100 Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

March 3, 2023

Sara Dennis

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Are you looking for some easy toilet paper roll crafts to make with your children? Then you’ve come to the right place! Check out this huge list of 100 crafts your kids can make using toilet paper tubes.

toilet paper rolll crafts

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Toilet paper roll crafts are not only an easy way to use up empty toilet paper rolls you have lying around the house, but they’re a great way to supplement your child’s education. For instance, you can make toilet paper sea animals while studying the ocean or farm animals for a unit study about farms.

Other easy craft ideas are lacing cardspreschool printable placemats templates, or even just some cute coloring pages.

What crafts can you make with toilet paper rolls?

As you search, you’ll find a plethora of craft ideas that are so much fun to make. You can make a popsicle craft with young children or a cute little turkey table topper for Thanksgiving. More easy kids crafts include Christmas characters, desk organizers, and gift boxes.

If you discover you don’t have enough toilet paper rolls for the crafts, you can also use a gift wrap tube or paper towel rolls instead.

Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Little kids will love putting together these easy and fun projects on a rainy day or a cold winter afternoon. After all, what could be better than making art using TP rolls?

Popsicle Craft – If you’re looking for a fun craft, check out this easy craft. You’ll need toilet rolls, a glue gun, popsicle sticks, and some simple crafting supplies to create popsicles to display in your home.

popsicles toilet paper roll craft

Unicorn Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Unicorn Craft – Your little girl will love putting together these easy peasy unicorns to display in her bedroom. They’re the perfect way to spend a wet afternoon.

unicorn tp roll craft

Art Using a Toilet Paper Roll

Toilet Paper Roll Art – Turn an empty roll into a beautiful piece of art using some acrylic paint and a paintbrush. This little project will keep kids of all ages entertained while improving their fine motor skills.

toilet paper roll art

Summer Cardboard Tube Craft

Watermelon and Pineapple Crafts – Are you ready for some summer fun? Then this is the perfect craft for you. You’ll use a toilet paper roll to make a watermelon and pineapple to display in your home.

watermelon and pineapple craft

Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars

Kids love running around with binoculars. Instead of handing your young children an expensive pair of binoculars, turn cardboard rolls into a pair for little hands.

Binocular Craft – This simple craft only requires simple craft supplies. And you’ll soon have your children running around peering at the world through their new binoculars.

tp roll binoculars

Cardboard Tube Binoculars

Cardboard Binoculars – Your kids will adore putting together this simple toilet paper roll craft. It’s an easy craft for a summer afternoon when you have bored kids underfoot.

toilet paper tube binoculars

Toilet Paper Roll Marionettes

A marionette is a puppet that’s controlled by strings. And they’re some of the kids’ favorite toilet roll crafts since they can put together a puppet they can play with for years.

Giraffe Marionette – Pull out the googly eyes as you put together this Giraffe marionette. Red Ted Art includes detailed instructions on how to put together this simple puppet.

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Marionette – You’ll find instructions on how to make a toilet paper roll marionette using cardboard tubes, wooden beads, googly eyes, and some string. The best part is that you can easily adapt the craft to make a wide variety of different animals.

Cardboard Tube Party Popper

Spice up your parties with homemade party poppers. Poppers are fun activities for kids of all ages because everyone loves sending a shower of candy or confetti into the air!

Confetti Popper – The next time you have a party, put together a confetti popper for all your guests. Decorate this upcycled craft for the event and send colorful paper into the air.

Toilet Paper Roll Party Popper – Fill this easy craft with candy or small toys for a birthday or Christmas party. Even big kids will be delighted with the small gifts pouring out of their popper.

DIY Party Poppers – This DIY popper is a great addition to your Fourth of July festivities. You can fill it with confetti or use small marshmallows instead. The best part is that the poppers only take about five minutes to make!

popper craft for kids

Toilet Paper Roll Lanterns

Lanterns are a fun idea for any holiday. You can make a Chinese paper lantern or a beautiful lantern for your home.

Chinese Paper Lantern Craft – You’ll need a toilet paper roll, paint, and red paper to make this simple craft. It’s an excellent craft to make with children of all ages when you’re learning about China.

Stunning Lantern Craft – If you’re looking for a craft to keep your big kids busy for an afternoon, consider making this stunning lantern craft that only requires simple supplies. The only problem is that you will need a large number of empty rolls before you get started.

Cardboard Tube Gift Boxes

Older kids will enjoy putting together cardboard gift boxes. These are a great way to give small gifts to friends and family for birthdays or Valentine’s Day.

Gift Box Ideas – All you need for this simple craft is a toilet paper roll. Although you can also pull out fun crafting supplies to let your kids have a good time decorating the gift boxes.

Cute Gift Boxes – Personalize small gift boxes for birthdays, anniversaries, and other events coming up in your life. Everyone will love receiving a small gift in a gift box made by you.

Toilet Paper Tube Flowers

If you’re looking for more fun toilet paper roll crafts, then check out these flower crafts. Kids who are bored over summer break will love making different colors of flowers to display around the house.

Toilet Roll Flower Stamps – Use the toilet paper rolls to shape stamps. Then dip the stamps into different colors of paint to create beautiful artwork. You can use the artwork to make cards or wrapping paper for gifts.

flower stamp art

Toilet Paper Roll Flower Craft

Flower Craft – Another good idea is to use toilet paper rolls to create beautiful flowers for a table centerpiece. Kids can make the flower display to celebrate spring and Easter or as a fun activity on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

cardboard tube flower craft

Toilet Paper Roll Bracelets

More favorite toilet paper roll crafts include using craft rolls to make bracelets for children to wear around the house. You can use these bracelets as part of a history unit study or a creative way to spend time together.

Bracelet Crafts for Kids – This bracelet craft has children decorate toilet paper rolls by adding a beautiful butterfly to the jewelry. It’s a great activity for a spring afternoon when you have a group of kids hanging out at your house.

Cuff Bracelets – These cardboard cuff bracelets are easy for toddlers to make. Plus, you can use simple craft supplies to decorate the cuffs, such as buttons and craft gems.

Bracelet Craft – Make a simple bracelet craft that will fit kids and parents! The best part is that you don’t need anything except watercolors and markers to decorate the bracelets.

toilet paper roll bracelets

Toilet Paper Roll Snowflakes

Fun DIY projects for winter include using toilet paper rolls to make snowflakes to hang in your home. You can make beautiful ornaments for the Christmas tree or stunning snowflakes to put on your window.

Snowflake Ornaments – These incredible snowflake ornaments use simple supplies such as glue sticks, twine, glitter, and cardboard rolls. They’ll look beautiful for a long time hanging on your tree each December.

Snowflake Craft – Make stunning and intricate snowflakes in different shapes using paper rolls. When you’re finished, you can paint the snowflakes or leave them their original color.

snowflake TP tube craft for kids

Snowman Toilet Paper Roll Craft

Don’t stop with snowflakes. Add some delightful snowmen to your home decor as well. Plus, the upcycled crafts will not only keep kids happily occupied for several hours.

Easy Snowman Craft – Grab some construction paper, markers, and googly eyes to create these simple toilet paper roll snowmen. They’re a great addition to your dining room table.

toilet paper tube snowman

Upcycle Snowman Craft

Upcycle Snowman Craft – Use these upcycled snowmen to create a winter display for your kids. You can even hang some cardboard snowflakes above the display for added winter appeal.

upcycle snowman craft

TP Snowman Craft

Snowman Craft – This cute snowman craft uses pipe cleaners to create scarves to wrap around the snowmen’s necks. You can use these snowmen as a winter centerpiece for your dining room table at Christmas or on New Year’s Day.

tp roll snowman craft

Toilet Paper Roll Leaves

Toilet paper tubes make a marvelous stamp for a leaf-stamping fall craft with your kids. Even little toddlers will be able to join in the fun and cover paper with leaves. The best part is you can use this craft to make some homemade wrapping paper to use to wrap fall birthday presents.

Leaf Stamping Fall Craft – Draw a beautiful trunk on a piece of paper and use the cardboard tube stamps to add leaves. Use yellow and orange for fall colors or different shades of green for spring.

Toilet Paper Roll Leaf Stamping – Young children will love making beautiful leaf art to give to family and friends or hang in their bedrooms.

Toilet Paper Tube Crafts

If you’re looking for creative toilet paper roll crafts, then you’ll love this collection of ideas. You’ll find ideas for making building blocks, napkin rings, and even desk organizers for your home!

Napkin Rings from Cardboard Tubes

Did you know that you can make beautiful napkin rings using cardboard tubes? These DIY crafts are fun projects to complete and give to family and friends. Plus, they look spectacular on your table!

DIY Toilet Paper Napkin Rings – You’ll find detailed instructions on how to use a toilet paper roll to make a beautiful fabric napkin ring. Make these rings for your own table or give them to friends and families.

Paper Roll Decorative Napkin Rings – Use beads, ribbon, and yarn to create napkin rings for a spectacular holiday table. You’ll wow everyone coming over for Christmas dinner.

Rustic Napkin Rings – Use fabric and other small items from your house to create rustic napkin rings to grace your table. The best part is that you can use these napkin rings for many years.

Toilet Paper Roll Animal Crafts

Some of the best ideas for keeping kids entertained on a rainy afternoon involve teaching them how to turn toilet paper rolls into animals. You’ll find fun ideas such as making a monkey, a frog, or even a hedgehog to grace your home. So, if your kids love learning about animals, check out these fun ideas.

Monkey Cardboard Tube

Monkey Cardboard Tube – This adorable monkey craft is a great activity when you have a large group of kids to entertain. There’s even a free printable template to help you.

monkey craft for kids

Toilet Paper Roll Frog

Toilet Paper Roll Frog – Your kids will love putting together this easy, colorful frog. You’ll need the frog craft template, scissors, glue, and two colors of construction paper to get started.

cardboard tube frog craft

Fox Craft

Toilet Roll Fox Craft – Did you know that a group of foxes is called a skulk? This toilet paper roll fox can be made in a wide variety of colors. So make a large skulk of foxes with your children to put on display in your house!

cute toilet roll fox craft

Hedgehog Craft With TP Rolls

Hedgehog Craft – This adorable hedgehog craft is a fun activity when you’re studying woodland animals or just need a quiet activity on a cold winter day. All you need is the printable hedgehog template, construction paper, a toilet paper roll, a glue stick, and a black marker.

toilet paper roll hedgehog

Toilet Paper Roll Farm Animals

If you’re studying farm animals or learning about farm anatomy with your young children, then check out these fun farm animal crafts. They only need simple supplies that you probably have lying around your home.

Cow Craft – Make an adorable cow with your children. This cow will especially delight your children if you’ve been reading the book “Click, Clack, Moo”

Farm Crafts for Kids – You’ll find a wide selection of detailed instructions on how to make various farm animals like cows, chicks, and even little pigs with your children. You will need to make sure you have black and pink pom poms on hand before you get started!

Cardboard Tube Building Blocks

If you’re looking for some great ideas, consider using toilet roll tubes to make some building blocks for your children to play with. Kids can use the building blocks to make a marble run, build a house, or make a race track for their cars.

Recycled Building Blocks – Decorate cardboard tubes to make colorful building blocks for your kids. They can use the blocks to build towers or a marble run.

Build and Play Stacking Toy – You’ll find a slightly different set of instructions so that the tubes link together. Kids can use these tubes to build walls, cities, and houses.

Building Blocks from Toilet Paper Tubes – Use various sizes of cardboard tubes from toilet paper rolls and paper towels to create building blocks for your children. Your kids will spend many happy hours building and destroying the towers they create.

Toilet Paper Roll Sea Animals

Kids love learning about ocean habitats and ocean anatomy. No ocean unit study would be complete without making one of these sea animals. The instructions include a toilet paper roll octopus craft, a killer whale, and a walrus.

Rainbow Toilet Roll Fish – If you’re looking for some colorful fish to make with your children, then check out these rainbow toilet roll fish. This is a great craft if you’ve been studying sea creatures or if you’re looking for a super easy craft for toddlers to make.

Walrus Craft – Download the template and get started making a walrus with your children. It’s aimed at kids in preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school.

tp walrus craft

Whale Craft

Killer Whale Craft – If you’re studying dolphins, don’t miss this killer whale craft. Orcas, another name for killer whales, are part of the dolphin family and are a fun addition to any lesson on ocean animals.

killer whale craft with toilet paper rolls

Octopus Craft

Easy Octopus Craft – Pull out some googly eyes and craft paper to make this easy octopus craft. Kids will love displaying their sea creatures on the kitchen table when they’re finished.

octopus toilet paper roll craft

Toilet Paper Roll Butterfly

When spring arrives, kids begin to want to complete spring crafts. The good news is that these cardboard tube butterflies are easy to make and a great way to celebrate spring!

Butterfly Craft – You won’t need any fancy supplies to make this butterfly craft with your children. Although, you will need to plan extra time for the toilet paper rolls to dry after they’re painted.

DIY Butterfly Craft – Make sure you have some pipe cleaners for the antennae before your kids begin crafting these cute butterflies. Once the kids have finished the activity, you can use the butterflies as a centerpiece on your dining room table.

Insects Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Did you know that toilet paper rolls can also be used for a variety of insect crafts? You can! Use a toilet roll to make a ladybug or a bug habitat as part of an insect unit study.

Ladybug Craft – All of your kids, from the youngest to the oldest, will adore putting together this ladybug craft on a slow summer day as they learn about ladybugs. As a heads up, you will need a pair of black socks before you begin crafting the ladybugs.

toilet paper tube ladybug craft

Toilet Paper Roll Bug Habitats

DIY Bug Habitat – Many kids enjoy studying bugs outside during the summer, so one great way to encourage their interest is to build a bug habitat. This simple DIY habitat is one the kids can put together and stage outside with only a small amount of help. It will go great with an insects unit.

toilet roll bug habitat

Race Cars Using Toilet Paper Tubes

Do you have a kid who’s fascinated by cars? Then they’ll love crafting and playing with these toilet paper tube cars.

Toilet Paper Roll Race Cars for Toddlers – This craft requires a paper plate for the tires and a toilet paper roll for the body. Then you can decorate the car before letting your toddler play with it.

Toilet Paper Roll Car Craft – Are you looking to make a cardboard tube car with sturdy wheels? This craft uses lids that are glued onto the car to be the wheels.

Easy Toilet Paper Roll Race Car – If you’re looking for a car that kids of all ages can make, be sure to check out this craft. This budget-friendly craft will help your children’s fine motor skills as they carefully turn a toilet tube into a race car.

Cardboard Tube Crafts

More creative toilet paper tube crafts include making bird feeders, cord holders, a pencil pouch, puppets, and more. Everyone will love putting together these easy crafts that recycle and reuse the cardboard tubes you’ve collected.

Toilet Paper Tube Bird Feeders

Feed the birds this winter with some easy homemade bird feeders made from old cardboard tubes. Be sure to hang the feeders near a window so you can watch the birds.

Bird Feeder – This easy bird feeder requires shortening or peanut butter. You’ll also need some birdseed as well. It’s an easy craft to make with toddlers and preschoolers.

Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder – Your children will have tons of fun making this easy bird feeder and then hanging it in the yard. If you hang the feeder in the yard, keep a book of local birds so you can identify the various types of birds coming to forage in your yard.

Bird Feeder Craft – This is a slightly more advanced bird feeder that includes a perch for the birds to stand on while they eat. Your kids will have a blast discovering what types of birds come to visit this winter.

toilet paper roll bird feeder

Cord Holders With TP Tubes

Every year it seems like I have more cords around my house getting tangled in my drawers. So grab your kids and make some toilet paper tube cord holders to organize your cords.

Cable Organizer – Do you have cable cords that are too long? Then follow these simple instructions and learn how to use toilet rolls to remove the extra length and keep your cables from tangling.

Use Tubes to Organize Cables – Use toilet paper rolls and an old shoe box to create a cable organizer that will keep your cords neat and out of the way. You can also have your children make and decorate these organizers to give to family and friends.

Toilet Paper Roll Utensil Holders

Utensil holders are handy at large parties. Instead of juggling forks, knives, spoons, and a plate, people will only have to handle one utensil holder. The best part is that you can use old cardboard rolls to make customized holders for large gatherings.

Rocket Ship Utensil Holders – What is better at a Fourth of July party than rocket ships holding your utensils? These festive holders are easy for kids and adults to make.

Baseball Holders – These baseball utensil holders are simple to make. Plus, you can easily adjust the shape and the paint to transform the holders for a wide variety of sports, such as football, basketball, or hockey!

toilet paper utensil holder

Phone Holder

Do you need a place to put your phone? Instead of investing in an expensive phone holder, convert a toilet paper tube you have lying around the house for the task!

DIY Phone Stand – Assign your kids to make these cute DIY phone stands to give to family and friends this Christmas. The stands are incredibly useful, especially if you’re trying to follow a recipe.

Cell Phone Holder – You’ll need some mod podge, wrapping paper or a paper napkin, and a couple of toilet rolls to make these cell phone holders. These holders make it a breeze to watch a movie with a friend!

DIY Phone Holder – Teens will adore making personalized DIY phone holders for their phones. They’ll need some paper, glue, scissors, and cardboard rolls. Be sure to grab some colorful washi tape to personalize the holder.

diy phone holder from toilet paper rolls

Pencil Pouch

Sometimes I think a family with children can never have enough pencil pouches. Kids can carry the pouches with them in their backpacks or in the car. This way, kids always have a pencil on hand when they’re doing their homework or sketching a picture.

DIY Pencil Case – Teenagers will enjoy putting together this DIY pencil case that actually closes. You’ll need some felt, a zipper, and some toilet paper rolls before you start.

DIY pencil case

Pencil Holder

Another option for keeping track of kids’ pencils is to make some pencil holders for their desks. These crafts are perfect for kids of all ages and will give them an opportunity to personalize their study space.

Toilet Paper Roll Pencil Holder – Pull out some sparkly foam paper and a hot glue gun. Once kids have finished putting the toilet roll pencil holder together, they’ll have a blast decorating the holder to suit their personal sense of style.

Pencil Holder Craft – Have your child make some cute animal pencil holders to display on their desks. Be sure to grab some fluorescent acrylic paint before you get started.

Toilet Paper Roll Organizers

Did you know that you can use toilet paper rolls to create organizers to put your house in order? These organizers can be made to look like castles or they can be elegantly simple.

Yarn-Wrapped Toilet Paper Roll Caddy – Organize your children’s art supplies by wrapping toilet paper rolls with yarn. With a little help, your kids can help you make these paintbrush holders.

DIY Desk Organizer – If you’re looking for more creative ways to entertain your kids, have them make a DIY desk organizer for their bedrooms. Just pull out paints, craft gems, and glue. Then let your kids create!

Castle Desk Tidy – What kid wouldn’t love a toilet paper roll castle desk tidy to display in their room? Paint it to look like an ice castle, or color it your child’s favorite color. No matter what, it’s sure to be a hit!

Toilet Paper Tube Puppets

Kids love puppets. Puppets can be used for a show or simply a fun toy to play with for an afternoon. So why not use a toilet paper tube to make a puppet? The puppet could be a favorite character or your child might prefer to make a generic puppet they can use for a variety of games. No matter what you and your kids make, the puppets are sure to be a hit.

How to Make Toilet Paper Roll Puppets – If you’re wanting to make a specific puppet, this is the page to check out. You’ll find instructions on how to make a puppet using toilet rolls in ten easy steps.

DIY Puppet Craft – Another option is to make finger puppets using old toilet paper tubes. Your kids can make a head and half of a body or just a head depending on what type of finger puppet they’d like to create.

Toilet Paper Roll Clothespin Puppets – Combine toilet paper rolls and clothespins to make some unique puppets whose mouths open and close. You’ll even find a free printable template to help you get started.

Toilet Paper Roll Houses

Every child can use a toilet paper house. Combine these houses with toilet paper building blocks and race cars, and you’ll have toys that will keep your children happily entertained for hours.

House Craft with Template – Use the free template to get started making these toilet tube houses. Once the houses are put together, your children can decorate them using pipe cleaners, craft gems, and cotton balls.

Five Minute Houses – If you need a craft in a hurry, consider making these five-minute houses with your kids. It’s an easy craft for young children, and they’re the perfect size for peg dolls!

Fairy Houses – These sweet fairy houses will look amazing on your window sill! You can make them the easy way with paper or the more challenging way using felt. Either way, your kids enjoy making and playing with this fabulous craft project.

Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art

Wall art is any type of art that you hang on the wall. And most people wouldn’t consider hanging toilet paper rolls on their wall art. But once you’ve followed these instructions on how to make wall art using toilet paper rolls, you’ll be proud to hang these crafting projects for everyone to admire.

Wall Art From Toilet Paper Rolls – Use toilet paper tubes, glue, and paint to make a beautiful flower art project. Once you’ve finished gluing the petals together, you’ll have a gorgeous piece of art to display in your home.

Toilet Paper Tube Wall Art – Grab a piece of backing and a bunch of old cardboard tubes to create beautiful wall art to give to your family and friends. When you and your children have finished, these pieces of art will look nothing like the old toilet paper rolls they used to be.

Mandala Craft – Grab your teenagers to make beautiful mandalas together. These mandalas are magnificent enough to be given away as festive Christmas presents during the holidays.

toilet paper roll mandala craft

Monster Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

If you’re looking for an easy monster-themed craft, you’ve come to the right place. These crafts give you the option of creating a monster or a jack-o-lantern as a fun activity.

Monster Craft – If you’re thinking these monsters are ugly and scary, you couldn’t be more wrong. Instead, you’ll find cute and adorable monsters for your preschoolers to make.

Jack-o-Lantern Craft – Grab your children and make a toilet paper roll Jack-o-Lantern to hang on your front porch. Each child can make several of these lanterns, then hang them on strings to make a garland.

Frankenstein Craft – Put together this simple green Frankenstein craft with your youngest children. You’ll need some light green paint, construction paper, scissors, and glue. Don’t forget to grab a black marker as well!

tp tube Frankenstein

Monster Cardboard Crafts

Monster Crafts – Make a black cat, a witch, or a ghost by upcycling an old cardboard tube. You’ll find the instructions you need to make a variety of creatures.

toilet paper tube Halloween crafts for kids

Toilet Paper Roll Holiday Crafts

When your kids are bouncing off the walls in excitement for an upcoming holiday, pull out one of these holiday crafts. Your kids will stay busy preparing decor appropriate for the season while improving their fine motor control.

Toilet Paper Roll Thanksgiving Crafts

Have you wanted to make a unique centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table? Here’s your chance! Grab your kids and put together some of these easy Thanksgiving crafts to display on your table. Your kids will be proud to display the results of their hard work! You might also want to check out a fun Thanksgiving dinner plate craft.

Handprint Turkey Craft – You’ll need plenty of construction paper for this easy project. The cardboard tube turns into the body of the turkey, while your child’s handprints will be the feathers. Be sure to pick up some googly eyes for the craft as well.

Pilgrim Craft – Place a few pilgrims in the middle of your dining room table this Thanksgiving. The pilgrims only need toilet paper rolls, construction paper, markers, scissors, and glue to make.

Cute Turkey Craft – Your kids will love putting this cute turkey craft together that uses colorful crafting feathers. It’s an easy craft to make and one you can complete with all of your children.

toilet paper roll turkey craft

Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Crafts

December can be a challenging month. You have a to-do list a mile long, the kids are excited, home on Christmas break, and the weather is cold. So, keep your kids busy with some festive Christmas crafts that will keep your kids occupied, and give them some fun gifts to give Grandparents and friends.

Easy Christmas Tree Craft – This easy Christmas tree will keep your kids busy while they put together a tree that actually stands up. You can even use it as an Advent tree. Just make sure that you have tissue paper, toilet paper tubes, and some gold foil ribbon on hand.

Christmas Wreath Kids Can Make – This year, have your children upcycle a Christmas wreath instead of purchasing one from a store. The directions are simple and the wreath will look amazing hanging on your front door.

Santa Craft – Grab some cotton balls and toilet paper rolls to make a Santa craft with your kids. The Santa craft can be left on your mantel to keep an eye on the stockings until the real Santa appears.

Christmas Crafts – You’ll find a nice selection of Christmas crafts to make with your kids. They can put together a reindeer, Santa, or snowman. When everyone has finished crafting, add these crafts to a winter display.

tp roll Christmas crafts

Lunar New Year Craft

Not every calendar has January 1st as the first day of the year. Several, including the Chinese calendar, use the first new moon as the start of the year instead. So here are some fun crafts that you can make while you’re getting ready to celebrate.

Firecracker Craft – Make a firecracker craft to display. This craft uses a red ribbon for the banner, plus six toilet paper rolls and wrapping paper to make the firecrackers.

Mini Lanterns for Chinese New Year – You can also make some small lanterns to celebrate Chinese New Year. These lanterns have gold at the top and the bottom. The sides are painted red.

Chinese New Year Dragon – The Lunar New Year would not be the same without making a beautiful Chinese New Year dragon. You’ll need a variety of supplies on hand, like brads, paper flowers, gold ribbons, and cardboard tubes.

toilet paper roll Chinese dragon craft

Toilet Paper Roll Groundhog Day Craft

Do you watch the news every February 2nd to discover if we’re going to have another six weeks of winter? If so, then you’ll love making these Groundhog day crafts with your kids.

Easy Groundhog Craft – This simple craft features little groundhogs rising up out of the grass. Will they see their shadow? Make them and find out!

Groundhog Day Craft – You’ll need common household supplies, like a paper plate, toilet paper roll, pencil, and paper, to make this groundhog craft with your kids. It’s a fun way to spend a cold winter’s day.

Groundhog's Day toilet roll craft

Valentine’s Day Crafts

Everyone will adore putting together these Valentine’s Day crafts to give to family and friends. You can make treat poppers, a Valentine’s Day wreath, or adorable love bugs to display.

Treat Poppers – Fill these toilet paper poppers with small treats like candy or toys. Then pass them out to family and friends on Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Wreath – Instead of a Christmas wreath, hang a Valentine’s Day wreath on your door. This wreath features red, white, and pink hearts connected together.

tp tube Valentine wreath

Toilet Paper Roll Valentine’s Crafts

Overlapping Heart Valentine’s Day Cards – Use a toilet paper roll to make a heart-shaped stamp. Then make gorgeous homemade cards to hand out to classmates on Valentine’s Day.

Love Bug Valentine Craft – Your children will proudly display these adorable love bugs on the dining room table. They’re not only a fun project for Valentine’s Day, but they’re also a fun activity for spring or summer.

toilet paper roll Valentine's Day craft

Toilet Paper Roll Easter Crafts

If your kids are eager for Easter, have them make some of these free Easter crafts using cardboard tubes. The crafts are easy for kids of all ages to make. Plus, you’ll have unique centerpieces to display on your kitchen and dining room tables.

Want more easy Easter activities? Check out these paper plate Easter crafts.

Easter Basket Craft – Do your kids prefer rabbits, chicks, or grass? It doesn’t matter! You’ll find instructions on how to make each of the small baskets that will hold a single hard-boiled egg.

Chick Craft for Easter – Turn a toilet paper roll into a yellow chick for Easter. These chicks can be added to an Easter basket or displayed in your living room.

Colorful Easter Bunny Craft – Be sure to download the printable Easter bunny template to make these colorful bunnies. Your kids will be thrilled to make these bunnies while they work off their sugar high.

Easy Bunny Craft – If you’re looking for a cute and easy bunny craft, then you’ve come to the right place. These bunnies don’t require any specialized crafting supplies and will look fabulous sitting on your kitchen counter.

Easter bunny toilet paper roll craft

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