Free Weather Worksheets and Printables

September 26, 2017

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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With all the hurricanes, rain storms, and winter weather approaching, this is the perfect time to teach a unit on weather. These weather worksheets and activity ideas will help you put together your own weather unit study. Be sure to scroll down towards the bottom of this post and grab all our free weather worksheets (instant downloads).

Free Weather Printables

Weather can be a fascinating thing for curious children to learn about. It can be a lot of fun to track the weather conditions and learn the difference between rainy and sunny days. 

Weather can also be very scary for small children. It is important to teach your kids about different types of weather so that they understand what it is when bad weather comes.

How do you explain weather to preschoolers?

Weather is whatever is going on outside of the window in your home. Do you see snow, rain, sunshine, clouds, wind or storms? Those are the different types of weather that you can see and sometimes hear. 

Talking positively about the weather will help your kids to think of it in a different way and not feel like they have to be cooped up inside during the rain or snow. There are many types of good weather that our world needs and they can play outside in it too! 

Different types of weather requires different types of clothing. Practice putting on rain boots and snow jackets and pretending it is snowing or raining. Get out a bathing suit and towel and ask your kids if they would bring that to the snow. Simple activities like this can get them thinking about weather and having fun with it.

Some weather can turn severe and there are storms that can be scary. This is where we shelter in place and listen to the warnings. These types of weather and storms can be hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, snow storms, and thunderstorms.

How do you forecast the weather?

Teaching your kids how to be their own weather forecaster is a great way to get them engaged in the world around us. When they can learn to predict the weather they can get excited for good and even bad weather. 

Fun ways to forecast the weather with kids:

  • Observe the weather each morning with a weather chart or board.
  • Learn about the different types of weather instruments and how to use them to track temperatures, rain and weather pressure.
  • Watch for clouds. There are many different ways to determine what the weather is like by tracking the clouds outside.
  • Look at the sky and the trees. Watch and listen for wind. Which way is it blowing? Is the sun shining while it is windy? Could a storm be coming?

Weather Printables Free

Use these free weather printables to teach your kids about the weather. 

Learn About Weather Forecasting

Guided Drawing Weather Forecasting Tools – This science unit will teach your kids about the different names of the tools that are used to forecast the weather. After you read the paragraphs to them, they will get to draw with drawing prompts.

Types of Clouds Guided Drawing Activity – A short paragraph is given to be read aloud about each different type of cloud. Then there is a picture of that type of cloud with a grid overlay so your kids can practice drawing the exact shape.

Free Weather Fact Cards for Elementary Students

These weather fact cards are a great addition to any weather study. You can use them to practice weather vocabulary, and play games and study with.


Printable Weather Worksheets

If you are wanting to teach your younger students about the weather, I have found some really fun and free weather worksheets and printables. These are perfect for a weather theme. 

Printable Pre-K Weather Workbook – This preschool weather book has fun weather themed coloring pages, songs and printable activities.

Weather Flash Cards –  These cute and colorful weather flashcards has pictures of different types of weather and the words to go with them.

Preschool Weather Unit Study – This 4 week printable unit study has book lists and experiments for a weather themed unit study for preschoolers. It also comes with a weather nature study.

Weather Song and Activities -Your kids will have a lot of fun with this cute weather song, activities and printable worksheet.

Weather Free Printables

7 Day Weather Forecast for Kids – Have your kids pretend they are a weather forecaster by tracking the weather in their own yard for a full week.

Wonderful Weather – Teach your kids about weather descriptive words with this printable weather book.

Weather Wheel – Let your children create their own weather scenes for the different seasons and color them on the wheel.

Free Weather Worksheets – There are weather words cards, coloring pages, weather games, weather word wall cards and more.

Weather Printables Preschool

Extreme Weather Emergent Readers – Help your kids understand different types of extreme weather with this printable emergent reader to color.

Weather Unit for ages 3 -9 – Over 40 Pages of fun weather printables, activities, weather tracking and a collection of worksheets.

Weather Pre-K Packet – This printable weather packet is full of hands on fun with weather sentence building cards, and games.

Weather Activities

These are some great teaching activities that will bring lots of hands-on fun for your children when you are teaching them all about weather. 

DIY Preschool Weather Board – Learn how to create an interactive weather board to track the weather each day with your children.

Make a Weather Station for Preschool – Create a portable weather station for your preschoolers with printable magnet weather cards that you affix to a cookie sheet to track the weather.

What to Wear Weather Activity – Print out this fun worksheet, then gather up clothes for different seasons and try them on as you get to that weather on the page.

Weather Printable Packs

We have so many amazing free resources all about weather. There are many to choose from so you can choose which ones would fit your children best. These can be used with many different types of weather studies or themes. These are all instant downloads!

Weather Vocabulary Copywork – Learn 20 different weather related vocabulary words and practice handwriting as your kids copy the words down in their own weather notebook.

Thunderstorm Terminology Copywork Notebook – Your children can learn about the different vocabulary terms all about thunderstorms while practicing their handwriting at the same time.

Weather Themed Print and Cursive Packet – This is a 50 page unit that has many terms related to weather and weather forecasting. Your kids will copy and write out the words and terminology. Choose from print or cursive formats.

Weather Notebooking Pages

Historic Hurricanes Notebooking Research Journal – Learn about some of the historic hurricanes with this notebooking journal. 

Earthquakes Notebooking Research Journal – Learn about earthquakes in this research journal. 

Natural Disasters Notebooking Research Journal – Explore natural disasters that have impacted various places.

Volcanoes Notebooking Research Journal – Research some historic volcanoes with this fun instant download. 

Weather Terminology

Copywork About Tornado Terminology – Teach your students about tornadoes using this vocabulary copywork download.

Historic Floods Notebooking Research Journal – Research historic floods using our notebook journal.

Flood Terminology Vocabulary Copywork Notebook – Learn all about flood terminology with this weather related vocabulary copywork notebook. 

Free Winter Weather Printable Pack

We have created a Free Winter Weather Printable Pack that has 6 pages of winter weather fun. There is a weather tracker, writing about cold weather animals, cut and paste sentences and more. Click here to download it instantly!

Instant Download from WriteBonnieRose:

Have fun sharpening fine motor skills and learning about types of weather with this fun weather-themed cut and paste activity.

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