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July 13, 2019

Bonnie Rose Hudson

Bonnie Rose Hudson

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Could your kids use some help remembering the difference between types of words such as synonyms and antonyms? Try this FREE Language Arts Cut & Paste for some hands-on fun learning about six different types of words. 

Free Language Arts Cut & Paste text with image examples of pages over an orange colored background


In this FREE Language Arts Cut & Paste unit, kids review what makes compound words, homonyms, homonyms, homophones, rhyming words, synonyms, and antonyms. 

With six easy-to-use worksheets, students can color the pictures, cut them out, and then use them to complete the worksheet. Each worksheet contains 8-16 pictures, for a total of 88 pictures. 

Words reviewed in this unit include: 

  • Compound words: bowtie, mailbox, snowman, starfish, teacup, baseball, lighthouse, sunflower
  • Homonyms: bark, bat, diamond, mouse, ship, tie, watch, wave
  • Homophones: ate/eight, flower/flour, hair/hare, knight/night, knows/nose, one/won, sail/sale, tea/tee
  • Rhyming words: bee/tree, box/fox, cake/snake, cat/hat, dog/log, duck/truck, fan/pan, hen/pen
  • Synonyms: angry/mad, beautiful/pretty, break/shatter, cry/weep, gift/present, jump/leap, smelly/stinky, tired/sleepy
  • Antonyms: big/small, closed/open, cold/hot, dry/wet, empty/full, go/stop, heavy/light, short/tall

This is a great way to review that brings some hands-on fun to learning about language arts. A review sheet to help you out in case you get stuck is included. Download yours today!

Instant Download: FREE Language Arts Cut & Paste

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