Free Elements of Art and Color Wheel Worksheets

November 11, 2019

Sarah Shelton

Sarah Shelton

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My children do art in our homeschool every afternoon in different ways. They love to draw, paint, chalk, craft and watch art videos. I am always on the lookout for more ways that I can help teach them about art. A great way to do this is by giving them a color theory worksheet, a color wheel and lots of fun printables.

Free Elements of Art and Color Wheel Worksheets

Basic Color Theory

I have always enjoyed giving my kids the freedom to be creative, and try whatever they would like. We are constantly making trips to the craft store for new art mediums to try out for fun.

I now have one in high school and realized that we haven’t done a formal art class! I was nervous they would be missing out on some solid concepts, like an introduction to basic color theory. Do they even know what the elements of art are?

Do my kids know what the proper use of colors is? How do colors come together like what is shown in a color wheel? What are complimentary colors colors and how do you choose colors from a color palette? A color theory worksheet is useful for helping your child understand colors. 

These are all questions that I knew I wanted them to learn. Thankfully, there are many free printables and lessons available. You don’t need to buy a formal art curriculum to learn at home in a fun and interesting way.

Homeschool Art Supplies

Before you start, make sure you pick up a pack of good colored pencils. Our absolute favorite pencils to use are Prismacolor Colored Pencils because of their bright colors. They sharpen well, have a true, pure color and last forever.

A good quality, mixed-media paper will be good to have on hand for color-mixing too, and possibly a cheap color palette (or just use a paper plate!).

Elements of Art Printables and Worksheets

The elements of art are the visual components of color line, shape, texture, color, value and space. These color theory worksheets will help you teach all of these elements in a fun and engaging way.

3 Helpful Elements and Principles of Art Printables – This printable teaches the traditional elements and principles of art in a simple poster format.

Elements of Art Printable Posters – 7 different printable posters that show the different elements and types of art.

The Formal Elements of Art for Kids Printable Book and Worksheets – This is such an amazing resource, and a great introductory formal lesson to art and was exactly what I had been looking for my homeschool.

Intro to Color Theory – Teach the element of art and color with this free printable and a color wheel for your children to color in on their own.

The Elements of Art Lesson Plans

Free Elements of Art Program – This art program has a series of lessons, individual units and a set of worksheets. We particularly like the Lesson Plans for Beginners Part 1. This introduces and covers the different elements of art with videos, warm ups and assignments.

How to Teach the Elements of Art to Preschoolers – Introduce your preschoolers to the element of art with these fun ideas and art lessons.

The Elements of Art Teacher Lesson Plans – A great unit study and lesson plan from the National Gallery of Art for elementary grades.

Art School: The Elements of Art Video Lessons – Explore the basic elements of art in this short video teaching series and get a better understanding of color theory.

The Color Wheel Printables and Worksheets

A color wheel printable and color theory worksheets are great reference tools to keep in an art notebook. Your kids will appreciate being able to look back on them as they are creating art. It will help them remember the colors of the spectrum they should be using for a specific project.

Learn Color Theory with this Design Your Own Color Wheel – This color theory worksheet will help your kids design their own color wheel.

Color Wheel Worksheet – Download this free color wheel worksheet and PowerPoint presentation and learn all about the use of colors.

How to Make a Basic Color Wheel with Primary Art Lesson  – Learn how to make a basic color wheel and learn about primary colors, secondary colors, and how to use warm colors and cool colors in this video.

Printable Color Wheel and Intro to Color Theory – Teach the element of color with this printable color theory worksheet and art video.

Color Wheel Games & Activities

Nature Color Wheel Printable and Activity – Go on a nature hunt to find the colors in nature to clip to your color wheel. I love this nature art activity.

Montessori Inspired Color Wheel Activities – If you love the Montessori way of learning you will appreciate these amazing color wheel ideas.

Color Wheel Game for Kids – Make your own color wheel game with this fun color theory worksheet.

Printable Color Wheel Activity – Mix primary colors to make secondary and tertiary colors in this color theory worksheet – a basic introduction to the color wheel.

Playdough Color Mixing Color Wheel Activity – Create your own wheel by mixing different playdough colors together in this fun hands-on activity.

Create a Tissue Paper Color Wheel – This is a great color mixing activity for preschoolers to get involved in.

Color Wheel Painting

Color Wheel Painting Water Color Paint Project – Mix water color paints together to create a pretty watercolor wheel.

Paint Your Own Color Wheel Activity Sheet – Fill in the color wheel by mixing your own paints and painting it in.

Teaching Color Symbolism

A fun way to teach your children about the way that colors and symbols have been used is by studying world flags. We have a free Color Symbolism in World Flags Notebooking Unit that teaches what is special about each flag. Kids can even color the flags following the key in the unit.

Free Color Symbolism in World Flags Notebooking Unit


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