Hands-On Activities for Studying Modern History

June 22, 2020

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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It’s hard to believe that the 1900s and even the 1990s can be considered history. I am glad there is a “modern” in front of it. These resources and hands-on activities for studying modern history will go great alongside your history lessons in the modern era.

Hands-On Activities for Studying Modern History


What is modern history?

OK, this question still has me stumped. What are the years that are considered modern history? I actually will leave this question unanswered, without a definite answer. Why? This is because every source that I read had a different take on what is considered the modern history timespan.

Some sources said modern history was just the 2oth century. While others have the “modern history” title tokened from the advent of the Age of Reason and the Age of Enlightenment in the 17th and 18th centuries, then through the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

Age of Enlightenment Bingo | Amped Up Learning

Some sites I researched don’t even have content for the 1990s or even 2000s, even though they are considered our modern times history. They range from modern history to today.

One part of this recent history that I don’t want my kids to miss is 9/11. September 11th is a significant time in our modern history that I make a point to teach my kids about.

I was in the United States Navy during this time, and I want my kids to learn about it. If you feel 9/11 is also important for your kids to learn then grab this resource to help:

Ideas and Activities to Talk to Your Kids About 9/11

Talking with Children About 9/11 - Ideas and Activities


I am still in denial that the 1990s were over 20 years ago. One thing, for sure, is that the modern historical period was a time of significant scientific, political, wartime, technology, and globalization.

Our kids will think this also ancient history, don’t be offended. Embrace the times that shaped how we live today, the times that shaped who we are now.

Explore these hands-on activities for studying modern history in your homeschool.

Modern History Timeline | Time Toast

Modern American History Book List | Fields of Daisies

Hands-on Activities for Modern History | Susan’s Homeschool Blog

You might enjoy the Seven Wonders of the Modern World history unit found in Nonfiction Reading Comprehension, Written Narration & Research

Nonfiction Reading Comprehension workbook cover with background image examples of pages

What is Modern history? Explain Modern history (Video) | Audiodiversiy

1900 Modern History

FREE Modern History Activities & Notebooking: 1900s

Resources to Teach Kids About the 1900s

Modern Thought and Culture in 1900 | Crash Course

Child Labor in Early 1900s Social Studies Interactive Lesson | Mrs P Loves Fifth

1910 Modern History

Resources to Teach Kids About the 1910s

Resources to Teach Kids About the 1910s

World War 1 Review Game | Love Learning

Hands-On History Projects: Learning About the World Wars | As We Walk Along the Road

How to make a World War 1 helmet | Adventures in Mommydom

Titanic Lessons, Experiments, Activities, And More! | Teaching with a Mountain View

FREE Modern History Activities & Notebooking: 1920s

Warren G. Harding portrait

Culture of 1920s and 1930s Escape Room | Vestal’s 21st Century Classroom

1930 Modern History

FREE Modern History Activities & Notebooking: 1930s

portrait of President Franklin D. Roosevelt

World War 2 Task Cards | Students of History

FREE World War II Activities for Homeschooled Kids | Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus

1940 Modern History

FREE Modern History Activities & Notebooking: 1940s

portrait of President Harry S. Truman

1940s America – visual, textual, engaging 42-slide PPT for HS U.S. History | Greg’s Goods – Making History Fun

History by the Decade: 1940s Coloring Book with Print Copywork | WriteBonnieRose

FREE Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Mini Activity Unit | In All You Do

printable pages for learning about Pearl Harbor

1950 Modern History

FREE Modern History Activities & Notebooking: 1950s

portrait of President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Cold War Activity | Science Spot

Cold War Timeline Activity and Hunt | History Gal

1960 Modern History

FREE Modern History Activities & Notebooking: 1960s      

Portrait of President John F. Kennedy

The 1960’s Important Events PowerPoint and Internet Scavenger Hunt | Jim Tuttle

1960’s Social Movements: An Interactive Student Activity (Distance Learning) | Learning is a Passion

The First Moon Landing Lesson Plan & Activities For Kids | Woo!jr

1970 Modern History

FREE Modern History Activities & Notebooking: 1970s

Portrait of President Richard M. Nixon

1970s to Present: Review Graphic Organizer and  1970s Culture PowerPoint-FREE | Captivating History Lessons by Mrs Sandoval

Engaging Activity 1970s Culture Bundle | You Will Love History

1980 Modern History

FREE Modern History Activities & Notebooking: 1980s

Activities & Notebooking Modern History: 1980s text with image of U.S. President Ronald Reagan

A Kid Explains the Berlin Wall | A Kid Explains History

FREE Modern History Activities & Notebooking: 1990s – This FREE Modern History Activities and Notebooking: 1990s unit can help you and your family look at five key events. 

Activities & Notebooking Modern History: 1990s text with image of George H. W. Bush

I hope these free resources on modern history are helpful for your homeschool. 



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