Free Human Anatomy Coloring Pages for Students

July 2, 2018

Jeannette Tuionetoa

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Teaching human anatomy is a great way to get your kids to better understand their bodies and how they were designed. A fun way to introduce your kids to anatomy is with coloring pages. We have listed out some human anatomy coloring pages that are great for kids of all ages.

free human anatomy coloring pages

How Our Bodies Work

Our body has many different body systems that all work together to keep us healthy and alive. When you learn about the different systems that make up the human body you can get a better understanding of how the body functions.

What are the different body systems?

There are 6 major systems that make up the human body:

  • digestive system
  • circulatory system
  • respiratory system
  • skeletal system
  • muscular system
  • nervous system

Human Body System Worksheets

We have gathered up lots of resources and free printable coloring pages to go along with each system in the human body. These are perfect for any human anatomy study in your homeschool.

Anatomy Worksheets

Human Body Systems Vocabulary Copywork – This unit covers 67 human body system vocabulary words. Your children will learn the terms and definitions while creating their own copywork book. There are 78 pages in this free unit.

Labeling Worksheets – These labeling worksheets will help your kids to label all the parts of of the different body systems. Answer keys are included for each body system.

Human Body Systems Fact Cards and Cheat Sheets – There are over 70 anatomy related terms to remember. These fact cards will help your kids keep all of the fact straight and they can reference them later.

Body Systems Print and Cursive Practice – Learn the different anatomy terms while your children practice their handwriting at the same time.

Anatomy Coloring Pages

Learn about the human body using anatomy coloring pages, labeling worksheets, notebooking and more. 

Printable Anatomy Coloring Pages PDF

Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post to grab our anatomy coloring pages.

This set of 40 coloring pages for human anatomy include: alveoli, aorta, arteries, bladder, bone marrow, bones, brain, brainstem, capillaries, cardiac muscle, cartilage, diaphram, esophagus, expiration, fingernails, hair follicles, heart, inspiration, joint, and kidneys.

Also included in these anatomy coloring pages are sheets for: large intestine, larynx (voice box), liver, lungs, mouth, neurons, nose, pharynx, plasma, platelets, red blood cells, skeletal muscles, small intestine, smooth muscle, spinal cord, stomach, superior vena cava, trachea, veins, and white blood cells.

Digestive System

Digestive System Coloring Page – Coloring page with the following organs of the digestive system: stomach, rectum, pharynx, liver, jejunum, duodenum, descending colon, cecum, appendix, and anus (I know, gross, LOL). 

Label the Digestive System – Learn about what makes up the digestive system with this labeling worksheet. 

Inside Out Anatomy: digestive system – Reading comprehension worksheet about the digestive system with a coloring page. 

Human Anatomy Notebooking

Explore the body with this awesome human anatomy notebook! It’s an easy way for students in grades 5 and up to learn about human anatomy independently. 

human anatomy notebook

Circulatory System

Circulatory System Coloring Pages – There are several anatomy coloring pages about the circulatory system. You’ll color features such as superior vena cava, pulmonary veins, inferior vena cava, femoral vein, aorta, pulmonary arteries, descending aorta, and the femoral artery.

Circulatory System Worksheets – Teach your kids about the circulatory system with these free worksheets, printables and instant downloads.

What is the Circulatory System? – Lesson plan on the circulatory system with videos and power point presentations.

Hands – On Circulatory System Activities – 16 different hands-on activities to learn about the heart and circulation.

Respiratory System

Respiratory System Coloring Pages – Sone of the features of these respiratory system coloring pages cover nasal cavities, larynx, trachea, lungs, ribs, bronchi, alveoli, and the diaphragm.

Respiratory System Worksheets – Learn about the respiratory system and how our lungs supply our body air with these worksheets and free instant download.

Respiratory System Unit Study and Videos – Great list of videos, and links to create your own unit study on the respiratory system. 

Skeletal System

Skeletal System Coloring Pages – These skeletal system coloring pages also have features, such as labeling bones.

The Human Skeleton Coloring Page – This anatomy coloring page involves labeling too – so you can visualize each part of the human skeleton. 

Skeletal System Worksheets – Our body’s framework is made up of our skeletal system. These worksheets and printables will help your kids learn more about the bones in our body and how they work together.

Hands-on Learning for the Skeletal System – This is a fun unit study with books, resources, and hands-on activities and crafts.

Worksheets on the Skeletal System – These worksheets will teach your kids about the different bones in our body and what the skeletal system is.

Muscular System

Muscular System Coloring Pages – Learn about the muscles in the body, including the trapezius, deltoid, greater pectoral, and more with these free anatomy coloring pages on muscles. 

Muscular System Worksheets – Lots of worksheets to help you put together your own unit study on the muscular system. 

Worksheets on the Muscular System for Elementary – Elementary aged printables and worksheets to learn about the muscular system. 

Lesson Systems for the Muscular System – Free unit studies and resources on the muscular system.

Nervous System

Nervous System Coloring Pages – Download and print anatomy coloring pages that cover the brain, vagus nerve, spinal cord, parasympathetic system, sympathetic system, and more. 

Nervous System Worksheets and Printables – Learn about the brain and the spinal cord and everything that makes up our nervous system with these free printables and worksheets.

Nervous System Activity Pack – Free printable pack full of fun activities to learn about the nervous system. 

Anatomy Coloring Pages

Grab these free coloring pages to make a Human Anatomy Coloring Book. You’ll find a coloring page of the brain and one of the complete digestive system, among many other anatomy coloring pages. Key terms to teach with these printables pages are human body, body systems, organ systems, body for kids, biology, and science.

Your kids will love to color the brain. With this anatomy coloring page, your kids can use a specific color or choose many colors. The more colors your kids use, the cooler it looks to them. Your older kids will enjoy making their own human body coloring book out of the beautiful anatomy drawings. Enjoy your free human anatomy coloring pages.

You might also like: Human Organs Coloring Pages

These human organs coloring pages can make up a fun activity book for your kids. It is a great educational way to learn about the different organs inside the human body.

Printable Anatomy Coloring Pages PDF

You can use our anatomy coloring pages with students of all ages.

Included are 40 anatomy coloring sheets of various body organs, body parts and human body systems complete with vocabulary copywork.

We’ve also included 40 flashcards and 40 notebooking clipart images to help study and journal what your kids have learned. Grab it today!

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Anatomy Coloring Pages

Are anatomy lessons in science on the agenda this year?  Our printable anatomy coloring pack is a great addition to help students of all ages learn more about their bodies.

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