Fun and Frugal Book Nook Ideas

April 28, 2020

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Do you have a reading space in your home? Some may doubt the need for a designated reading area in a home. However, I beg to differ. If you are wondering why your kids would ever need a designated reading space, check out these fun and frugal book nook ideas to help motivate your decision.

Fun and Frugal Book Nook Ideas text with image of a boy reading a book under string lights

When I first heard of reading nooks or just designated areas for reading, I am pretty sure I rolled my eyes. I mean, I was just getting used to homeschooling my kids and discovering how my son learned. It was tough. 

I was a teacher before, and it was difficult. I can imagine how parents, who have never taught previously, might feel. Parents are just trying to get kids to write or multiply, so why is there something else that is “recommended” we do for our homeschool?

Here is my “why.”

Thoughts like that crossed my mind, but I quickly got over it. See, I was a primary school teacher, and I had a reading corner. I was so proud of my little classroom book nook. Not because it was awesome, not because I found the coolest bean bags for my students to read in comfort. It was because I made it an area that kids actually wanted to be in.

That cozy little  spot away from reality, the reading corner, motivated my kids (students) to read. These students were inner-city kids. They were rough around the edges, and some just didn’t read at home at all. Thankfully I grew up in the Bronx, New York, and I “got” them – and they warmed my heart. I miss them very much. (Sorry, back to the book nooks.)

Even though homeschooling was a challenging adjustment for me, I can say that it was absolutely worth making a reading nook for my kids. Our designated reading area had the same effect on my kids as it did on my students. 

Here are a few reasons why I think a reading nook is a good move in your homeschool environment:

 1. It motivates.

Kids can be assigned a time to read, but they never really find “that one place” where they are comfortable reading. They move from place to place or even fall asleep. Now with a reading nook, my kids are motivated to spend time there and actually read. Sometimes I find them arguing over who will use it and when. You can’t really doubt a tool that motivates a child to read. If you have kids that just don’t like reading, a reading nook may be something that encourages them to read. 

2. It gets kids in the “zone.”

A specified reading nook and reading time during your homeschool day forms a habit for our kids. They get in the zone of reading once they are there. They forget their stresses, their chores, their issues, and just read. Books transport kids into worlds that explore new characters, experience magical places, and get their minds away from the normalcy of life. We all need that now and again.

3. It helps them focus.

My son is a high energy boy. I have had to find ways to teach him that are less than easy or simple. Teaching him takes a lot of adjusting and moving around; he gets easily distracted.

A reading nook is an excellent place for him to practice focusing on what he is reading – not his toys or electronics. A reading nook is a place where kids know they can stay and be free of outside distractions. 

4. It helps kids calm down.

When it comes to reading, it is super important for kids to practice calmness and to practice being at rest. The reading nook is perfect for that. 

Kids just need to go there, read, relax, and take this time for themselves. It helps if you explain to your kids that it is OK to be alone at times. 

5. Develops a love for reading.

There is nothing that provides a better start to the love of reading than parents who love to read and allowing for a space that makes reading enjoyable. 

Here are some fun and frugal book nook ideas for you to explore for your home: 

DIY furniture.

Refurbish some used furniture. Here are some ideas from IKEA:

IKEA hacks: 10 budget-friendly furniture DIYs | Today’s Parent

Frame or hang up your child’s artwork.

Check out these ideas for how to hang up your child’s artwork to decorate your book nook. They will love it.

DIY Kids Art Displays | the Idea Room

Use baskets.

Do you have baskets lying around the house? Using baskets for books in the nook makes for easy access and a comfy look to your book nook area.

How to Use Book Baskets to Encourage a Love for Reading | Ben and Me

How to Use Book Baskets to Encourage a Love for Reading

Use old tires as seats.

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? You won’t want to miss this idea. Check it out here:

DIY Kids Seating Using A Tire | Grillo Designs 

Turn a closet into a reading nook.

Think for a moment. Do you have a closet you can turn into a book nook? All you need is some paint, lighting, and pillows.

Check out how to do it here:

Nursery Closet: Storage Space Turned Cozy Book Nook | Mama.Papa.Bubba

image of a closet

Nook Closet | Young House Love 

Grab a cardboard box and an imagination.

Turn a Plain Cardboard Box into a Super Cool Book Nook With this Easy DIY | She Knows 

Make a simple tent/canopy nook.

Check out some instructions below:

Inspire your kids to read, 5 steps to the perfect Book Nook! | How Does She?

Reading Nook Tent | The Lawrence Girls

These are really simple and low budget ideas to make a reading area personal for your family, however no need to stop there.

Check out more fun and frugal book nook ideas:

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Image of reading nook

Here are a few reading resources and frugal ways to build your library for your book nook:

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Creating a book nook in your home can provide a place where kids are motivated, comfortable, and eager to read books.

As I mentioned above, there are things that encourage our kids to love books and reading. One thing is being a parent who loves reading. Second is creating a space where they can freely read and enjoy reading. A book nook in your home shows children that you consider reading important. You can help to foster an environment where kids grow to be adults that love reading, and a book nook is a great way to facilitate that.

Fun and Frugal Book Nook Ideas text with image of a boy reading a book under string lights

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