Free Cells Coloring Worksheet and Flash Cards

August 13, 2017

Carrie Fernandez


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Kids love to color and they love hands-on activities. Make science fun with these free cells coloring worksheet and flash cards. You will find loads of cool facts, labels, diagrams, and so much more!

Can science really be fun?

Yes! We totally can make science fun and we can begin when our kids are young. Science coloring pages to study cell parts is a perfect start to introduce science that is engaging. Cell flash cards help your students study while actively learning.

What is a cell anyway?

A cell is the basic structural, functional, and biological unit for all organisms or living things. All of them. If they find one cell on another planet. BOOM! They have found life on another planet. It’s pretty cool when you think about it. Just one of our cells is LIFE.

However, we don’t only have one cell, all living things consist of tiny cells. Our skin, organs, our muscles, are made up of cells.

How do you learn the parts of a cell?

Can your child really get a full understanding of what a cell looks like without seeing what one looks like?

We try to explain it. Let’s try…

All cells have various organelles that make them up. Except for plants, plants have a few additional parts as well.

Here are the parts of a cell:

Nucleus – The nucleus is the brain of the cell and controls all other cell processes. It contains the nucleolus of the cell.

Plasma Membrane – This is the exterior part of the cell. The plasma membrane is a flexible cell wall keeping the contents of the cell inside the walls. It keeps all inside and allows for materials to move throughout the membrane.

Cytoplasm – All organelles within the cell float inside the cytoplasm.

Nucleolus – As I mentioned above, the nucleus holds the nucleolus. The nucleolus makes ribosomes. Ribosomes are where the cell creates proteins.

Endoplasmic Reticulum –  This is known as the ER. The ER membrane transports materials throughout the cell. Rough ER ribosomes make proteins while the smooth endoplasmic reticulum makes fats/lipids.

Golgi Body or Complex – Lipids/fats from the ER move to the Golgi apparatus body. They then are delivered to the plasma membrane.

Mitochondria – Mitochondria make energy for the cell’s processes. The mitochondria organelles are also called the powerhouses of the cell.

Lysosomes – The lysosome cell organelles help the cell remove from waste.

Now close your eyes and recall what cell parts look like.

It is difficult for students to visualize unless they have a visual aid to help them.

This is why coloring a cell diagram of a cell or using cell flash cards are the perfect activities to go alongside your cell lessons and for kids to remember what they have learned.

A cells coloring worksheet for parts of a cell provides your students with a means to have hands-on practice to visualize how a cell looks. They are able to see what parts do what and what organelles go where.

Cell flash cards provide a hands-on way for students to review, learn, and practice what they have learned.

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Free Cells Coloring Worksheet and Flash Cards:

Please note the instant downloads are for human cells and animal cells only, so you will not learn about a plant cell.

Cells Coloring Worksheet Download

Your science students will enjoy this Free Cells Coloring Worksheet and Flash Cards. The cell coloring pages have an image of the organelle, the name of the organelle, and a brief description of each.

This stand-alone resource will show your students what a cell membrane looks like, a centriole, golgi apparatus, the creepy visual of the endoplasmic reticulum, or the blob-like appearance of the osteoblast.

The Free Cells Flash Cards hold the same information as the coloring pages, but in a flashcard size so that students can color the cell flash cards. The cell flash cards are also a space for a short answer definition of each cell part. Students can take them on the go for studying and review.

Cells Coloring Worksheet PDF

There are 36 pages in this cells coloring worksheet pack. Learn the vocabulary words and definition and color the different parts of the cell in this fun pack. Scroll to the bottom to download!

colorful picture of a cell

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD >>> Cells Coloring Worksheet PDF

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