Homeschool Room Ideas: Creating a Homeschool Learning Space

March 30, 2022

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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Having a dedicated homeschool space is a very important thing to consider. You will want to make sure your homeschool space is something the kids are going to love and where they will enjoy doing their school work. You and your kids are going to love all of these homeschool room ideas.

How to Create a Homeschool Learning Space Your Kids Will Love with image of boy doing school on a desk.

Homeschool Room Ideas

We have so many amazing homeschool room ideas for you to create your own homeschool area that will delight your entire family!

Dedicated Homeschool Area

When you homeschool, the schooling just seems to take up your entire home. When you have a dedicated homeschool area to school in, the rest of the home will usually seem a little less chaotic.

Many families enjoy turning a room, or part of their house into a homeschool room. This helps to keep everything in a set location instead of thrown all over the place.

If you are new to homeschooling, it can be a little overwhelming to figure out where to put everything and what to do with your space. That’s why we have gathered up lots of ideas and resources from seasoned homeschoolers to give you a little help with getting started.

What should I put in my homeschool room?

There are so many things you can use to fill a homeschool room. Some of the most popular options are:

How do I organize my homeschool room?

A bookshelf is a must-have to organize a homeschool room, because when you homeschool you will have a lot of books!

Many families like to label their shelves by subject and store subject specific books together. This makes it easy if you have multiple children, or if you homeschool using the unit study method. Books are easier to keep track of if they are separated by theme.

Milk crates make great book storage, toy and manipulative storage as well. You can store 5 or 6 binders worth of yearly portfolio work in one milk crate.

Matching storage containers with labels is a great way to keep small items organized and easy to find.

What makes a good learning environment at home?

A good learning environment at home is where your child can feel comfortable and happy while learning. A space with their favorite colors or themes will encourage them to want to spend more time there.

Cozy areas for reading and studying throughout the house is nice too. Do you have a comfy chair with a special blanket that they love? Place a basket of books next to it so they can curl up with a good book.

Having arts and crafts or hobby supplies readily available will encourage your children to create on their free time instead of turning to a screen. Create a welcoming area outside with a swing or bench so they can get some much needed outdoor nature time as well.

Homeschool Room Ideas for Small Spaces

If you don’t have a homeschool room, you can use a dining room table. Behind the table you can get a buffet or china hutch and fill that with all your school supplies and books behind closed doors.

Closets can have shelving systems added to them to store all your books, teacher manuals, craft supplies and math manipulatives. If you keep everything in containers you can carry it into the living room or dining room to do school.

Baskets setting next to the couch is a great place to store read-alouds or books for morning time. Turn a corner of a room into a small school area with a little table with shelves hanging above it for storage.

Homeschool Room Ideas

10 + Homeschool Room Ideas – You don’t need an actual homeschool room to homeschool. There are many places through out your home that will suffice. Check out these amazing ideas.

photo of a homeschool room in a dining room.

Small Space Homechool Ideas

Small Space Homeschool Ideas – We absolutely love these small space homeschool setup ideas. Learn how to make the most out of the space you have and how to set up your homeschool area. This post features their homeschool room which is actually in a closet!

small space homeschool ideas text with photos of lots of homeschool organization on a shelf in a closet.

Preschool Homeschool Room Ideas

Preschoolers are busy, busy little people. Here are some fun ideas of items you want to have in a preschool homeschool room:

  • A chalkboard to draw and color on.
  • Baskets of stickers, coloring books, crayons and paper.
  • Storage containers for toys, math manipulatives, blocks, etc..
  • Sensory bin items for themed play time.
  • Bookshelves and baskets full of fun board books and picture books.
  • Puppets, stuffed animals and toys for creative play.
  • Dress up trunk or dress up area for more creative role playing activities.

Homeschool Room Ideas on a Budget

Some families like their children to have their own desks, or separate tables to work on. This can be an extra cost on top of curriculum purchases, so many families like to find creative ways to make work stations with found items.

You can create a desk from an old table or shelves on a wall. Pillows on the floor can make soft cushions for reading. A reading nook in the corner of a room is a great way to encourage reading.

collage of homeschool room ideas

Creative Homeschool Spaces to Inspire You

There are so many creative ideas for homeschool spaces. Some are simple, and some are magazine-worthy. There are lots to choose from. We know you are going to love these DIY homeschool room ideas and homeschool organization hacks from fellow homeschool mamas.

Homeschool Organization

How to Organize a Homeschool Room – I love the honesty of this before picture. This is a very common occurrence around here. Especially when you are trying to organize with children under foot.

photo of bookshelf and messy papers and boxes all over a homeschool room.

You will love the tips and suggestions that takes the before picture and turns it into this:

photo of organized homeschool room with clean bookshelves.

Homeschool Space in the Kitchen

This homeschool mom has an organized space in her kitchen for her designated homeschool area. I love her book basket and cute room decor.

homeschool space in kitchen

Color Coding Ideas for Homeschool Rooms

Benefits of Color Coding Your Homeschool Classroom – When you have multiple children that you are homeschooling it can be hard to keep track of all the papers and school work for each child. Find out why color coding your homeschool is important and how it will come in handy.

benefits of color coding your homeschool classroom text with organization boxes and shelf.

Homeschool Room Ideas

Amazing Homeschool Room Tour – This is an utterly amazing homeschool room tour. There are so many parts of this room that will just make you drool! Almost everything is from IKEA. I love how spacious and organized it is. Take a look at the huge game wall and reading corner!

homeschool room reading corner and game bookshelves.

Homeschool Room Decor Ideas

Homeschool Room Decor Ideas – Learn how to make your own polka dot stencils, pencil shaped clipboards, and back to school t-shirts with a fun vinyl machine.

DIY homeschool room decor hanging up on a wall.

Homework Stations

Homework Stations and Organization Tips – Even if you homeschool, you will find that there is still homework that needs to get done. A homework station is a great place for homeschool or co-op homework, or just a quiet work space for your children.

homework stations and organization tips with photos of homework stations.

Homework Stations

Creating a Family Homework Station – You can create a homework station anywhere in your house. This goes for homeschool work too. I love this idea for creating one in the busiest place in the house: the kitchen.

homework station text with photo of homework in a kitchen storage cabinet.

Homework Wall Desk

DIY Homework Hideaway Wall Desk – This is one of the most creative DIY ideas I have seen yet. It is perfect for homework, homeschool work and homeschooling in a small space.

Tips for Helping Your Kids with Home Learning – Learning can take place anywhere in your home, but it is important to at least have one dedicated space for certain times in the day. These suggestions and tips will help you to help your kids stay organized and centered while doing their school work at home.

tips for helping your kids with home learning text with photo of kids at a desk.

Reader’s Homeschool Spaces

We recently asked our subscribers what their homeschool spaces looked like. We got so many amazing photos and responses back that we had to share some of these favorite homeschool room ideas.

Homeschool Room Ideas

You are going to love these amazing homeschool room ideas! This homeschool island is a great place to store homeschool supplies and art supplies while saving space for multiple children.

A picture of a homeschool room and homeschooling storage ideas

Homeschooling in the Living Room

This photo is a wonderful example of using your living room as a school area. Look at the back wall. They took a table, cut it in half and created wall desks with it. What a great idea to save extra room for the rest of the living room!

A picture of a homeschool room and homeschooling storage ideas

Here is a close up example of the table and workstation. We really loved the stain and DIY aspect of the tables.

A picture of a homeschool room and homeschooling storage ideas

Bookshelf Organization

We are blown away by this very organized bookshelf. Isn’t it beautiful with all the different books displayed?

A picture of a homeschool room and homeschooling storage ideas

Dedicated Art Wall

To the right of that bookshelf, this family created an art wall. They also are using a nice rolling cart to store all of their art supplies.

A picture of a homeschool room and homeschooling storage ideas

Fun Chalkboard Wall

This reader created a fun chalkboard wall with chalkboard paint in their school room. Kids will love doing some of their writing and school work on the wall.

A picture of a homeschool room and homeschooling storage ideas

IKEA Kitchen Table

A simple kitchen table from Ikea and matching bookshelves is a nice way to keep things organized in a small room We love the adorable flower clock to help tell time.

A picture of a homeschool room and homeschooling storage ideas

Corner Table Workstation

Having a small table in the corner is a nice option when you don’t have a lot of room in your house. This is a nice little workstation with a chore chart, calendar and motivational posters. We also love the sensory wiggle cushion for the chair.

A picture of a homeschool room and homeschooling storage ideas

Making Use of Plastic Storage Bins

We really like the use of the plastic storage bin with snapping lids to store art supplies. They even used magazine holders in different colors to store each child’s notebooks and school work.

A picture of a homeschool room and homeschooling storage ideas

Cube Shelves and Storage Baskets

These large cube shelves are really beautiful. The straw baskets match with a lot of home decor styles and are a great way to hide clutter while still looking nice.

A picture of a homeschool room and homeschooling storage ideas

Craft Room and School Room Combo

This is the ultimate craft room that doubles as a homeschooling room. There is a lot of room to do school and to create. The peg shelf walls keep everything nice and organized.

A picture of a homeschool room and homeschooling storage ideas

Creative Laptop and Tablet Storage

This homeschool mom had a super innovative idea to use an inexpensive file folder-holder to store her laptops and tablets – genius!

A picture of a homeschool room and homeschooling storage ideas

Hand-Paint an Old Desk

This reader found a small desk and hand painted it. What a sweet way to freshen up an old vintage school desk.

A picture of a homeschool room and homeschooling storage ideas

Take Your Homeschool Outside

When you homeschool you can take your school work anywhere. Even at a table on the back porch on a beautiful day.

A picture of a homeschool room and homeschooling storage ideas

Homeschool Storage Ideas

This homeschool space has matching cube shelves to store books, and overhead cabinets for even more supplies.

A picture of a homeschool room and homeschooling storage ideas

Front-Facing Bookshelves

These library style book racks are a great way to display larger books for smaller children to pull out and read.

A picture of a homeschool room and homeschooling storage ideas

Math Manipulative Storage

Next to the book storage are even more books. Homeschoolers sure do love their books! They made some great use of this space by turning the top of the bookshelf into a math manipulative storage center.

A picture of a homeschool room and homeschooling storage ideas

Book Labeling

This is the same homeschool room, with even more storage for all the school books. We love how all the baskets are labeled.

A picture of a homeschool room and homeschooling storage ideas

In Conclusion

As you can see from all these great ideas, you don’t need a separate room for your homeschool. You can get creative with whatever space you have!

Whether you have a small space, homeschool in the dining room, or use a small corner of your living room, creative storage for all your homeschool supplies is key. We hope that these homeschool room ideas have inspired you to make your homeschool space more inviting.

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