Over 50 Free Nature Walk Printables

February 25, 2016

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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For some of us, spring is almost here. This also means that it is about to be the perfect time to get your children back outdoors after the long winter months. Get your kids excited about nature by using a nature walk activity sheet and over 50 free nature walk printables.

foggy forest trail with text overlay Over 50 Free Nature Walk Printables

Nature Walks

My kids LOVE being outside, and they really enjoy nature study. Studying nature comes so naturally to children. I love that it shows that there is a Mighty Creator and everything brings praise back to Him! It also calms every one down and really helps to clear our minds and relax us.

Don’t be afraid of nature study.

I know some people are afraid of nature study. If that is you, don’t be! Nature study doesn’t have to be a big, in-depth study with lots of notebooks and field guides.

Some people think you have to be an avid outdoor enthusiast to embrace nature studies. That isn’t true either. You don’t have to be the outdoorsy type to do nature study.

You may be wondering how to take a nature walk.

  • It can really be just as simple as taking a short nature walk outside with your kids.
  • Talk to them as you are walking and point out things you may not have noticed before.
  • Ask them to find things that they see that are interesting.
  • Look for fun faces in trees and shapes in the clouds.
  • Point out the different colors of items you see.
  • Look for new growth.
  • Use nature walk activity sheets.

Nature Study Products 

If you enjoy easy, open-and-go resources that requires no work on your part, you will love these easy open and go unit studies:

The Birding Notebook is a wonderful companion notebook to the Audubon Birding Adventures for Kids book. Your children will learn about 25 birds and their habitats and record all the information in their own notebook. This is a great open and go unit study and science supplement.

The Nature Notebook is another companion notebook. This was created to go along seamlessly with Julia Rothman’s Nature Anatomy. It is a best seller and turns her book into a solid science study with over 170 pages for your children to explore, write, answer questions and draw what they are learning.


Over 50 Free Nature Walk Printables

Get a jump start on your spring nature studies with this round-up of over 50 Free Nature Walk Printables. 

You can print these out and leave some of them in your car for an impromptu walk in a park. You can even make a folder for them in your house to pull out whenever you want to take a walk. My kids really enjoy these sheets and we have a big nature study binder that we keep everything in.

Nature Walk Activity Sheets

Good Friday Nature Walk Printable – This is such a sweet Easter themed nature walk that will be perfect for a nice Good Friday walk in the park. 

Nature Walk Coloring Page and Worksheet – There are extra spaces to write and draw what they find on the coloring sheet.

Nature Walk Spotter Sheet

Signs of Spring Nature Walk Spotter Sheet and Graph – Spot the signs of Spring with these pretty pictures and teach your children how to graph at the same time.

Nature Walk Bingo

Camping Bingo and Backyard Bingo Printables – This fun camping bingo is a perfect scavenger hunt for a camping trip.

Play Nature Bingo – Kids love playing bingo games, and this outdoor nature bingo is so much fun to mark your board with what you find outside.

Nature Walk Observations

Go On a Sound Walk with Free Printable – There is so much to listen to out in nature walk. Help your kids listen for specific sounds with this sound scavenger hunt.

Nature Scavenger Hunt Printables

An easy way to keep your kids engaged and get them excited about nature is by having them hunt for items on your walk! There are many different hunts that you can try a new one on each walk. I like to keep a clipboard of these in a bag for anytime we go to a park day. 

Printable Picture Nature Scavenger Hunt – this printable has adorable pictures and works great for young ones who can’t yet read.

Botany Scavenger Hunt Page – A favorite printable from Ellen McHenry that will have your students match leaf specimens to the scavenger hunt sheet.

Sensory Nature Scavenger Hunt – Your hands-on learners will really enjoy this sensory nature hunt.

Go on a Color Walk Printable Scavenger Hunt – Kids will enjoy searching for specific colors on their nature walk.

Nature Scavenger Hunt Printable – This is another cute picture hunt for little ones. Turn it into a craft by having them add it to a paper bag to collect their items in.

Texture Scavenger Hunt Free Printable – Textures are everywhere in nature, and your kids will have a lot of fun looking for specific textures while they are out and about.

Scavenger Hunt Activity with Printables – Practice tally marks while searching for certain numbers of items.

Nature Walk Printables

Park Scavenger Hunt – Take this picture printable with you to the park and search for the items. Children can color them in when they find them. 

Hiking Scavenger Hunt Printable – This scavenger hunt is for things you would most commonly find on a hike. Beautiful pictures available in color or black and white.

Nighttime Scavenger Hunt – This scavenger hunt is perfect for some night time adventure hunting.

Pond Walk Scavenger Hunt – This scavenger hunt goes along with the cute nature book with the same title.

What to Bring on a Nature Walk

  • Put on some comfortable shoes for you and your kids.
  • Grab a spiral notebook or drawing pad and some colored pencils.
  • A paper bag for kids to collect things they see on their walks.
  • Water bottles and snacks.
  • Bug spray and band-aids.
  • A light backpack to keep everything together. 
  • Don’t forget the scavenger hunt sheets. 

More Nature Scavenger Hunts

Early Spring Scavenger Hunt – This is a fun hunt to take during the change of seasons, your kids are going to enjoy this one. There are some really cute things to look for on this printable.

The Poky Little Puppy Scavenger Hunt – I was so excited to find this hunt that goes along with my favorite golden book. Your kids are going to love it too!

Outdoor Play Scavenger Hunt – This hunt will encourage your children to play as they look for the items on their list.

Bug Scavenger Hunt Checklist – We always see a lot of bugs on our nature walks, your kids will enjoy hunting for different ones and checking them off.

ABC Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt – Look for items on your walk that start with each letter of the alphabet.

Pirate Treasure Nature Scavenger Hunt – This pirate themed treasure hunt is a fun twist on a nature hunt that will delight your little pirates.

Nature Notebook and Journal Printables: 

If your kids are having a great time searching for things on their walks, they may enjoy keeping their very own nature notebook or nature journal.

Nature Jouranling is a favorite among Charlotte Mason style homeschoolers. Our kids enjoy keeping track of what they found by drawing or writing about how it made them feel when they saw that specific thing.

One time we saw some wild turkeys on a walk and the kids thought they were so funny. They wrote about it and drew them in their journals. These printables are a great addition to a homeschool portfolio. Each of my children’s portfolios have a section labeled nature. I keep many of our favorite nature printables in there. 

Nature Notebooking Printables

What’s that Bug Notebooking Page – These scientific discovery pages will help your children identify bugs and write about what they find.

Collection Sheet and Nature Bag – Your kids will enjoy this fun craft and printable to collect their nature walk items.

Nature Walk Notebooking

Nature Walk Observation Notebook Printables – This printable notebook is perfect to take on a nature walk and has a lot of spots for your kids to journal and write what they find. 

Homeschool Nature Walks with Printable Nature Notebook – This nature notebook is perfect to go on any nature walk and has spots for your children to draw and journal what they find. 

Notebooking Ideas for Nature Study – These notebooking ideas will teach you how to get your kids started with nature notebooks.

Two girls studying nature with overlay "Notebooking Ideas for Nature Study"

Nature Journal Printables

Mini Nature Journal Printable – This is a cute nature printable mini book that your kids will enjoy creating.

Exploring Nature at Walden Pond Free Nature Journal  – Learn about the fun book and get inspired to create your own nature journal with these free printables.

Nature Through the Seasons Nature Journal – This seasonal nature journal will show your kids how to spot the differences between each season and journal about the different changes.

Nature Identification Printables

One of our favorite things about going out in nature is learning to identify what we find. My kids and I get so excited when we recognize something out in nature that we learned about in a book. It makes what we are learning come to life and it solidifies what we are learning.

Pocket Guide to Animal Tracks and Other Wildlife Signs – Learn about animal tracks, how to identify them and signs of wildlife with these printables.

Woodland Animals Spotting Sheets – Your children will have fun spotting the different types of wildlife and identifying them on the worksheet.

Animal Tracks Match Up Cards – These cards will help your younger children match the animal tracks to the names on the cards. Next time you are out, they may recognize tracks from the cards.

Mini Beast Spotting Sheet – Minibeasts are little bugs and creepy crawlies that you may find on your nature walks. This is a cute printable to take with you on your next nature hunt.

More Fun Nature Study Printables to Enjoy

As you can tell, we absolutely love nature study around here. It is something that so many of us are passionate about and we have created some lovely resources for your family. Here are some of our favorites:

Free Eggs and Nests Preschool Pack – Eggs and nests are some of the most common things we can see in nature. Birds are always flying around, chirping, gathering food for their babies, and building nests.

Nature Walk Birding

Resources to Help Your Kids Learn About Birds – If your kids want to learn more about birds these printables and resources will help you create your own bird study.

Favorite Backyard Birds Free Nature and Unit Studies – These nature and unit studies cover some of the most favorite and common backyard birds that you will find in your own yard at home.

I hope these free nature walk printables will encourage you to get outside and explore the world. There are so many beautiful things to see on a nature walk!

Butterfly Nature Study PDF Download

Butterflies are one of my favorite things. We raise monarchs a few times a year, and keep a butterfly garden. If you want to learn more about butterflies you will love these gorgeous unit study and learn so much. Learn about the anatomy of butterflies, some of the many different types, where they live, and much more! 

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Butterfly Nature Study

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