They will always remember the book and doing the projects together as a family. There are lots of cookie activities and games to add to your learning.

Cookie Counting Cards – You can add a fun cookie theme in addition to reading the book. These counting cards can be laminated to wipe clean after each use. Count out the number on the card by filling the cookie up with chocolate chips.

Sensory Bottle – Kids love sensory bottles. Fill this one with handmade cookie shapes, babies and toddlers will love shaking them and looking at the cookies inside. 

Cookie Counting Set Mats – Kids love learning and playing with food. Print out these adorable counting mats, get some playdough, and some tiny chocolate chip cookies. Shape the dough to the shape of the number on the card and add the amount of cookies to the spaces on the card.

Edible Cookie Dough Playdough Recipe – This is a fun recipe to make together. Create the dough, then squish it and shape it into cookies to use on the printable playdough cards.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Crafts

Crafts are a favorite past time in our home. We did them quite often during the preschool years, sometimes even daily. Now, even as my children have gotten older they still enjoy crafting, since I instilled it when they were very young.

These are crafts that will go perfectly with If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. You could do a new craft each day for a full week, or just pick an entire day to read the book and do a bunch of crafts at one time.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Printables with Craft – This is such a cute idea for making a giant cookie from a paper plate. There are even fine motor skill cutting and matching themed free printables.

Printable Mouse and Cookie Hat – Print out these adorable hats to have your kids color and put together. Wear them while you are reading the story and doing fun activities.

If You Give a Mouse a Cooke Counting Game Craft – This game is also an adorable mouse face craft that you create with a paper plate. Use the counting cards then feed the mouse that many cookies. 

Handprint Art – Create your own mouse from the books out of a painted handprint that looks like the overalls that he wears in the story. This is such a cute art project that can be put on an art canvas for a more finished look.

Puffy Paint and Paper Plate Cookie Craft – Create an extra large cookie on a paper plate with puffy paint. This is such a cute craft.



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