Free Printable Science Coloring Pages for Kids

June 21, 2017

Carrie Fernandez


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Teaching kids science can be fun, especially when you throw in science coloring pages. Download some free printable science coloring pages for all types of science. 

science coloring pages

Free Printable Science Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are fun and we usually associate them with little kids, but did you know they can be helpful to an older child as well? They can be a terrific learning aid because, really, all ages enjoy coloring!

These science coloring sheets combine concepts like the human cell with the fun of crayons, markers, or colored pencils. Check out the anatomy, astronomy, botany, and life cycle coloring pages!

Science Coloring Pages

Kids of all ages enjoy cute coloring pages as a fun way to decompress and also learn. There is so much learning that can happen when you use coloring sheets to accompany your science studies. Older kids could create their own activity books with a collection of free science coloring pages to help them study with. 

Human Anatomy Science Coloring Pages

There are many things to learn and remember when studying human anatomy, especially at the high school level. These science coloring pages will be a huge help with memorization and understanding and help with fine motor skills too. 

Anatomy Coloring Pages

These free anatomy coloring pages are great for students who are learning about human anatomy. Practice coloring and notebooking about the major body systems and organs that make up human anatomy.  

human anatomy coloring pages

Body Organs Coloring Pages

Do your children know about the different body organs and how they function? These human body coloring pages will help your children to gain a better understanding of how the brain, heart, intestines, kidneys, liver, stomach and lungs work.

free printable human organ coloring pages

Human Brain Coloring Pages

Do your children need to learn the terminology of all of the parts that make up the human brain? Human brain coloring sheets will help them with vocabulary and labeling of the parts of the brain.

They can finish their study of the human brain by coloring a human brain activity sheet to practice what they have learned. Be sure to print a free brain hat that your kids can color!

brain hat

Cells Coloring Pages

Learn lots of cool facts and practice labeling and diagramming with a cell coloring worksheet and extra practice flash cards. As your kids create their own flash cards it will help them with memorization and vocabulary words.

free cells coloring pages and fact cards

More Human Anatomy Printables

Supplement your study of the human body with anatomy worksheets. These answer and label sheets are a great addition to learning about the different human body systems. 

human body system printables answer and label sheets

STEM Coloring Pages

Get your kids excited about building, engineering and designing with stem coloring pages. It will introduce them to LEGO engineering, robots, STEM career fields and women in STEM. 

free stem coloring pages for kids

Astronomy Coloring Pages

Teach your children more about the night sky with these space coloring pages to learn about astronomy and outer space. You can use the Nasa coloring pages to learn about the different planets located in our solar system, as well as rovers and satellites.

Solar System Coloring Pages

Our solar system consist of named planets, comets and astroids. Using Solar system coloring pages is a fun way to help your children learn fun facts about the planets that make up our solar system. Plus, coloring pages make a fun and easy solar system project.

Insects Coloring Pages

Do your kids like learning about creepy crawly creatures? Your little ones will have a lot of fun doing an insects unit and incorporating these little bugs coloring pages. Older children will enjoy coloring with a realistic insects coloring sheet for an insect or nature unit study.

Also, check out The Big Book of Bugs and cooresponding Notebook Companion™ 

Animals Coloring Pages

There are so many great ways to teach your children about animals. Kids will love learning about animals with animal coloring pages. Talk about the animal that they are coloring, and write down facts about the specific animals that they are learning about.

printable animal coloring pages

Horse Coloring Sheets

There is just something about horses that kids love so much. Horses are fascinating creatures. There are so many amazing unit studies and books about horses. As your children are learning about these magnificent animals give them some realistic horse coloring pages to color in.

printable horse coloring pages

Weather Coloring Pages

Weather is a fascinating subject and important to teach kids at a young age. Children can be afraid of storms, but when you explain weather to them they aren’t as fearful when the storms come.

A great way to  introduce weather is with weather worksheets for kids a cute weather coloring pdf download and other kids weather coloring pages to get them familiar about the different types of weather. 

You might also like Weather Words by Gail Gibbons and cooresponding Notebook Companion™ for K-3. Teaching older students? Check out the Weather Notebook.

Biology Coloring Pages

Biology is a fun science subject because this is where your kids get to do labs and learn about dissections. Talk about experiments that can be learned in a lab with a labaratory coloring page. Learn about what makes up DNA with a DNA structure coloring page.

Chemistry Coloring Pages

There are so many things to learn when you are teaching your kids about chemistry. Talk about the DNA chemical structure and the large vocabulary words that make up DNA.

As you are learning about the periodic table of elements a coloring page that they can customize with their own colors, will help them to better memorize the table. 

Be sure to check out the periodic table cheat sheet!

Physics Coloring Pages

Physics is such a fun science subject to teach and learn with your kids. Teach your kids about Isaac Newton with Isaac Newton coloring and activity printables. Have fun learning about motion with a motion physics coloring sheet.

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